Who Stole My Beard? Complete Walkthrough & Guide

Here is a full walkthrough and guide for Who Stole My Beard? game.


——–Quick Tips/Tricks——–

  • The game saves after each in-game day. If you want to save before the normal course of a day, click the HUD clock and go to sleep early. This will take you to the next day, and save. Note, you cannot sleep early on the first day.
  • You can run away from battles, but then the police will still occupy the space on the main game maps where you can get into the battle again.
  • The main story often requires you to access buildings which may be closed depending on the time when you reach that part of the plot line. You have two choices at that point: work on side quests and snoop around places to discover and explore, or go to sleep early and start the next day right away so that you can go back to the building in the morning when it will be open and resume the main plot/objective.
  • It is quicker to fast travel (Uber) but costs 3 credits each time. You also will miss out picking up items, etc.
  • The wizard beard grants access to all buildings. It can be worth getting this instead of finding individual beards.
  • Battles will sometimes reward you with a beard when completed.
  • Friendship is gained by completing 2 out of 4 (half) a heart. Quests give 2, so will immediately make a friend. If you don’t do the quest then giving a gift gives 1, and talking about beards gives 1, also making a friend.
  • You can use the wizard beard to talk about beards and will always get kudos. This mitigates having to have the same exact beard as the character every time and is a quick way to get 1 heart piece for every character.
  • All characters that can become friends are at the festival. Use the repeating festival to collect quests and give gifts and talk about beards in one place rather than while walking around town.
  • You can pick up a handful of quests immediately at the festival, so talk to everyone initially to get their quests.

——–Main Story——–

The main story walkthrough will ignore many side quests and is the fastest way to get to the end of the game. For full completion and exploration refer to the other sections.

Repeating Day

The game repeats the same day over and over. At the end of each day you will be at the beard festival, and a vortex will suck everything into it and you will be time warped back to your apartment at 6am the previous day. This will continue as you solve the mystery of your stolen beard and prevent the vortex from occurring.

The main story often requires you to access buildings which may be closed depending on when you reach that part of the plotline. You have two choices: work on side quests and snoop around places to discover and explore, or go to sleep early and start the next day right away so that you can go back to the building in the morning when it will be open.

Apartment Complex

Indie wakes up in his apartment. Click through the cut scene of Amelia leaving and Leo waking you up. Click through the controls tutorial and follow Leo who will give you the Pet Translator so you can understand him. Follow him to the bathroom and learn your beard has been stolen. Press the bone icon to talk to Leo. Go back to your bedroom, on the way Leo will give you your BeardPad. In the bedroom open the drawers to find the goatee beard.

Go to the front door and find Leo again, then go to the computer in the lower left room. The computer gives you video footage to watch of last night, and you will watch it automatically. You get your first clue. Collect the 10 credits from the kitchen and the beard gel in the bathroom. Equip the goatee beard from your beard collection, then leave the apartment.

In the corridor go up to Karl’s and try to walk in his door. Use his beard scanner and you will get denied access. Karl comes out. Talk to Karl, then go down the corridor. Pick up the credits. At the end you will get into the first battle with the beard police.

Take the elevator to the Lobby. Go to the far east side and try to enter the office. Dennis will stop you. To get rid of Dennis, talk to him and help him fix the electrical panel. He will give you a screwdriver. The panel solution is:

Now enter the office. Pick up the magazine on the table to the right. Go up to the computers, and enter the password (8335). Watch the video footage, and leave the office. Go to the desk clerk and tell him you helped Dennis and he will give you 20 credits as thanks. Leave the building to the right.

Museum Caper

Walk or fast travel to Amelia’s house in the suburbs. Go to her house and try to enter. You will be denied access as you need an anchor beard.

Go to the museum. Inside the museum go to the right and buy a ticket from Parker. Choose 1 adult, 1 service dog for the cheapest option of 25 credits. If you don’t have enough credits, leave the museum and walk around looking for some until you do.

