Alisa Walkthrough (Where to Go & How to Combat)

A simple front-to-back walkthrough with warnings about bugs, instructions on where to go, and some advice on the combat.   Introduction This is a simple, straightforward guide designed to help players with navigating the basics of the game. Where applicable, bugs are noted and possible workarounds provided. This was written on October 23rd, 2021 for […]

Growbot Walkthrough (100% Achievement Guide)

This guide provides a full walkthrough, including details on how to obtain the missable achievements.   Living Quarters Pick up the Guidebook next to the bed. Open the wardrobe, pick up the 3 Light Sprites. 🏆 Find the Light Sprites Find the Light Sprites in the cupboard. Optional: For an achievement, go to the next […]

Escape Simulator Walkthrough (100% Tokens)

Here is a full walkthrough for you to get all tokens in Escape Simulator. Note: there are 8/8 tokens in the tutorial. you can check out them via this guide. Note: ATTENTION! This guide is spoiler-heavy!   Escape Simulator Walkthrough Labyrinth of Egypt: First Chamber 🏆 You can easily get the Destroyer achievement here by breaking […]

The Ghost Cage Walkthrough (All Achievements & Endings Guide)

This guide contains a walkthrough for each of the 7 possible endings, including the 3 additional achievements. Spoiler Alert!!!   Tips for obtaining the endings/achievements without a walkthrough Ending 1: Free Spirit Choose those options that allow you to befriend the ghost. After you receive the axe, pick up the teddy bear and the rope. […]

Occult Crime Police: Full Walkthrough

Here is a full-game walkthrough of Occult Crime Police. Note: This walkthrough was created by Eggcorn and spoiler Alert!!!   Act 1: The Waterloo Redemption To Do: Get Past The Guard Speak with Carlos and select the option “What To Do”. Use the Show Evidence menu to show the Guard your Sheriff’s Badge. Drang Persuasion Choice 1: […]

into the dangerous world i leapt: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

This is a step-by-step walkthrough of the game.   Walkthrough – Part 1 Move towards the glowing window, and hold your Left Click to open it. Jump outside, move to the right, and towards the center. As you approach the door there, you’ll be teleported to the dark world. Pick up the [COIN] to your left. Note: […]

A Juggler’s Tale Full Walkthrough

Here is a full video walkthrough for the A Juggler’s Tale game. you can also read this guide to get all the achievements.   A Juggler’s Tale Full Walkthrough Timestamps, same as available on YouTube: 0:00 Intro 0:55 Act 1 start 2:08 Bullseye achievement 3:45 An apple a day… achievement 7:52 Act 2 start 8:25 […]