Wuppo Definitive Edition: Wisest Wum Guide

Here is a list of most of the quiz answers. with these quiz answers. you can go through Wisest Wum.


A list of most of the quiz answers.


4 legs
most poplated
usually white
generally NOT kind and accepting
most cooperative??????
the most inventive race
capable of swimming

5 legs
cant spit
usually orange
harvest splenk from ground
like water
larger then wums
not good singers
do not need sleep

6 legs
kind and accepting
love water
spit water
usually blue
live the most isolated lifestyle
not constantly sleeping
larger then splenhakkers
left wumgarden because of the bliones
Braftknoft is not a blusser

2 arms
0 legs
have hair
spit rocks
communal (not isolated)
can become wise
do not dislike water
bad sight
their leader is Chefnaquer
most interested in food
the best sense of smell of all the races

an ancient race

recently discovered

can talk
the leader has red leaves
dislike rocks


knows everything
hates birds
cant stand lack of intelligence
dislikes fnakkers

thinks about everything,
does not hate allsweter
made the popo city tour with NOT alsweter NOR Hendrick

war veteran
invented the combination of water + splenk

Chef Fnakeur:
an incredibly large fnakker,
planned to invent a new dish called Fnakobraft

does not live in popo city

calls himself the last blusser

dislikes cleaning the most
does not live in wumhouse

owns a pet named Breevis

owns the radio station in Popo City

a fnakker who pulled pranks during the fnakker wars

the elevator wum is known as lift wum????


2 rides
uses splenhakker coins
primarily visited by wums
exclusively splenhakker employees
had a stoplight to control the flow of visitors
fortune telling place is called fortunis
there are 4 islands to the left
has a roller coaster named MegaKrank

made out of 8 pieces of splenk
5 floors (not counting roof)
has a carillon on top
many wums left to go live in Popo City
wums can fit in the transportation system
not on an island

Popo city:
rewards hard work with credit
the first expansion is known as Central
the inhabitants call themselves Popos
a bridge connects old town and central
the factory produces electricity
differently colored tubes
dorst cafe is NOT here
2 trams with 5 stops
most well-known criminals NOT rans
city hall requires 7 wums
snackberrys bar does not sell fried blak
aquarium is called aquahenk
popo city police force counts NOT 8 wums NOR 4 wums
popo city police love Blonuts
the popo police do leave the jail area

The temple is rumored to be a comet from Blenbjick
The tall rectangular stone is known as Blendbjick

— MISC.—

2 + 2 = 4 (all other math questions have no wrong answer)

more than 100 questions
more than 100 hats
more than 35 filmstrips
the inventor of the popo hat was NOT allsweter
blak grows underground
an unidentified creature lives in the ocean
used to be an ancient civilisation called the bleiken
strange things do happen in the dark
breft is a substance commonly used for cleaning
only 2 wums own a projector
wums who die go to krenktorium
clocks can speed up time
splenk is not fuzzy
splenk grows in size when adding water
smurt is most used currency
see planets at night
eating coffee mugs makes you twitch
glass is not harmful to eat
eating a tv makes you fat
eating blak cakes makes you fat (NOT Blak, blak CAKES!!)
fruit does NOT make you fat
The only ingredient not used in the creation of the ice cream monster was Smokmofel

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