Go upstairs to the top right to see the anchor beard. Try to take it, and Leo will say you can’t and you need to create a distraction.

Go to the room directly to the south and to the fire alarm on the wall. Use any item on it, and Leo will say you need a hammer.

Go back downstairs to the right and sneak past into the restoration room. Pick up the hammer. Grab the 50 credits at the top left before you leave. Return to the alarm and break it with the hammer. The museum clears out, and you can go and pick up the anchor beard. Then, leave. As you leave go to the bottom right museum store and take the verdi style beard in the display case.

Finding Natalie

Leave the fire scene outside the museum and go back to Amelia’s and go inside. Go upstairs and read the poem on the desk. This is the clue to the passcode for the address book on the bed. Open the address book (code 3233) and get the address to Natalie’s house. Go to Natalie’s house in the outer suburbs. You will need a Friendly Mutton Chops beard to get inside. You can get this beard from the bottom of the lake in the park after acquiring a fishing pole from Bill, but the quicker option is to go around the back of the house and enter through the back door. Once inside go to the bedroom upstairs and take the blanket (this is for the Cover Up quest later). Go to the other bedroom and read the musical notes on the paper: AAAF GGGE. These are the opening notes to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. Go downstairs and play the piano next to the garage with these notes. This will open the garage door and Natalie will be inside.

The Stolen Beard Box

When you leave Natalie’s, go to the park to look for the box containing your beard. Once you get there Natalie will drive over and show you the location, but the box is gone.

Go to the park store in the north east section of the park. Once inside try to go up the stairs to the left, and the attendant will stop you. Go to the other side of the store and inspect the clothes rack. Leo will suggest hiding inside, so accept. The store closes and you will emerge alone in the dark store. Now go into the room to the north and get the Hulihee beard from the cabinet. Then go upstairs and collect the video footage from the 3rd computer to the right. Watch the footage to get the license plate clue and leave the store into the night.

Finding The Driver

Go to City Hall. Inside you will be sent on a bureaucratic goose chase to figure out the vehicle owner. Go to the right and talk to Miles to get an appointment ticket at the main window. Go over to the left and talk to Ella for the records. She sends you to Landon, who is upstairs on the far east side in his office. He sends you back to the first courtroom downstairs (the left one) where you walk up to the judge. The judge sends you back to Landon, who then will send you to Autumn. Autumn is on the west side of the top floor behind her desk. She sends you back to Ella downstairs, and now you get the owner’s information. Leave City Hall.

As you exit City Hall Amelia will call saying she knows what’s going on and to meet her at her house. Do so after 9pm. She will not be home before this. She will reveal more information, and you will be directed to the vehicle owner who works at the university.

To get into the professor’s office at the university you need the chin curtain beard. To get this you need to enter City Hall after closing, which itself requires the winnfield beard. Go to your apartment floor 2 and go into Ella’s house, and pick up the winnfield. Then go to City Hall after closing, and go to the 2nd floor west side courtroom where there is a chin curtain on the desk. Take it and head to the university. At the university, go to the history department on the right side. Go to the far right and you will see the professor’s office and enter. Inside you will do a battle, then confront the professor who admits his deeds and returns your tattered beard remains.

Looking For Clues

Leave the professor’s office and go to the other side of the building physics department. Go to the room on the far left to meet Francois and pick up Amelia’s research papers. Leave this room and Leo will suggest you question a few people around for more clues. You need to get 3 clues. There are 6 NPCs who have clues for you, so go to any 3 of those and talk to them. In order of closest to your starting location they are:

  • physics classroom
  • university hallway
  • history library top left
  • dorms bottom room
  • cora ice cream lady
  • studio wardrobe department
The Stubble District

Once you have 3 clues go back to Amelia’s house and talk to Amelia. Clues are pointing to the Stubble District, so head over to the border (east of City Hall). As you approach Leo will now go alone and you control him, while Indie goes home. Walk into the Stubble District as Leo and find Jack in the homeless encampment.

