reflexia: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

This is an optimized step-by-step walkthrough of the game. Warning: Two achievements are currently unobtainable.   Walkthrough 🏆 SSB3YXMgdmVyeSBhZnJhaWQgdG8gc2F5IGl0Li4u Unlocks on launch. Choose English. Start the game. 🏆 Hello! Hello! 🏆 I feel good today! Hello? 🏆 I feel uncomfortable today. Hello… 🏆 Not the best start to the day. hello 🏆 achievement for the […]

SiNKR 3: 100% Levels & Achievements Guide

Walkthrough video of all levels with all achievements Video Walkthrough You can see the solution of all levels including all achievements in the following video : 0:00 Level 1 0:30 Level 2 0:46 Level 3 1:00 Level 4 1:19 Level 5 1:59 Achievement I 2:00 Level 6 2:16 Level 7 2:41 Level 8 3:17 Level 9 3:26 Achievement Wrong Way 3:47 […]

Cat Dungeon Walkthrough (All Levels Guide)

Direction Input Walkthrough – All Levels   Introduction Move with: U = UP D = DOWN L = LEFT R = RIGHT Make sure your character or objects that are pushed, stop moving before making another move. Level 1 – 10 Level 1 LUUUU LULLU URRU Level 2 RRRUL URDLL LLLUU UUUUL URRRR RRRRU Level 3 LUUUR DLDDR RURUL […]

Endling 100% Walkthrough (Hints & Checklist)

Spoiler-free hints/checklist if you want to get all achievements in one walkthrough and a video walkthrough with timestamps.   SpoilerFree Hints about Perfection in 1 Walkthrough Backup your save file Game saves manually, you might want to back it up so you dont need to restart from scratch if you still missed something. You can […]

Chasing Sunsets Walkthrough (Updated to Chapter 5)

An easy and simple to follow step-by-step guide. Literally just match the screens.   Introduction Match these settings for the fastest “Skipping” through the chapters. Prologue Prologue Question 1 “Would’ve been right before I bought the bar.” A. It’s seen better days. Prologue Question 2 “I will not have another dust-up like your graduation party […]