Wrought Flesh: How to beat Every Boss

This Guide will help you Beat every Boss in Wrought Flesh.


Terraworm is the 1st Boss in the game and is very hard to beat.
Due to its size and ability to one shot you makes the boss very frustrating but you can do these things to make your life a little bit happier:
-use shotgun it deals much more damage to the Worm
-movement is very important
-if you still struggle after 50 times turn your game difficulty to easy it makes the boss have less hp therefor its faster to kill him

Spinecat is the second boss and appears in oasis
the Boss is very easy so the things u need to know are:
-use shotgun
-jump all the time the boss can´t jump
-if you somehow struggle use kill f.uck or reduce your game difficulty

Lenhe is the final Boss and our primary target in this game.
Lenhe is also a Gajeshian cultist like mc and is a medium difficulty
The things to do are:
-use the first shotgun you get in the game because it deals more damage then the pump
-use kill.f.uck it literally takes a few close shotgun shots to kill him
-if u struggle just reduce your difficulty but the boss is really not that hard

Thanks to Umbra for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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