Jack wants some sunscreen to put you in touch with a man called Michael who knows all the gossip and might be able to help. Go to the store in the north east of the district and buy some sunscreen (it is open 24 hours). Return to Jack and give him the sunscreen.

Head to the far south west of the district and in the corner will be Michael, who tells you to place a GPS tracker on one of Frank’s trucks at the factory. Call Indie with an update. You will get the GPS from Hermad’s store back at the university for 600 credits. If you don’t have 600 credits at this point you will need to complete a couple of quests. Once you do have enough you get it from Hermad and return to the Stubble District again as Leo.

To place the tracker you need to distract Frank’s henchmen. Go to the skate park (south west) and talk to Tank. Complete the skate min-game to gain kudos and have him agree to create a distraction. Go to the factory (east) and walk up to the truck. Tank and his friend will appear and lure them away, and Leo will place the GPS. The truck will drive off and Leo will call Indie noting it has crossed the border and stopped at City Hall.

Walk back to City Hall across the border and get in the truck parked outside. Frank’s henchmen will come and out and see you and lock you inside and take you back to the factory.

Escaping The Factory

In the factory sneak past the guards and go up the stairs to the 2nd level. Go all the way to the end and get the beard serum evidence from the box. Leave the factory. Outside you will call Indie and be sent back to Amelia’s apartment where Indie is staying. From here go to the university physics department and go downstairs to the particle accelerator lab – the elevator is in the north west top room. If you go while the university is open you will be kicked out, so go after close (10pm) and go down into the lab. To get in after close you need the french fork beard. You can get the french fork from Hermad’s storage room at the back of his store at night after it closes. To get into Hermad’s at night you’ll need the Fu Manchu beard which you can find inside Karl’s Apartment.

Sabotaging The Experiment (Ending)

Go to the computer below the accelerator and enter the passcode you got from Matt earlier. Watch the footage recovered.

Go to the accelerator shag compartment.

At this point a few options are available. By removing the shag you will be ending the time loop and the next day the vortex will not occur. This is the end of the game. In order to do this though you must have at least 16 friends who attend the festival to support you. If you do not then this is the objective henceforth until you make 16 total friends via quests, gifting items and talking about beards. If you do, you can choose to remove the shag and commence the final game scene. Doing so, however, means you will not be able to complete all the quests and achievements (since the game is complete) so if you want to do that then don’t remove the shag until you are ready.

Once you sabotage the experiment the final festival scene occurs. After this ends you are back at your house. If you completed the Honey-Do quest Amelia will give you the final reward for it (a kiss). You go to bed and wake up to the final newspaper headline revealing that the mayor skipped town and Indie and Leo saved the town.


There are 30 quests, 1 available from each of the game’s main characters. Doing a quest will gain you friendship with that character (except Amelia who is already your friend). Technically only 1 quest (Lab Sleuth) is required to complete the main plot line. However, not doing other quests will make it hard to gain the required credits to progress, and also to get to the end game whereby you need at least 16 friends in the town.

You can hand quests in directly to the character, or to save time you can remotely hand them in via the quest dialog. It will tell you when the quest is ready to be turned in.

Honey-do List
Character: Amelia
Find: Outside the apartment building or down in the parking garage.
Description: Amelia asks you to pick up some items on your travels. Beard conditioner, a copy of Beard Weekly magazine and a gallon of milk.
Reward: A kiss at the end of the game.
Chain? Yes.Solution: The Beard Weekly is on the table in the lobby office at the start of the game. Beard conditioner is the reward for completing the Saucy Adventure quest. Milk is the reward for completing the Feed Mittens quest.

Real Estate Agent
Character: Reginald
Find: Suburbs or in Hermad’s store.
Description: Reginald wants to sell his plot of land. Help him find a buyer.
Reward: 300 credits.
Chain: Yes.Solution: Complete the quest Matchmaker, and then return to Reginald with the information.

