What Is RTX That Supported In Battlefield V, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider And Metro Exodus?

Battlefield V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Metro Exodus all confirmed support RTX, but what is RTX exactly, and what’s it for?


RTX stands for Ray Tracing, compare to previous GTX graphic cards, RTX graphic cards that Nividia published this year have additional functions.

Firstly, Ray Tracing element onboard handles lighting, shadows and other Ray Tracing elements and effects in order to produce much more accurately lighting effects.

Besides, RTX graphic cards  possess a set of Tensor cores for executing their DLSS (Deep Learning SuperSampling) which allows the card to do graphics in a lower resolution (in order to boost speed) and then upscale it near perfectly for your monitor.

RTX cards can create a more beautiful and accurately lit scene. you will only see the leap in performance if a game is made to take advantage of these other parts of the RTX card, just like how Nvidia cards with PhysX only accelerated the physics in games that support PhysX

For those games that do not support these effects, there won’t be big changes in the fps or quality of the image, compared to GTX cards.

Battlefield 5 RTX Gameplay – PC Ray Tracing Showcase

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