Wings of Glass Advanced Techniques: Jumps, Falls and So On

This game is designed in a way that you never need to use any of the advanced techniques. However, I put a bunch of them in this game specifically to improve the replay value and let speed-runners play the game in an exciting way. This guide covers all the special jumps and other platforming techniques in the game. Again, these are not necessary to beat the game.


Special Jumps and Falls

Coyote Jump : Jump slightly after falling off a ledge (This is indicated by a special jump animation where Mayfly has both of her arms up and is looking downward)

Auto-Flip: If you hold the Jump Button and then walk off a ledge, then Mayfly will do a front flip perfectly on the frame that you leave the ledge. Auto-flip instantly gets Mayfly up to her max speed, but lowers the amount of control you have over her turning ability.

Side-Flip: If you run one way and then quickly run the other, Mayfly will have a short slide-turning animation, press the Jump Button during this animation and Mayfly will preform a side-flip. Side-flip instantly gets Mayfly up to her max speed, but lowers the amount of control you have over her turning ability.

Wall-Glide: While falling down if you are touching a wall, Mayfly will fall slightly slower, this can be used to jump a slightly farther distance.

Wall-Kick: During a Wall-Glide, if you press the jump button, Mayfly will kick off the wall, this can be used to instantly turn perpendicular to the wall, but cannot be used to ascend.

Ledge-Drop: While Ledge-Grabbing, press the Duck Button to drop down from the platform. You also cannot grab a ledge while holding the Duck Button.

Ledge-Climb: While Ledge-Grabbing, press the Jump button to climb up.

Ledge-Climb-Jump-Cancle (LCJC): During a Ledge-Climb, press the Jump Button and Mayfly will Jump straight off the ledge. This jump has the same altitude as if you were to jump off the ground that you are climbing up to, so it is a highly viable move for speed runs.

Ascending and Descending while swimming: To ascend hold the Jump Button, to descend hold the Duck Button.

Dolphin Jump: After learning how to use Hyper-Swim, if you press the Spin Button, without holding movement in any direction, Mayfly will default to swimming straight up. This can allow for easy access to Dolphin Jump.

Stamina, Mobiltiy, Stealth, Misc

Although never mentioned in the game, Mayfly operates on an all-or-nothing stamina system. Whenever Mayfly uses a move that consumes stamina, then she will be unable to do another stamina consuming move until her stamina has fully recovered, different moves will cause her to be unable to use stamina for different amounts of time. You can tell if she has recovered her stamina when you see her glow a bit with a blue and yellow charge graphic. Here are the 3 stamina consuming moves in order of their energy consumption.

1: Spin: uses only a small amount of stamina, but uses a bit more if you are in the air. This move can be used to cut grass.

2: Dive: Dive can be preformed if you press the Dive Button, or if you press the use item button while air-born or running while not having an item to use. Dive is a short burst of speed that can be used to get out of the way from a direct danger. Theoretically the fastest way to travel in a straight line is to use a normal dive as frequently as possible.

3: Roll: Upon diving, you’ll eventually land on your belly. If you press the Jump Button during this animation, Mayfly will do a stylish Roll and land on her feet. Rolling offers a boost of speed that is even greater than that of a dive. The purpose of Rolling is to create a big amount of immediate distance between you and a danger. However, be careful not to spam this maneuver, it takes a LOOOONG time to recover your stamina after using it.


Stealth Mode : If you press the Duck Button, Mayfly will sit on the ground giving you access to a low crawl for mobility. Crawling is 1/2 the speed of running, however, you become half as big and do not make sounds when you step. This means 3 things, monsters cannot hear you, and it is harder for monsters to see you, as you can simply hide behind bumps, mushrooms, or other short things. Your hitbox get’s half as big, making it harder to be hit from above.


Teching: This is an ability that can be used to get mayfly back on her feet and ready for action after being knocked over by enemies, there are 2 kinds of techs.

Ground-Teching: If Mayfly is knocked to the ground, she will stay on the ground for a second to catch her breath. However you can force her back on her feat by pressing the Jump Button.

Air-Teching: If Mayfly is launched in the air, you can interrupt the damage animation by by pressing the Spin Button.


Targeting: When using a throwable item, Mayfly will throw the item at the item that is being orbited by the reticle, which resembles yellow fire flies flickering. These also determine which platform is affected by Magnet Wands.

Slashing: When using a sword, with exception to if you hold the run-forward command, Mayfly will swing the sword in the angle that you are holding her movement. EG, using keyboard default controls for reference: ‘A’ = left slash, ‘D’ = right slash, ‘DW’ = up-right-diagnal slash, etc.

Written by Eager Passion LLC

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