Yakuza 3 Remastered: Extra Hard Batting Guide

I tried to get in the middle of each target. I’m using 1920×1080 screen, maybe this doesn’t work for you babby don’t cry. if you found a better guide, just link it in the comments for others. Anyone can use this guide and all images, you do NOT need to ask me or link to me or anything. Just use it.

As always take your own notes, adjust as necessary. After you hit all 9 targets you’ll get a special pop up target.

You get (iirc) 980 pts for getting all 9 numbered targets. 300 for the special pop up target. So 17 or so balls required to get 1800 pts if you add in the 300 pts for the special target (maybe you can do 16 I didn’t do the math to figure out the best strat). If you just ignore the special target you can still miss 2 shots and have enough to get over the 1800 mark.


Gleaming the Elbow
Choosing the battlefield is some percentage of the battle,
Middle Column, then Right Column, then Left Column, feel free to go in whatever order is more comfortable for you.

The Balls and their Curves
The order of balls and what to expect but first make absolutely sure you read this next part.
:::::READ ME:::::
Only listen to my advice. Do not listen to other SCRUBS on the internet.
What you are looking for to make a hit is VERY SIMPLE.

Almost every type of ball appears to be pitched straight and then rises at a crest or apex or peak and then descends slightly. So it’s like the Greek letter Omega (Ohm)

You want to hit when ever it starts to DESCEND. It some cases the lighting will change. Let’s take the 2nd ball that is thrown in the Extra Hard cage, it’s the slowest ball out of all 20 thrown, it has a wide left side arc (your left). If you watch the ball carefully, it makes a slow wide arc, should you press the button to hit at the apex of the arc, you’ll get a foul. You have to hit it when it start to descend towards you. It’s the easiest one to see. You just have to have patience for most of these.

I did all of them in 60fps.
{#} – {ball type} – {speed} – {arc type}

1. Fast { 160 } Straight (easiest to hit since you don’t have much time just wait a bit and fire)

2. Curve { 70 } Wide LEFT arc SLOW (your left; be patient)

3. Sinker { 120 } Wide RIGHT arc (watch it’s arc, hit after apex)

4. Fast { 87 } Very annoying because it rises, has a relatively long arc, then rapidly

5. Sinker { 137 } Wide RIGHT arc

6. Curve { 88 } Small LEFT arc (careful with the small arcs they can appear as fastballs)

7. Sinker { 138 } Small RIGHT arc (fast and tricky with its small arc)

8. Sinker { 80 } Small RIGHT arc (identical to the last one but much slower)

9. Curve { 108 } Wide LEFT arc

10. Fast { 157 } Straight (easy fast)

11. Sinker { 78 } Wide RIGHT arc (be patient its slow to hit the apex but fast to descend)

12. Curve { 111 } Small-Mid LEFT arc (not too wide, not too small, so watch it carefully)

13. Curve { 110 } Wide LEFT arc (similar to the last one but wider and should be easier)

14. Fast { 88 } Straight (another annoyingly slow fastball, don’t be tricked when it rises)

15. Fast { 162 } Straight (easy fast)

16. Sinker { 88 } Small-Mid RIGHT arc (be patient, it has a smallish arc)

17. Curve { 128 } Wide LEFT arc

18. Sinker { 142 } Wide RIGHT arc

19. Fast { ~100 } Straight but seems to vary in speed, one of the hardest to hit imo

20. Fast { 152 } Straight easy fastball

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