Trivia King
Character: Landon
Find: Sam’s Saloon
Description: Landon does trivia at Sam’s and wants a partner to help him win.
Reward: New Quest (Stop it and Tidy Up)
Chain: YesSolution: Accept Landon’s offer in Sam’s and trivia will begin. Answer all 5 questions correctly and you will be the winning team. Landon will collect 2 game tickets as a prize, and agrees to give you both if you tidy his apartment.

Stop It and Tidy Up
Character: Landon
Find: Sam’s Saloon
Description: After completing Trivia King Landon will offer you this quest.
Reward: 2 x game tickets
Chain: YesSolution: Go to Landon’s apartment. He lives in the same apartment building as you but on floor 2. There are a few items to tidy which just need to be picked up and put in the right place.

Catching Butterflies
Character: Rosie
Find: Park
Description: Rosie lost her butterflies from her jar and wants help catching them again.
Chain: Yes
Reward: VinegarSolution: You need to find 8 butterflies. There are 4x in the outer suburbs (Natalie’s house), 4x in the park, 1x outside museum, 1x in suburbs, 1x outside city hall, 1xnear Sam’s Saloon and few others on the transition maps between areas.

Recruitment Officer
Character: Karl
Find: Outside your apartment in corridor, Sam’s Saloon, City Hall
Description: Karl is looking for work. Help him find a job.
Reward: 200 credits
Chain: NoSolution: Take Karl’s resume to Barry at his hot dog stand. Barry will review it and offer to hire Karl.

Image Consultant
Character: Daisy
Find: Suburbs outside Daisy’s house
Description: Daisy needs help being cool to the other kids.
Reward: An egg
Chain: YesSolution: Give Daisy the sunglasses you receive for completing the Cover Up quest.

Saucy Adventure
Character: Judy
Find: Park
Description: Just wants tomato sauce to make for her daughter, Rosie.
Reward: A bottle of beard conditioner (for the Honey-Do quest)
Chain: YesSolution: You need 2 tomatoes. Go to the set of houses near the university and you will see Birdie’s house with 2 tomatoes outside. Inspect the tomato, then find Birdie. From Birdie you get the Eggplant Hunt quest. Once this is completed give the eggplant to Birdie and she gives you a tomato. She also says you can take the remaining one outside her house. Go and get it. Take both tomatoes to your apartment and blend them together in the kitchen to make tomato sauce, then give it to Judy.

Old Time Mariner
Character: Bill
Find: Park Lake
Description: Bill reminisces about lake trout from his younger days and want you to fish him one.
Chain: Yes
Reward: PlantSolution: The lake in the park has no fish. Go to the lake in the top left of the university area and fish there. A lake trout is the red fish, catch one using the fishing pole Bill gave you and return it to Bill.

Feed Mittens
Character: Penny
Find: Penny’s Apartment, Park Store
Description: Penny forgot to feed her cat, Mittens. Feed him.
Chain: Yes
Reward: Milk (for the Honey-Do quest)Solution: Go to Penny’s Apartment which is one floor above your apartment. Put food in the cat bowl.

Twitch Marketing
Character: HawkZombie
Find: University history department
Description: Hawk is a streamer, and wants you to promote him by posting fliers around town.
Chain: No
Reward: 200 creditsSolution: Post 5 fliers on 5 different notice boards. There are some in the university, dorms and outside the park store.

Past Due
Character: Emma
Find: Festival, University history department (library)
Description: Find 5 overdue library books and return them to the library.
Chain: No
Reward: 125 creditsSolution: There are 7 books scattered around town. You will find at Museum (first floor), inside Amelia’s house, Media Studio, 2x in the dormitories, Sam’s Saloon, City Hall (first floor)

Historical Artifiact
Character: Edwin
Find: Festival, Museum (first floor)
Description: Edwin wants you to return 5 historical artifacts to the museum
Chain: No
Reward: 200 creditsSolution: You can find artifacts at the high rises (round the back by the trees), the university houses (up near the lake), next to the university building (north of the parking lot), outside the museum (along the right side) and in the outset suburbs (on the street near Natalie’s house).

