Warhammer 40000 Darktide: How to Finish Veteran “Make Every Shot Count” Penance Easily

Very easy way to finish this difficult penance with almost no effort in case you are bad at aiming :C   How to Finish Veteran “Make Every Shot Count” Penance Easily (Step-by-step Tutorial) Step 1: Equip any kind of gun, I recommend Revolver for its low ammo count. Step 2: Choose any Herery mission and progress until […]

Warhammer 40,000 Darktide: Lucius Helbore Lasgun Guide and MK Differences

This guide explains the stat differences and behavior between the Lucius Helbore Lasguns MK. 1-3   Lucius Helbore Lasgun The Lucius comes in 3 variations, conveniently names MK.1, MK.2 and MK.3. The differences between these is not only appearance but also the possible maximum and minimum rolls for various stats. Before going into the differences […]

Warhammer 40,000 Darktide: All Maps List

Now you know what maps aren’t on rotation.   Zone: Freight Port HL-32-2 “The Hourglass” Map Name: Excise Vault Spireside-13 Obejective: Raid Map Name: Refinery Delta Obejective: Disruption Map Name: Relay Station TRS-150 Obejective: Disruption Zone: Habzone HL-18-66 “The Torrent” Map: Vigil Station Oblivium Modifier: Espionage Map: Magistrati Oubliette TM8-707 Modifier: Assassination Map: Silo Cluster […]