Webbed: How to Replace Kumoko Skin With Mod

Created Kumoko skin that replaces standard spider’s textures.
WARNING! Achievements wont be able while this mod is on your game files!!!


What it replaces?

Standart spider skin, Small Taratect
Laser’s color, like poison bullet

Eat animation

And death sound replaced by Kumoko’s phrase “Nai waa!”

Video preview:

How to download?

Remember, every game’s update i should update mod because of new version of data.win. If i miss some updates, message me or comment below and i will fix that.
This mod does not touch your save files or game settings

So first, go to properties:

Then press local files and browse:

You will see data.win file. If you want, you can backup this file if you want to change skin back later. Remember, every update game changes this file, if you will try to put old data.win file, game will crash. You can fix that by using verify integrity of game files.

Next step, download >modded data.win file<[drive.google.com] from google drive
After downloading it, drop it to game files. Accept the replacement:

Done! Open the game and have fun. If you decided to change skin back, replace data.win by your backup file.

Thanks to DeFreak for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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