Clothes Challenge
Character: Andrew
Find: Festival, Media Studio
Description: Bring Andrew 5 layers of clothing for his podcast challenge.
Reward: 100 credits
Chain: NoSolution: Clothes can be found next to Hermad’s store, in the media studio, the dorms, near Amelia’s house on the street, at the high rises (round the side), by the university main building and near the university houses.

Cover Up
Character: Homeless Bob
Find: Festival, Apartment Parking Garage
Description: Find Bob a blanket to keep him warmer at night
Reward: Sunglasses (for the Image Consultant quest)
Chain: YesSolution: The blanket can be found in the spare bedroom of Natalie’s house on the bed.

Character: Barry
Find: At Barry’s hot dog stand (when Barry is there)
Description: Barry needs help serving food.
Chain: No
Reward: 200 credits and a cheeseburger (for the Thief quest)Solution: This is a mini game. Make hot dogs and burgers to order for the customers and you get the quest reward.

Rainy Day
Character: Craig
Find: University parking area
Description: Craig wants an umbrella for rainy days.
Chain: Yes
Reward: Pink flowers (for Matchmaker quest)Solution: The umbrella is in the east side bathroom on the first floor of the museum.

Forbidden Love
Character: Greyson
Find: University history department, Sam’s Saloon
Description: Greyson wants you to send a note to his sweetheart, Savannah in the Stubble district
Chain: No
Reward: 50 creditsSolution: You will find Savannah in the Stubble district when you are investigating, as Leo. She is near a tent on the south east side by the skate park.

Pet Detective
Character: Adam
Find: Festival, High Rises, Park
Description: Adam lost his parrot. Find it.
Chain: No
Reward: 150 creditsSolution: The parrot is sitting in the bird bath outside the museum. It will fly away if you approach it, unless you have bird seed. Bird seed can be found near the university stadium on a patch of grass, or purchased from the festival store.

Science Kit
Character: Christina
Find: University physics lab (top left)
Description: Christina needs supplies for her PHD experiment.
Chain: Yes
Reward: Rocket (use it to get the wizard beard from the tree)Solution: You need to get 3 items. Vinegar (from completing the Catching Butterflies quest), a plastic bottle (from completing the Jelly Bean quest), and baking soda (purchase from Hermad’s for 20 credits).

Character: Ella
Find: City Hall
Description: Ella likes Jordan, her new co-worker. Match them up.
Chain: No
Reward: CandySolution: Talk to Jordan about Ella (Jordan is on the first floor of city hall behind the customer service desk). Get pink flowers from the Rainy Day quest, and give them to Ella. Say they are from Jordan (not you).

Justice Bringer
Character: Sofia
Find: City Hall (court room)
Description: Sofia has been framed for stealing fake beards from the media studio wardrobe department.
Chain: No
Reward: Magnet (to rig the slot machine at Sam’s Saloon)Solution: Recover the video evidence exonerating Sofia from the university media studio. In the bottom left there is a computer and if you use it a mini-game will start in which you fix the corrupted file. Go back to the courtroom and present the evidence to the judge to get her off the hook.

Cold Case
Character: Addison
Find: Festival, Dormitories
Description: Somebody is stealing food from the dormitory fridge, find out who.
Chain: No
Reward: 200 creditsSolution: You need a cheeseburger and a hidden camera. Cheeseburger can be gotten from completing Sous-Chef quest, or by simply buying from Barry’s hot dog stand. Hidden camera can be purchased from Hermad’s store. Take the camera and place it on the table across from the fridge. When you complete a day and the time warp kicks in the next morning you will have the footage recorded from the hidden camera. Watch it, it shows the thief in action and you can then tell Addison who it is.

