WWE 2K19 Guide: What’s the South Barrier Location

WWE 2K19 has released more than a month and some new features and improvements has added this series especially for MyCareer mode. Here is a speak by WWE 2K19 execultive producer Mark Little:

“We have an all-new MyCareer Mode this year, So for the first time in WWE 2K franchise history we have actual voiceover in MyCareer Mode. We have 26 superstars from WWE that have recorded their own voice to go along with the story.”

However, the South Barrier is hard to find when the players are playing WWE 2K19 MyCarrer mode, Here WWE 2K19 will guide you the South Barrier locations.


What’s the South Barrier?

South Barrier is a place in WWE 2K19 MyCareer Chapter 3, the chapter 3 will start with Barron Blade and Cole Quinn. you need to go to the south barrier after you finish the task to reduce Cole’s health to yellow.


What’s the South Barrier Location?

Just go across the arena and you will find the south barrier. It’s easy to find the location. Alternative, you can find the location in the side of the ring where the led banner is usually.

WWE 2K’s story modes have become lifeless, tedious and less exciting with every passing installment. When MyCareer has promised enthralling trips to the Performance Center, a whistle-stop tour through NXT and a hard fought journey to the top of the WWE mountain, it has delivered boredom.


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