WolfQuest Anniversary Edition: All Clues and Lore (New Lost River DLC)

What really happened in Lost River? While still unknown, here are all the possible clues and lore in game that may help the player base come to a conclusion. (Work in Progress)



Hello fellow wolves!

This is a guide to share every picture and possible clue in game as to what could have happened to Lost River in hopes of making it easier for the player base to figure out the mystery. Hope this helps!

Hanks Ditch/Alison Acres

Hanks Ditch

There are a two houses that have writing on them in Hanks Ditch, both are messages to what is assumed to be the authors family members.

Alison Acres

In the neighborhood by hanks ditch there are more writings to family members written on some of the houses.

There are also multiple political campaign signs placed throughout the front yards of the houses in this small neighborhood.

There are 2 houses in the neighborhood next to Hanks Ditch (Alison Acres) in which you can enter. The first house shows evidence of a marriage gone sour showing proof of conflict. My theory is that Ashley’s (The name of the wife) husband was involved/worked for BCE and Ashley was unaware if the harmful things the company was doing just how the rest of the town probably was. Once she found out what BCE was actually doing, she most likely got upset with her husband for taking part in the horrible actions putting a damper on their relationship. After learning this information, Ashley probably formed a strong dislike for the company and started an activist group to stop them. We can see she clearly dislikes the company since they have signs in their front yard that show they (Or at least she) disproves of BCE. This could be completely wrong, but it is just my take on what the situation might have been.

There are a couple of items and documents laid out on the table in their house that further confirm my theory. The first being the news paper artificial circled in red. The articular talks about how the town meeting went (Which you can see the flyer for the meeting on the table aswell) It talks about how Ashley lead a small group of Anti-BCE activists, further confirming she has a strong dislike for the company.

Circled Paper reads:

‘ ‘ Tempers and fears were defiantly running high among the 50+ attendees. A small group of vocal anti-BCE activists, lead by Ashley Base-Hannon(?) was removed by the sheriff to restore order. The Mayor and his staff continued to deflect questions and repeatedly reminded people that there would be time to short things out []. ‘ ‘

There is also a April BCE Monthly Report card (Which is probably for the husband) with a small note on it that reads:

‘ ‘ Ashley- I could get in a lot of trouble for showing(?) you(?) this. Hope it(?) helps….
– T ‘ ‘

It was very hard to make this out, and some of the words with “(?)” could be wrong. But if what I have written out is correct, her husband (T) may have had a change of heart, and decided to provide Ashley with this information in hopes to help her rat out BCE.

Extra Note: There is also a flyer for Carmella’s Pizza. This pizza shop and dog seem to be heavily placed around the town, and probably have something to do with what happened. The Pizza shop also seems to have a connection to Hulda which I will share more about later.

The last notible thing in their house is this To Do list. most of it looks pretty normal but a few things stand out to me.

To Do
There seems to be a heavy theme with beavers in this situation as well. While it does seem like the beavers have taken over somewhat (causing Hanks Ditch to flood) it also seems plausible to me that there could be some sort of a group called the “Beavers” or that have something to do with the Beaver issue as there is symbols of Beavers (Like a group sign) spray painted through out the buildings town. (I will show these later)
CALL DAVE – Carmella
Again, another thing to do with Carmella and Carmella’s Pizza shop. We know that Carmella has gone missing through missing dog posters about her hung up throughout the town.
Order hiking boots
There is a flyer in town that talks about a hiking club taking one last hike through the Gulch before Hank encases it with concrete. Hank may be a important part of the story line as well.
This looks like it was written in a scramble, it was probably having to do with the evacuation?


The other house you can go into in this small neighborhood is not as interesting as the first. The only really notable thing is a To Do Chart from July, which seems to confirm that the evacuation probably happened some time in July. Also in notes a few notable things are

” talk to Ashley”
“pay Hulda”
“meet with Mayor Clem”



There are multiple words and messages written on the buildings throughout town.

Hulda for Mayor

As we know from the many campaign signs placed around town, we know Hulda is running for town mayor. There are many “Hulda for Mayor” signs spray painted around town.

Survival Club/I’m Not Lost, You Are


Multiple references to Beavers are pasted throughout town through messages, images of beavers, and flyers about beaver relocation.

Posters and Flyers

There a many interesting flyers hung around town.