Park Vandal
Character: Vaness
Find: Park
Description: Somebody is vandalizing the festival podium at the park. Find out who.
Chain: No
Reward: 200 creditsSolution: Go to the park between 9pm and midnight. At the podium you will see Julian vandalizing it. He will run off when he sees you, but drops his wallet. Pick up the wallet and give it to Vanessa so she can track him down.

Eggplant Hunt
Character: Birdie
Find: Outside Barry’s hot dog stand
Description: Birdie wants an eggplant for the upcoming vegetable growing festival.
Chain: Yes
Reward: 2x tomatoes (for Saucy Adventure quest)Solution: Get the egg (from Daisy in the Image Consultant quest), and a plant (from Bill in the Old Time Mariner Quest). Stick them both into your blender at your apartment to make an eggplant.

Game Day
Character: Willy
Find: University lake
Description: Willy is poor, but wants to go to the Friday game. Get him a ticket.
Chain: No
Reward: FriendshipSolution: Complete the Trivia King and Tidy Up quest to get the tickets from Landon. Or, buy one from Red’s stall downtown.

Patron Of The Arts
Character: Mila
Find: Museum (first floor)
Description: Mila is setting up an art exhibition and needs help.
Chain: No
Reward: 200 creditsSolution: Mila will ask for help and if you accept a simple mini-game will commence. Hang the pictures for her and she will reward you.

Guess The Jelly Beans
Character: Emily
Find: Outside the university
Description: Emily loves jelly beans. Get some for her for the festival tomorrow.
Chain: Yes
Reward: Plastic bottle (for Science Kit quest)Solution: Hermad has a jelly bean counting competition every week. Go to his store and count the jelly beans in the jar. The correct answer is 52.

Character: Pamela
Find: Sam’s Saloon
Description: Pamela is the best dart player in town. Beat her.
Chain: No
Reward: Sam’s Brown AleSolution: You simply need to play the dart game to beat Pamela. You need 80 points in 3 darts to do so. The easiest way to do it is to put the aim cursor on the treble 20 area (the middle ring). The cursor will wobble and you have to time when to throw the dart. As long as you hit 1 treble in the red zone you will get 60 points, making it easy to score 80 or more in total. If you aren’t lucky enough, just try again until you get it.

Lab Sleuth
Character: Matt
Find: University physics department
Description: Matt has been banned from the accelerator lab for asking too many many questions. Use his passcode to get some experiment data so he can see what is really going on.
Chain: No
Reward: 300 creditsSolution: You can only access the lab after 10pm when everyone has gone home. Once you get in at night take the elevator down and go to the computer terminal at the bottom of the main accelerator section. Use the passcode Matt gave you to get the footage showing the situation, and turn in the quest with Matt.


There are 23 total beards to collect.


Location: Your apartment bedroom
Accesses: Lobby Office

Extended Goatee

Location: Earned from completing battles
Accesses: Hawk’s Apartment (2nd floor of apartment building), Landon’s Apartment (2nd floor of apartment building)

Van Dy ke

Location: Earned from completing battles
Accesses: Karl’s Apartment (1st floor of apartment building), Christina’s Apartment (2nd floor of apartment building)


Location: Museum 2nd floor
Accesses: Amelia’s House


Location: Buy from Red’s Store
Accesses: Nothing

Mutton Chops

Location: Buy from Red’s Store
Accesses: Nothing

Friendly Mutton Chops

Location: Bottom of Park Lake
Accesses: Natalie’s House


Location: Buy from Red’s Store
Accesses: Nothing


Location: Museum Shop (inside cabinet)
Accesses: Edwin’s Apartment (1st floor of apartment building)


Location: Penny’s Apartment (2nd floor of apartment building)
Accesses: Park Store (night)


