Weed Shop 3: Tutorial & Early Game Walkthrough

Weed Shop 3 is a recreational marijuana dispensary simulator with business management mechanics, FPS action, and a crazy storyline you’d come to expect from the guys who almost smoked crack with Kevin in Tenderloin. here is a walkthrough for tutorial and early game. hope you enjoy the game.


Tutorial Walkthrough
  1. Talk to ‘The Dude’ and follow his mission line. He will send you to different people around the boardwalk who are indicated with a marker on your HUD.
  2. Drop the paint buckets acquired from ‘Dr Greenbum VD’ in your back grow-room and start growing. Place your ‘Small Weed Jar’ on the ground for now.
  3. While your plants are growing, go outside to the trash cans lining the boardwalk and pick up ‘Trash Money’ and ‘Crappy Doobies’.
  4. Once you are on the mission ‘Deal on the Boardwalk’, start finding ‘Burnouts’ (Displayed under their name) walking by and hand them Doobies. MAKE SURE THEY ARE BURNOUTS. If they agree to buy some weed, use the E key to adjust the price slider until it says around 70-80%.
  5. Now follow the next mission objective to find ‘Michelle’ down an alley surrounded by old Weed Shop Equipment. Buy the counter from him by directly interacting with it. If you don’t have 100$ yet, make some more street deals or pick up more trash money.
  6. Set the counter up in your shop, then give more doobies out to Burnouts, this time asking them to come back to your shop instead of making a deal. Once you raise someone’s respect a few times (with the free Doobies) and get them to come to your shop, they will continue coming back.
  7. After you complete these sales, go back to ‘Michelle’ and buy the ‘Marijuana’ poster and the framed picture of Weed Shop 2 for a combined total of $119. If you don’t have enough, make more sales or pick up more trash money. If you’d like you can stay in this game stage and keep accumulating money to buy the ‘Home Sweet Hemp’ sign which is hanging above the door.
  8. **IMPORTANT** You should now be on a mission called ‘Swingin It’. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you save at this point so you have a safe return spot, as the next part can be tricky. Talk to ‘Michelle’ who will ask you to go get the ‘Sh*tscalibur’ which you pickup just by clicking on it. Careful though, NPCs will be trying to take you out! Return with the weapon to ‘Michelle’ who will send you back to the ‘The Dude’ to ‘f*ck him up’. F*ck him up.
  9. Now go back and talk to ‘Michelle’. He will give you your first PC which you use to order items going forward. This concludes the TUTORIAL! CONGRATS!
Early Game Walkthrough
  1. Now that you’ve completed the tutorial, it’s time to start completing your missions. Go to your PC and open the ‘Mission Control’ App. ‘Welcome to the Weed Tutorials Free!’ is an easy one, simply grow 5 ‘Life is Good OG’ plants. Keep picking trash while growing your plants and selling.
  2. Now you will have the missions ‘Harvest Gate’ and ‘This is a Sample’. Switch over to only growing ‘AK-47’ (It should take 6 seeds to complete). Make sure you completely sell out of any other strains you still have. If you have even a gram of a strain, they will ask you for it.
  3. Continue passing out ‘Crappy OG Kush Doobies’ to complete the ‘This is a Sample’ mission and bring new customers into your store. If you run out of Doobies and don’t want to pick them out of the trash, you can buy them for $12 from ‘Slim Draven Johnson’ (go right out of your shop).
  4. If you haven’t hit lvl 3 yet, you won’t have any missions. Switch back to ‘OG Kush’ in anticipation of the next mission ‘Weedstock’ to store up 100g of Kush. You will also have a mission to buy a ‘Ghetto Setup’ and a simple ‘Earn $500’ mission which will be completed passively. To most efficiently complete the ‘Weedstock’ mission most efficiently, you should purchase the ‘OG Kush’ seeds from ‘Dr Greenbum VD’ to avoid shipping costs. Pick up an extra ‘Small Weed Jar’ and a ‘Paint Bucket’ or two while you’re there. Keep growing in broken pots for now and expand your growing capacity.
  5. Once you’ve completed ‘Weedstock’ switch to growing ‘Purple Haze’ until you hit lvl 5, at which point you should grow ‘White Widow’. Now it’s time to buy a ‘Crappy Rolling Table’ and ‘Roll 20 Crappy Doobies’. Make sure to order 10x Doobie Papers and a grinder when you order the table! (You’ll receive the other 10 needed when you place your rolling table!) Now start rolling!
  6. Now it’s time to go back to growing ‘OG Kush’ in the ‘Quality Control’ mission. You need to harvest 50G of 100% quality ‘OG Kush’. You’ll need to use unbroken pots for this, otherwise the quality will be lowered. After this mission is complete, switch over to growing ‘White Widow’ to complete the mission ‘White Christmas’. You’ll need to sell 100G outside of your store (for at least $14/G by using Q and E to adjust) to complete this mission. Only target burnouts as usual. To speed the quest up, once again buy 12$ Doobies from ‘Slim Draven Johnson’ and SELL SELL SELL!
  7. This completes all of the current missions! Congratulations! There will be a plethora of new quests added in the future, at which point this section of the guide will likely be removed, as the quests will speak well enough for themselves at that point!


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