Windscape: Achievements Guide

Getting all achievements including broken ones


First Playthrough

Gatherer, Craftsmanship, Battle-tested, Lumberjack, Helping hand achievements are broken in current version so just play until you get 7 working cheevos.

Sky Harbor
Enter Sky Harbor.

Enter the first city.

Walters mill
Find Walters Watermill.

Visit Walter and take his quest.

Enter the Mines on Evergreen Island

Visit Mines for Walter’s quest.

Enter the spooky graveyard.

Visit graveyard for captain’s quest.

Enter the Crypt deep under the Graveyard.

Defeat 2 bosses on graveyard to open Crypt. One of them is immune to ice damage, other to fire.

Maaki Desert
Travel to Maaki Desert.

Visit second island. Make sure you dont speak to prisoners before elder, or you will corrupt you save.

Desert temple
Find the desert temple.

Visit temple on second island.

After that there are 1/3 of game left with no achievements for it. To get the rest of them you need to get older version of the game.

Download early access version
1. Win + R, execute “steam://nav/console” command without quotes.
2. Execute command download_depot 363950 363952 3113316833105253442
3. Wait download ending.
4. Delete or move somewhere else all files of current game (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Windscape)
Place depot files (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\content\app_363950\depot_363952) there.
5. Lauch the game and enjoy working achievements. I am not sure if desert island is present in this version so i suggest to do 2 playthroughs.

Second Playthrough

Take father’s quest, go home, take mother’s quest, gather everything on your garden to get

Gather 10 resources.

Go home, craft 5 any meals to get

Craft 5 items at the different Workstations.

Get another quest from father and go to sky harbor. Kill wolf in open area, 2 wolves in cave, 2 bees.

Defeat 5 enemies.

Finish 3rd quest in sky harbor.

Helping hand
Complete 3 quests.

Buy axe on market place and cut down trees outside.

Cut down 5 trees.

7-10 minutes and second playthrough is completed.

Written by Easy Target

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