WorldBox God Simulator: “The Hell” and “Let’s Not” Achievements Guide

This guide will tell you how to get these confusing achievements…   How to Get “The Hell” and “Let’s Not” Achievements The Hell For “the Hell”, select “New World”. Then create a tiny world. Fill the entire world with forest soil, than cover every tile with infernal seeds. Next, you spawn about 100 demons. If this […]

WorldBox God Simulator: How to Get The New Traits (New Update 0.14)

This Guide Will Help You To Get Some Of The Traits So You Can Give Units Traits Using The New Feature. Note: the major update 0.14 is now available on Steam. Traits (yay) Poisonous = Frog Poison Immunity = Snake Venomous = Snake Infected = Put zombies and let them infect a human. Evil = Demon Cold aura = Snowman Freeze Proof = Snowman Fire Proof = Dragon Miner = Dwarf Weightless = Elf Regeneration = Orc Savage = Orc Fat = Snowman Madness = Put madness on a unit and inspect (madness is in other various powers section). King Slayer = make a unit kill a king, (would recommend giving the unit shield bubble and stuff and then just put him close to a king without armies close. (a little bit unsure about this one if you can get it or not but its here i guess) Wizard Slayer = spawn a wizard and make a unit kill him. Dragon slayer = Make a unit kill a dragon. Mush Spores = Is in other various powers give it someone then inspect. Blessed = Other various powers tab just put it on unit and inspect. Fast = Rabbit Genius = Monkey Agile = Monkey […]