Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Best Crit Build Guide

This build Is capable any content.

Defensive mechanics
– Health regen >= Health pool
– High Resistence stacking
– Large HP pool
– Damage Dispersion ( Avoids possible 1 hit mechanics)
– High Cooldown Reduction – movement abilities

Offensive mechanics
– Quick AOE Dot Stacking
– Crit ailment Applications
– Base 30 stack of ailments

Only Negative to this build is Slow move speed. Moving is done With Roll- Lightbringer – Aether Jump



Base Stats are Split 50/50 between Ferocity And Wisdom.

Tree Level 52 Perspective

Go Down To left at start.

Then Path To + 5 Ailment Stacks on other Side

Gear Stat Priority


Base Item = All Resistance ( Life/Res if Very Strong rolls)

% CoolDown Reduction
% Damage
+ Status Ailment Chance
+ All Resistance Score on this Item

Socket = Max HP


Base Item = LIFE + All Res

+ Toughness
+ Health on This Item
+Critical Hit Chance Score
% Rage And Willpower Cost Reduction


Base Item = All Resistance ( Untell 70% mitigation on Resistance Then Go LIFE/RES)

%CoolDown Reduction
+Status Ailment Chance
% Transfer Time Reduction Between Willpower And Rage
+ All Resistances Score On This Item
% All Resistance Score on This Item

Sockets = Max Life


Base = Life + All Res

+ Rage and Willpower cost Reduction
+ Toughness
% Resource Generation
+ Status Ailment Chance Score
+ Health On This item


Base = All Resistances ( Allows Block With any weapon Cycle either this or Helm with life at 90)

% Cooldown Reduction
+ Status Ailment Chance Score
% Resource Generation

Sockets = Max Life


Base = Life + All Res

+Status Ailment Chance Score
% Resource Generation
+ Health on this Item
+ All Resistances on this item
% To Either Health of All Resistances

Main Hand

Base = Pistol

% Burn Ailment Damage
% Ailment Chance

Socket = Burn Ailment Damage

Off hand

Base = Catalyst

+Fire Damage Added To Spells ( This Will make skills have burn if high enough)
+Light Damage Added To Spells ( This one is Variable)
% Elemental Status Ailment Chance Score
+ Duration

Sockets = Burn Chance


Base = Variable (Lowest Resistance Type)

+ Max HP
+ All Resistances
+ Spell Critical Chance
+ Will Power Regeneration

Socket = Will Power Regeneration (Big deal)


Base = Max Life

+ Ailment Stacks Inflicted
+ Max Life
+ Elemental Ailment Chance
% All Resistance

Socket = Will Power Regeneration (Big deal)


Base = Toughness

+ Max Life
% All Resistance
+ Status Ailment Chance

Socket = Will power Regeneration (Big deal)


These are the Skills I Recommend for Solo play.

Constant Aoe

This Skill is Used as Both offense and Mobility. (Teleport Maintains stacks)

For Mobility (Zero Cool Down Version sinks resource to fast causing combat to slow and be clunky/catch-up)

Massive Damage and adds all resistance

This Skill Provides good ailment proc rate and sinks rage power quickly

By Webb

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