Willy Morgan: How to Unlock and Find All the Achievements.

Here is a full list of all the achievements for the game. Most of them will be unlocked just by playing the game. Some of them are hidden, in the sense that it will not even have an icon for the ‘selectable’ objects, but it is in the game and you will just need to click on it.

Section 1. – Inside Willy’s Home

Family memories
Examine the painting in Willy’s room next to the door.

It’s worth a shot… maybe
Use the rubber hammer on the piggy bank and hit yourself on the head.

Use the mirror in Willy’s parents’ room to strike a pose.

Take the Postit notes off the board from the bottom of the staircase and then read them all from your inventory. You need to do this 7-8 times to read them all.

Trusted mechanic
Combine all the parts to the bicycle and ride it.

The lost monkey
Notice the book in Willy’s room, located in the foreground near the bottom right corner of the screen.

The trio
Examine the poster in Willy’s room, on the wardrobe.

Old secret passages
Examine the grandfather clock at the bottom of the stairs.

Dear old Zak
Examine the cat clock in the kitchen.

Better a hamster today than…
Use the microwave.

Fire walk with me
Examine the owl statue in the little bookcase

Skilled safecracker
Combine two objects in the inventory. Should get this when you combine the ring and the compass.

Section 2 – Bone Town

Pirate city
Reach Bone Town.

Hidden treasures 01
Find the Fabergé egg. It is located in Dead Man’s Inn behind the Innkeeper on the top bar shelf. The red egg.

Loyal customer
Examine all the pictures and sculptures in the upstairs corridor of the Dead Man Inn as you walk to your room.

The apple of your eye
Try pick up all the apple cores on the bed in room 09.

That’s another story
Examine the posters outside the Bone Town library.

Hidden treasures 02
Find the golden dragon. This is located in the dark alley outside of the Museum in Bone Town. Towards the bottom right corner of the screen, there is a golden dragon hidden amongst the boards.

Find Captain America’s shield. Located in the Armoury with all the other shields.

The challenge
Use the Mystical Hammer found in the Blacksmiths at the amusement park strength game.

Historian of Bone Town
Examine all three stained glass windows from inside the church.

Dream or reality?
Break the fortune cookie. First you need to goto the Photo Booth to get posters of yourself from infront of the amusement park. Use the Scissor on the poster of Willy to cut out Fake Eyes. Go do the One Eyed Jack challenge using the Fake Eyes. Once you are the Chosen One, use the key to get the Fortune Cookie from the Glass Jar. Goto the Blacksmiths shop and place the Fortune Cookie on the Anvil. Use the Mystical Hammer on the Anvil to break the cookie.

When the game gets tough
Switch the guns. First goto inside church to get Polaroid camera. You will need Pebbles from outside the Cemetery. Goto the Armoury and use Polaroid camera on the Gun. Goto the Pub and use the Photos of the Gun on the 3D Printer. Get the Gun replica and goto the Armoury. Distract the Armourer by using the Pebbles on the Catapult. Once he is away, swap your replica Gun with the one on display.

You again, Doctor Fred!
Examine at the drugstore sign.

Examine the shower in room 09’s bathroom.

Traces of el pollo diablo
Notice the design of the table cloth. In the One Eyed Jack restaurant, look at the table cloth at the table where you do the challenge.

The black lodge
Notice the pattern on the floor of room 10. When you are in room 10, click on the floor pattern.

Coordinates wizard
Find the exact spot on the map. Once you have the complete map, goto the lighthouse, light it up and use the control box to move the light to those coordinates.

Complete the map of Captain Kidd.

Secret in the secret
Find the cave.

Night shift
Examine the voodoo doll the ship.

Old acquaintance
Make Jimbo “almost” human. You will need Mannequin, Clothes, Hat, Mask and Sword. Use Mannequin on the right hand Cannon on the deck. Dress him all up.

Destroyer of worlds
Shoot the cannon. When the duel is going on, go down to the 2nd lower deck where there is a workable cannon. Use the Chalice to light it up.

End of games
Complete the adventure.

The Collector
Obtain all achievements in “Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town”.


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