Wobbly Life: All Collectables & Secrets (Update v0.7.0)

Here is every collectable/secret from patch v0.7.0 in Wobbly Life.



Golf Ball

To unlock Golf Ball pet you need to talk to him in his cave. To enter his cave you need to jump into the middle hole.


To unlock Unspeakable pet you need to talk to every statue in this order.




Observatory Code

Just like the game says, you need to listen for the beeping sound and count the beeps and then match the colours of the telescopes with the machines in the observatory. Here’s what I had.

Then you need to go to the place that is gonna be shown on the big screen and bring the item you find there to the observatory lady.

Museum Collection

1. Coconut drink on the balcony.

2. To get this one you need to buy a golf club and break the stone golf ball.

3. Inside the cave. Hard to miss it.

4. You need to get a key from the maze (under one of the benches) and then use it to open the trophy case.







Thanks to Casper and  Hunie for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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