WWE 2K19 – How to Run Fast on PC

This guide will teach you how to run fast on Steam. You had better make a backup before you follow this guide.   Go to Documents find Config files find WWE2K Folder click config file and change what you need to change [advanced] Warning Game will run like its on Sugar denominator= 60000 change this […]

WWE 2K19 56 New Moves Pack Completely List On Dec 18

WWE 2K19 New moves pack will be available on December 18. These new move pack includes more than 50 new moves and it cost $3.99 to download, however, if you have the Wooooo! Edition, Deluxe Edition, or Season Pass, you will be able to get it on day one at no additional cost.   Here […]

How to Fix Parental Controls Issue in WWE 2K19 PS4

WWE 2K19 has released more than a month and this series really make a massive improvement, with plenty of great modes to choose from. along with so many great wrestlers past and present to wrestle with. however, the parental controls Issue still exists and it troubles many players a lot. here GamePretty will guide you […]

WWE 2K19 Guide: What’s the South Barrier Location

WWE 2K19 has released more than a month and some new features and improvements has added this series especially for MyCareer mode. Here is a speak by WWE 2K19 execultive producer Mark Little: “We have an all-new MyCareer Mode this year, So for the first time in WWE 2K franchise history we have actual voiceover […]

WWE 2K19 – How to Solve Crashing Problem

WWE 2K19 has released on October 9, It is one of the most-anticipated sporting video games of this year. there are several new features in the new WWE, 2K Showcase returns, new My career story and new match types are the top three features in WWE 2K19. However, there also some problem in the game. […]

WWE 2K19 Roster List Updated Completely

One of the most exciting features of the WWE 2K games is the newest updates made to the roster. 2K boasts the biggest and most star studded cast of characters, almost making it to 200 unique superstars in last year’s instalment. WWE 2K had reveal the first 75 wrestlers WWE 2K19 roster on 30 Aug. […]