Location: Hawk’s Apartment (2nd floor of apartment building)
Accesses: Media Studio (night)


Location: Media Studio
Accesses: Vanessa’s Apartment (1st floor of apartment building)

French Fork

Location: Hermad’s Store Room
Accesses: University Main Building (night)


Location: Natalie’s (after you find her she gives it to you)
Accesses: Museum (night)


Location: Earned from completing battles
Accesses: Nothing


Location: Buy from Red’s Store
Accesses: Nothing

Soul Patch

Location: Earned from completing battles
Accesses: Penny’s Apartment (2nd floor of apartment building)

Chin Strip

Location: Earned from completing battles
Accesses: Ella’s Apartment (2nd floor of apartment building)

Chin Curtain

Location: City Hall 2nd floor far west building (at night only), or buy from Red’s stall
Accesses: Professor Jones’ office in the university history department


Location: In the park store first floor back room in the cabinet
Accesses: Mayor’s office in city hall

Fu Manchu

Location: Karl’s Apartment (1st floor of apartment building)
Accesses: Hermad’s Store (night)

The Winnfield

Location: Ella’s Apartment (2nd floor of apartment building)
Accesses: City Hall (night)


Location: After completing the Science Kit quest use the rocket to get it from the tree to the left of the high rises
Accesses: Everything!


Apartment Corridor
Location: Apartment Corridor
Difficulty: 1/10Steps:

  • Shoot the dart at the guard walking up and down.
  • Place the bomb next to the 2 guards talking by the elevator.

Apartment Lobby

Location: Apartment Lobby


  • Walk to the top right guard, and stealth past him. Spray him.
  • Spray the 2 remaining guards.

Apartment Street Downtown
Location: Apartment Street Downtown
Difficulty: 2/10Steps:

  • Place the donut above the trash can so the right guard walks to it and lines up with the other 2 guards.
  • Shoot the dart through all 3 guards.

Museum Entrance
Location: Museum Entrance
Difficulty: 7/10Steps:

  • Walk to the top right guard without being detected
  • Spray him
  • Quickly turn around and shoot the guard walking up
  • Stand 4 squares up from the bottom and wait for the final 3 guards to line up, and shoot through them all

Outside Amelia’s House
Location: Outside Amelia’s House
Difficulty: 6/10Steps:

  • Move to the lower left as the guards approach
  • At the last possible moment, stealth and wait for the guard to get close. Drop the bomb
  • If timed correctly the bomb will disable the guard just before the stealth runs out

Outside Natalie’s House
Location: Outside Natalie’s House
Difficulty: 2/10Steps:

  • Easy one. Drop the bomb between the 2 stationary guards and time it so that the 3rd guard walks into it.

Park Entrance
Location: Park Entrance
Difficulty: 3/10Steps:

  • Place the donut just to the left of the park entrance sign, the bottom guard will be lured to it
  • Go around the back of the bottom guard and wait for the guards to line up and take the shot

Outside City Hall
Location: Outside City Hall
Difficulty: 6/10Steps:

  • The guards running around the edge need to be shot one by one
  • The easiest way is to stand 2 squares to the side (so you are not seen), and time the shot as each guard runs past

Inside City Hall
Location: Inside City Hall
Difficulty: 9/10

  • This one is quite hard. Place a donut by the left of the display. The guard will be heading toward you.
  • Move down and place another in line.
  • Most of the time the guards will now line up for the shot which you take from the bottom of the screen just before the first one detects you.
Outside University
Location: Outside University
Difficulty: 8/10Steps:

  • Go to the bottom guard and spray him
  • Go to the lower of the 2 left side guard and spray him to get a new dart
  • Dart the lower right side guard to get a donut
  • Place the donut to line up the top right guard with the other two guards
  • Go over to the left side guard and shoot the the 3 remaining guards

University Hallway
Location: University Hallway
Difficulty: 5/10Steps:

