Weed Shop 3: Tips & Tricks

Weed Shop 3 is a recreational marijuana dispensary simulator with business management mechanics, FPS action, and a crazy storyline you’d come to expect from the guys who almost smoked crack with Kevin in Tenderloin. it is now available on Steam. Here are totally 19 tips and tricks for you to start the game, enjoy the game.


  1. Press the ‘1’ key to show your weed overlay. This shows the breakdown of different strain you are in possession of. The green circle around the icon indicates quality level. If quality level gets low, customers will pay less.
  2. The shop Open/Close sign isn’t broken, it’s supposed to be placed on a window so you can see it from the outside. If you don’t have a window yet (first shop upgrade required), you can just stick the sign on your wall and it will function as usual.
  3. Keep growing in broken pots if your strain growth time is 3 minutes or less. Don’t use lights or ventilation until you are in the lvl 15 range. Both of these measures will increase your profit margin and speed up the early game. DEFINITELY don’t buy grow boost etc early game, just buy more buckets and increase grow speed that way.
  4. Check around all the trash cans for Doobies and Cash during your downtime.
  5. Hand out Doobies to Burnouts to raise their Respect and Addiction level and to lure them into your shop. To speed this up, you can buy them for 12$ a piece from ‘Slim’.
  6. Respect (Thumbs Up) affects how many grams a customer will buy and the likelihood a customer will buy Merch from your displays.
  7. Loyalty (Green Arrow) goes up each time you make a deal with a customer. The higher this value is, the more likely the customer is to buy Merch from your shelves.
  8. Addiction (Smiley Face) affects how many grams a customer will buy.
  9. To maximize profits, always grow the most recent strain you have unlocked.
  10. Getting high can earn you 50% more exp. This only takes effect at ‘B*tch Don’t Go Under’ or higher. Don’t start doing this until you have a considerable amount of extra weed and a bong (lvl 15).
  11. If you only have one strain, customers will only ask for that strain. If you have even 1 gram of a strain, customers will request it.
  12. If you are left with only 1 gram of a strain and it’s a level 1 strain, you can get rid of it by rolling it into a Doobie. If it’s lvl 2 or higher, you’ll need to grow another plant and do your best to sell down to 0 the next time.
  13. Starting at lvl 8 you can buy a ‘Ghetto Shelf’ and start selling merch. Always sell the most expensive merch available, which at the time of unlocking is the Plastic Grinder.
  14. When rolling a Doobie/Joint/Blunt, the quality will be reduced if you spill too much weed on the table.
  15. Paper and Weed quality must match when rolling. ‘Doobies’ are lvl 1, ‘Joints’ lvl 2, ‘Blunts’ lvl 3, ‘Cross Joints’ lvl 4 (not in the game currently).
  16. Tourists will respond favorably to rolled products containing at least 7% THC (not the ones you buy from ‘Slim’), ‘Locals’ will need ‘Blunts’ or better and Influencers (not in game) will need Cross Joints.
  17. To attract ‘Tourists’ and ‘Locals’ into your shop you need to raise your ‘Popularity’ to the group with ‘Decorations’ and shop upgrades. In the ‘Pimp It’ app on your computer, you can see the breakdown of your popularity. Promo will likely tie into this system as well, but currently the stat does not affect anything.
  18. You can quickly dispose of broken pots by interacting with the grow setup which they are on and hitting X.
  19. You can raise your Respect with customers by stocking two different types of the same category of weed. When someone asks you for the lower tier, give them higher tier instead. They will only pay the price of the lower tier weed, but you’ll receive 1 respect with them.

Credit to DF19 (Stoney)



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