Would you like to run an idol café Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Here is a full walkthrough and achievement guide for the Would you like to run an idol café? game. enjoy the game   Common Route Start a new game. Meeting the Maids Meet Mayuki and Kuu Mayuki. Goddess of Cooking Enjoy Ichigo’s cooking I wouldn’t mind marrying her, either. Mayuki takes a Tumble (Un)Happy little accidents […]

The Corruption Within Walkthrough (100% Achievement Guide)

Walkthrough and guidance for obtaining 100% achievements! Spoiler warning!   Introduction The Corruption Within is a short point and click adventure featuring ten Steam achievements. Notes: All achievements are story-related. Always make sure to exhaust all dialogue options. Choices don’t matter. Walkthrough Knock on the door. Go to the right twice, then up. Knock on the […]

Mayhem in Single Valley Walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you to finish the game. Spoiler warning!   Tips The game autosaves quite often, feel free to exploit it if you want. Make manual saves in several slots. If you need more, back it up manually. Here’s the save location, starting from your game folder: \MSV_Data\StreamingAssets\save\ Have some firecrackers at hand. […]