Carmella’s Missing Poster
Carmella’s missing poster said she was last seen chasing a strange man near the ghost town. There are also many of her missing poster hung at the bowling ally.
Town Meeting
The town meeting poster reads: Town Meeting, Monday 7PM at the Town Theater. The Mayor will answer questions about the future of Lost River. Sorry, no child care or teen activities will be available during this meeting. Refreshment generously provided by Lost Cup Coffee.
Ashley’s Rental Ad
In the Kings Washing, Ashely has a ad posted for an Studio Apartment she is renting above the Lost Cup Coffee. On the To Do list in her house, there are also two to do’s that say “Check credits: new renters” and “sign the papers” which I assume is for the rental.
Claim File Card
On the bulletin board in Kings Washing, there is a small white card at the bottom left corner. It says “Flooded House? Have a claim? []” the rest is un readable. But this is most lilkly tali\king about Hanks ditch.
In Kings Washings, there is a paper that reads “Alert” and “Break and Enters” the rest is coverd by cards from the burger shop and the words that are shown are to small to read clearly.
What is going on with BCE?
This flyer asks for information about BCE and is lead by Ashley as it shows her name and phone number at the bottom
BCE Job Ad
Ad for BCE job that reads:
Do you like Science?
Do you have ab Open Mind?
$$$ /hr
Weird Chicken Ad
There is an ad that says “Chicken Little Snow Removal.
The Snow is falling. Call Andy
284-239-2344” This chicken is apparently important as he is on the conspiracy board which I will show later.
Supply Swap
The Supply Swap poster lists multiple things such as “Canned food, sleeping bags, Flashlights, etc” All things that you would need in case of an emergency.
Gazzet Paper
The artical is the same one that was torn out and circled in Ashley’s home, which we can now see that it is about evacuation. In the who is to blame section at the very ens it says “… The only thing everyone can agree on us that Lost River us no longer safe for-” Before it cuts off. It also talks about being a Ghost town once again, as I think they are referring to how when Stinky Buck left, it became a Ghost town until new people came and made it home. (See this picture in History, Stinky Buck)
Hulda’s House Ad
Hulda has an ad in Kings Washings about selling her house


(Bowling Ally)

Odd Menu Items

Town 2

Campaign Signs

Grave Yard:

There could be more interesting things in the Graveyard in town, however, this is the only really interesting think I personally saw. These two grave stones don’t have an end date. Could mean nothing but I thought it was interesting. Their dates are 1959 and 1943?

Places of Access With In the Town

Places You Can Enter

The town has a few places you can enter, however I am only going to be showing the ones that have information inside, as some of them are completely empty.

The first house is the one by the old amusement park. When you enter you do not only hear eerie music, but a strong sound of static throughout the house. The static can only be coming from the portable battery radio on top of the piano as there would be no electricity. However this is still odd as portable radios usually only last 10-24 hours between charges. There are also multiple flyers to “Eloped” which we also know is important according to the conspiracy board in the game. There is also some video games/movies on top of the TV showing Easter eggs such as “SlothQuest” There is also some eerie old pictures of people in a house. The only other thing we know is a little girl named Jenny lived there, who clearly loved horses. I also did some research on what the “Carte Postal” meant that is shown on some of the pictures in Jenny’s room, and it pretty much just means it’s a message that can be sent by post.

The next little place you can go inside is the room in the old Motel just outside of the town. There are of course little things in here such as a few pizza boxes from Carmella’s Pizza and a few posters of “Eloped” but the most interesting thing is the news articular found on the chair. The first part of the article talks about the LRWRP (Lost Ricer Wolf Recovery Project) and how they just released their final pair of breeding gray wolf and their adult pups into Lost River National Forest. It reads the following.

Originally posted by author:

Lost River Wolf Recovery Project (LRWRP) says the final group of four gray wolves, a breeding pair and their adult pups, have been released in Lost River National Forest. Like the other twelve reintroduced wolves, these new wolves were captured in the Greater Yellowstone Area. They were held for several months in an acclimatization pen in an undisclosed location. Before release, they were collared so(?) LRWRP researchers can continue to study them and follow their movements. The Templeton(?) Pack is reported to be hunting successfully and, so far, avoiding the more successfully established Lucky Pack which has claimed territory in the North-east. Time will tell if they can also avoid conflict with area ranchers and outdoor enthusiasts.Of course, with the evacuation, the wolves will now have Lost River to themselves.

