Witch It: Secret/Hidden Props Guide on New Flint Falls Map

A guide to the secret and hidden props stashed away around Flint Falls!

Note: This list of hidden Props is incomplete and will be updated later.


Secret/Hidden Props Guide on Flint Falls

#1: Silly Starfish
Let’s kick this guide off with the easiest Secret Prop to find on this map: Patrick Sta- oops- I mean, Silly Starfish!

This little dude is sitting on a little rock jutting out of the waterfall to the right of the map from the Witch’s spawn.

To reach this prop, you’ll want to go through the portal at the end of the small stream — follow the water flow from the waterfall itself to find it. Make sure you enter the portal slowly, otherwise it might toss you right off the top of the waterfall!

Once you’re on the other side of the portal, look down — you should be right on top of the prop.

Congrats! You now have the Silly Starfish in your collection! 😀

#2: Green Tooth
Next we have Green Tooth — this is also a pretty easy prop to find.

You’ll want to follow the river, facing the direction the water is flowing in. You’ll notice on your left, there are a few grey rocks — a little ways before you reach the purple portal at the end of the river, you’ll want to face left and look for these specific rocks:

Get a little closer to them, and Greeth Tooth should light up inside!

Congrats! You now have Green Tooth!

#3: Giant Carrot
This is a trickier prop to find, because you have to climb up a few trees to get it.

For this one, you’ll want to get to the top of the cliff where the Hunters spawn. You can do this by climbing up the edges that jut out from the cliff face, and the palm trees that grow there. You should be able to see the prop light up as early as the second palm tree.

You can also climb all the way to the top of the cliff and access the Giant Carrot from the grass growing beyond the barrier.

Congrats! You now have the Giant Carrot! 😀

#4: Giant Bone
This is a NEW new Secret Prop — and it’s pretty easy to get!

It’s located directly in the Witch’s spawn — so when you spawn in, all you have to do is turn around in your spot and walk further into the mouth of the skull. You may also have to climb up the rocks a little to find this prop.

It’s slightly to the right — and I’m currently unsure if it’s on every single prop layout. Simply line yourself up with the vertebrae inside of the skull, and look slightly down and to the right.

Thar she blows!

Congrats! You’ve found the Giant Bone!

#5: Surfboard (Hidden, not Secret)
The surfboard isn’t on every layout, but can occasionally be found inside of the giant spine that the Hunters walk over after exiting their spawn point!

I found it easiest to levitate beneath the spine and become the surfboard from below.

#6: Golden Treasure Chest (Hidden, not Secret)
This one has a particularly clever hiding place that I liked a lot. To find it, you’ll want to enter the cave behind the waterfall, and then look to your right. You want to look for a cave painting of three potatoes and magical sparkles.

Beyond the magic potato painting should be the Golden Treasure Chest!


#7: Big Green Banana (Hidden, not Secret)
(Thanks for the contribution, Scooter!)

This next prop can only be found on one layout — the one with a bowl of red dye and a bone on the rock right beside the waterfall.

Stand right in front of the waterfall, facing towards the portal at the end of the stream.

The first tree beside the riverbank should be right in front of you — the Big Green Banana should be right below the palm tree in front of you.

Congrats! You found the Big Green Banana!

#8: Big Shell
(Thanks for the contribution, Maxwell Gaming!)

This prop is behind the portal and slightly down — you’ll have to fight against the current to be able to change into it!

Congrats! You now have the Big Shell!

Thanks to Bastard Man for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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