Wobbly Life: Money Guide (Making the Most Money)

Wobbly Life Guide on how to make the most money on Wobbly Island! Hope it Helps!



This guide is aimed at making the most money in wobbly life.It will show how much each job makes and how long it takes to complete. All the times listed to complete these jobs are all solo based without the help of others! Time to complete will drastically go down the more people you have and based on what job is being played.

This Will Cover the Residential, City, Farm, Mountain, and Jungle areas.

This will also help if going for the money based achievements:

Look at me Grandma!

Have $1000 in the Bank

High Roller

Have $5000 In the Bank

There’s a Big Spender in Wobbly Town

Have $10000 in the Bank


Residential Island:

Residential has 1 Job and 2 Races:

  • Newspaper Job: Pays $50
    Takes 1:30 to complete.
  • Go-Kart Race: Pays $40
    Takes 1:20-1:40 to complete.
  • Boat Race: Pays $40
    Takes 2:25-2:35 to complete.

City Jobs

City Island:

The City has 7 Jobs and 2 Races:

  • Toxic Waste Job: Pays $50 ($10 Per Barrel)
    Takes 1:00-4:00 to complete.
  • Wobbly Quiz Job: Pays $30
    Takes 2:30-3:00 to complete.
  • Hospital Job: Pays $60
    Takes 2:00-5:20 to complete.
  • Pizza Job: Pays $20(Per Pizza)
    Takes 0:45-2:00 to complete.
  • Burger Job: Pays $60($12 Per Burger)
    Takes 2:40-4:00 to complete.
  • Firefighter Job: Pays $50 ($5 Per Fire)
    Takes 3:00-4:00 to complete.
  • Trash Pickup Job: Pays $60
    Takes 2:10-4:30 to complete.
  • Go-Kart Race #1: Pays $40
    Takes 1:10-1:30 to complete.
  • Go-Kart Race #2: Pays $40
    Takes 1:20-1:40 to complete.

Farm Island Jobs

Farm Island:

Farm Island has only 2 jobs.

These jobs are made up into 3 jobs.

  • Farm #1:
    T1 Pays: $30
    Time To Complete: 1:30-4:00

    T2 Pays:$30
    Time to Complete: 1:00-4:00

    T3 Pays: $90
    Time to Complete: 4:00-12:00

  • Farm #2: Pays: $
    T1 Pays: $40
    Time To Complete:1:30-4:00

    T2 Pays:$50
    Time to Complete: 1:00-4:00

    T3 Pays: 90
    Time to Complete: 4:30-12:00

Mountain Jobs

The Mountain Island

The Mountain has 3 Jobs and 2 Races.

  • Woodcutting Job: Pays $120 ($5 per plank)
    Takes 1:00-4:00 to complete.
  • Mining Job: Uranium Pays $35
    Diamond Pays $25
    Gold Pays $15
    Silver Pay $5
    Expected Pay is random.
    Takes 4:00 to complete.
  • Furniture Moving Job: Pays $70 Long Distance $50 Short Distance
    Takes 1:10-4:30 to complete (depends on distance).
  • Go-Kart Race: Pays $40
    Takes 1:15-1:35 to complete.
  • Bi-Plane Race: Pays $40
    Takes 2:00-5:20 to complete.

Jungle Island Jobs

The Jungle Island

The Jungle has only 1 Race.

  • Go-Kart Race: Pays $40
    Takes 1:50-2:30 to complete.

Secret/Misc Jobs

These are jobs and races that aren’t tied to the big job islands.
Some of them are also just secrets.


Found on the Aircraft Carrier

  • Jet Race: Pays $40
    Takes 1:40-:2:20 to complete.

    Found once shruken down in the lab, near the globe on the table.

  • Toy Car Race: Pays $40
    Takes 2:00-3:15 to complete.

    Secret Jobs:
    Start the Pizza Job at Midnight 12:00am

  • Alien Pizza Delivery: Pays $40
    Takes 2:40-10:00 to complete.
    Unlocks Alien Outfit/Jetpack!

Thanks to ♡Kaden⟁* for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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