The next column in the news paper talks about the debate on changing the towns mascot from Werewolves to Gray wolves, and the possible sightings of a werewolf. While unclear weather this is only a costume, or a real hunted stuffed werewolf, there is defiantly some sort of werewolf thing inside the Hunting Lodge. I personally think it is real, as it would only make seance for a real dead animal to be in a hunting lodge, who would put a fake one? The article reads:

Originally posted by author:

As Lost River High School, home of the Werewolves, prepares to celebrate its upcoming anniversary, the popular mascot debate has the town howling again. For those of you new to town the werewolf mascot was inspired by the plethora of mysterious sightings of a “wolf-man”, strange sounds, and the occasional disappearance of live stock (and an occasional hiker) attributed, by some, to “werewolves venturing down from midnight pass.” Others scoff at the nonsense and question their fellow citizens’ over-active imagination and/or sobriety. When asked to comment, Mayor Clem chuckled, “Our werewolves are a great part of Lost River history! What senior doesn’t dream of donning that mascot suit and keeping folks talking when the full moon is out!” Wildlife experts assure us that if people see a beast that is not a large dog, a coyote, or a prankster in a fur suite, the people are certainly seeing an ordinary wolf. Gray wolf reintroduction began seven years ago in Lost River National and they have established a small, but firm foothold in wilderness areas. Wild wolves are unlikely to venture into town and biologists are quick to dispute wolf involvement in the fate of the missing hikers. “There have been no wolf encounters in Lost River that have resulted in human injury .Count yourself lucky if you ever even see one.” LRWRP biologist Dani Casidy reminded us patiently, while waiting at The Lost Cup for her morning latte. There are plenty of Lost River citizens who are enthusiastic about the return of wolves to our area. Many folks also support the push to change Lost River High School’s mascot from werewolf to gray wolf. Werewolf or Gray Wolf? What do you think? Send your comments.

The final section talks about two high school students who were scaling Big Bear Cliff in search for a stash of silver. It reads:

Originally posted by author:

Lost River High School students Bobbie “Bones” Houdova and Mae Hernandez-Chen were lucky to walk away with only minor injuries after a late night debacle on Big Bear Cliff.Like so many foolish folks before them, they were searching for the rumored silver cache of Antoine “Big” Baer, a colorful miner who was said to have stashed his fortune in a grabite nook somewhere in the cliffface. Big Bare was found dead at tge base of the same cliff in 1892 and treasure …..

And then it cuts off.

The final interesting place players can access with in the town is a house on the same street Hulda’s house is. Inside is a abundance of “Vote for Hulda” signs as well as multiple stacks of Caramella’s Pizza boxes. It also has a very “threatening” message written on the outside of the house.

History and Lore

Lost River History + Stinky Buck

Stinky Buck founded Lost Creek. There is a message spray painted in town that says “Stinky Buck was right”

Big Bear Cliff

The Vogel House

Bowling Ally

General Store

Outside Of Town

Hunting Lodge

The hunting lodge has an array of dead stuffed animals inside, from bears, to deer, to wolves, even to were wolves… While unknown weather this Werewolf is a costume or actually real, I think it is more likely to be the later. I’m not sure if this was a bug, but the wolves head above the fire place ended up being the same as my wolf.

Newspaper in Outhouse:

There is a small outhouse that has a newpaper inside. Sadly I was unable to get a clear picture to be able to read what it says, but the Title says “I Was One of the Lucky Ones Says Displaced’ Youth at Home Here”

Small Shed

This small shed has a magazine inside that talks about some of the land marks in Lost River. It also shows a married couple that I speculate could be Ashley and her husband?

Conspiracy Bored

There is a house in the woods that has a conspiracy board inside. Upon finding this bored for the first time you get an exploration achievement that says “The Answer lies here…” It has multiple interesting points such as the moon cycle, LRWRP, and animal weirdness.


A few references to frogs have been made through out the map. In town, there is a sign for Frog Taxidermy (See Town, Posters and Flyers) There is also a Froghenge in the map. The conspiracy board seems to connect animal weirdness with the frogs, Floppy, and a cat.
There is a post it note on the board that says “Can Ashley be trusted?
There is a post it note that says “Why are they tracking?” and it point to wolf pups and a LRWRP (Lost River Wolf Recovery Project) Annual report
Chicken Guy
The Chicken guy from the snow advertising in Kings Washings (See Town, Posters and Flyers) is on the board, and it says “Who really is this guy?
There is the poster for Eloped on the board, that poster is also displayed heavily throughout the town, but it looks like it is asking who the girl is. (My thought was Ashley?)
The BCE sign is connected to a picture. The people in the pictures look like they could be holding pizza boxes?
A post it note is on the bored that says “Ask Hulda, she knows more then she admits.” and has that connected to a picture of Carmella. Perhaps she knows where Carmella is?

Extra Pictures

Thanks to CozyPaw for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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