War on the Sea: How to Fix Game Crashes in Win 7

War on the Sea is a new simulator game that you can command ships, submarines and aircraft in the South Pacific during WWII. however. if you want to run this game in windows 7, you will encounter the game crashes. here is a simple guide for you to fix this issue. if this method works for you or not. please let me know.


How to Fix Windows Crashes?

You can fix this issue with crashes when you start the game.
Open file “C:\Steam\steamapps\common\War on the Sea\WarOnTheSea_Data\StreamingAssets\default\config.txt” and change “showMovies”:true” to “showMovies”:false” and try again

Credit to COREL80


War on the Sea Game Features:

  • Real time naval combat
  • Theatrical external-view game play
  • Play as Allied Forces or Imperial Japan
  • Over 50 classes of playable ships
  • Dynamic campaign
  • Tactical control of aircraft (not a flight simulator)
  • Fight fires, counter flood compartments and repair ships
  • Sink ships using realistic buoyancy physics
  • Historical missions based on actual naval engagements

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