Warbox Basic Controls

Well, here im going to try to explain some basics controls and another things to you guys that are new on the game.


Playing as a soldier


  • Using the gun
    ok, this is veery easy, to shoot left mouse button, to aim right mouse button
  • changing gun
    To change the gun you just need to roll the scroll (scroll is the little ball on the top of the mouse)
  • Camera mode
    To change your camera mode to first person or third person, just click V, i recommend you aim at first person, its difficult to shoot whitout aim!
  • Looking at the sides
    To look or aim to the sides, you just need to click Q, to look at the left and E to look to the right
  • Jumping
    ook, same thing as the other games, to jump just click on the space bar 🙂
  • Crounching
    To crounch you click on Ctrl, the left Ctrl

    I have a secret to you my sweet!!!
    To roll on the floor, press Ctrl two times, its difficult to shoot you when you are rolling! 🙂

  • Reloading
    Just need to press R, pay attetion when you are shooting for your bullets dont run out!

Spectating battle


  • To play as a soldier
    You just need to aim and get closer to the soldier that you want and press F, Cabum! Now you are a
    Brave and strong soldier!
  • Go up and Down
    To go up and down, you can press Q/E ooooorrrr Spasce bar/Ctrl
  • Opening the spawn menu
    when you start, the cursor doesnt appear, so, to make it come back to your screen and use the menu just click one single time on the screen and open the menu to put your soldiers and veichles!

  • Slow mode
    You can also use it playing as a soldier or spectating, its like matrix! everything go slow and you have time to think in what to do and where shoot! for the magic start, just press Z

Creating factions

    Setting up an faction

  • Creating one faction
    First of all, you need to put a name, you can put EVERYTHING, put something to make the enemy afraid my homie >:)

  • Choosing flag
    after that, choose the beautifull flag of your invencible army!
    you just need to click on the flag name!

    and now you have the factions! i already created some factions haha

  • setting soldiers on the faction
    to put any soldier on your lovely faction, you need to create one


    in the top the attributes of the soldier, on the right the equipaments, and on the left the soldiers that you already created! after puting everything that you want, click in save and go play!

By Darko Nietszche

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