  • Lure on each of the 2 middle guard one up and one down
  • Use the 2 bombs to timing the walking guards on explosion

Professor Jones’ Office
Location: Professor Jones’ Office
Difficulty: 9/10Steps:

  • Lure each of the 2 sides guard closer to the middle.
  • When they are facing each other lure one side and quickly drop a donut 1 square over to the lure the other one before the first moves and texts you
  • Bomb the two guards and clean up the top guard with the final spray card

Outside Media Studio
Location: Outside Media Studio
Difficulty: 6/10Steps:

  • Stealth over past all the guards to the top right one standing by the bench and spray him to get a penetrating dart
  • Use the dart and the subsequent drops to clear the 3 lines of guards from top to bottom

Outside Park
Location: Outside Park
Difficulty: 10/10Steps:

  • Shoot the bottom left guard
  • Lure the guards with donuts so they stand in a square and look in the right direction so you can drop the bomb. You might need only 3 donuts, not the 4 you are given. This is the hardest battle, but after a few tries you will get it.

Outside Stadium
Location: Outside Stadium
Difficulty: 5/10Steps:

  • Face up and when a guard hits the top corner drop bomb. That will time it so he walks into it as it explodes.
  • Repeat for the 3 remaining guards as they come around

Physics Department
Location: Physics Department
Difficulty: 5/10Steps:

  • Sneak down to the bottom guard and spray him. He gives you a penetrating dart.
  • Kill the 2 other lined up guards with the dart.

Location: Park
Difficulty: 1/10Steps:

  • Just take out the guards without being seen. Pretty easy.

University Parking Area
Location: University Parking Area
Difficulty: 6/10Steps:

  • Spray the guard to the far left.
  • Dart the 2 guards at the top and the 1 guard walking upwards in one shot.
  • Bomb the final guard.

Stubble District Border
Location: Stubble District Border
Difficulty: 6/10Steps:

  • Spray the bottom guard who drops the dart.
  • Stand 2 squares from the left at the bottom for the other 3 guards to line up and shoot them.

Inside Museum
Location: Inside Museum
Difficulty: 4/10Steps:

  • Jump close to the guard just as they pass by and spray them. It’s pretty easy, only the first one is a little hard as there is less space.


These are the main characters who attend the festival. Each can give you a quest and you will need to friend 16 of them (half a heart or more) by the end of the game to get support at the festival. These characters all have hearts above them, and appear on your BeardPad. They also have illustrated avatars when talking.

There are many other characters who are part of the story, and these also have illustrated avatars but are not friendable.

All remaining characters are just “citizens”, who can still give you useful clues and dialog.


Beard: None
Likes: Dad jokes, walking


Beard: Anchor
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel


Beard: Van ♥♥♥♥
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Garibaldi
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Chin Curtain
Likes: Candy, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Chin Strip
Likes: Gum, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Extended Goatee
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Verdi
Likes: Apple, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Van ♥♥♥♥
Likes: Gum, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Balbo
Likes: Apple, Beard Gel


Beard: Yeard
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel


Beard: Extended Goatee
Likes: Candy, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Anchor
Likes: Apple, Beard Gel


Beard: Soul Patch
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel


Beard: Soul Patch
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Winnfield
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Extended Goatee
Likes: Apple, Beard Gel


Beard: Stubble
Likes: Candy, Beard Gel


Beard: Stubble
Likes: Candy, Beard Gel


Beard: Anchor
Likes: Apple, Beard Gel


Beard: Yeard
Likes: Apple, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Bandholz
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel


Beard: Stubble
Likes: Apple, Beard Gel


Beard: Goatee
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Balbo
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel, Ale

Homeless Bob

Beard: Hulihee
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Fu Manchu
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel


Beard: Mutton Chops
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Garibaldi
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel, Ale


Beard: Circle
Likes: Candy, Beard Gel


Beard: Circle
Likes: Coffee, Beard Gel, Ale

Thanks to cleardot for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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