WRATH Aeon of Ruin Infinite Soul Tethers (Quick Saves)

Don’t like a limited amount of quick saves? Here’s a mod for you!


This nice game is not that hard (or intended to be hardcore on all difficulties) without infinite saves, but I personally don’t like this limit here.

So I’ve asked for help about making an infinite ammount of saves on 3D Realms Discord channel. Thanks to awesome Elgobernador, he did a simple mod which allow to use Soul Tethers any time without loosing it from the inventory.

To make Soul Tethers “infinite” you have to download this file:

Click me!

Unpack it and place the “infinitetethers” into your game folder.

For example:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\WRATH

After doing this you must to click on your game in Library, click right mouse and choose Properties.

After doing this you should click on “Set launch options…” button.

You will see the window, just copy this:
-game infinitetethers

And press “OK”. Now your game is ready.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to start a New Game.


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