Yakuza Like a Dragon: All Gold Safe Locations

All Gold safe locations in LAD and where to buy and find the gold keys.


Where to buy and find gold Keys
Near the part time hero located at Sunrise Bridge you should find Fumie who sells the gold keys
Also you at least have ichi equip foreman once so he can learn the ability to destroy barriers
You should see a door that’s block by wooden boards
Note that i already destroyed the boards.
Talk to her and you’ll be able to buy gold keys
Each key costs 10,000 Yen
All golds in Ijinmachi

Gold Safe 1
Head to Hamakita Park

Gold Safe 2
In-front of the elevator of Ichiban Holdings

Rewarded with Mr.Mind Cooler

Gold Safe 3
Take the taxi and head to the Election Office or behide the Sunlight Castle
Head thought the gate and you should find the safes.
Rewarded with Silhouette Katana, Blesswood Armor, Courage Pendant, Gallant Binding

GoldSafe 4
Be hide the Batting Cage
Rewarded with Sanity Badge

Goldsafe 5
Head to Seagull Cinema
Rewarded with Health Ring
Goldsafe 6
Head to the Sujidex Building
Head towards the second floor
Rewarded Comedy Masquerade

All Gold Safes located in Sotenbori

Gold Safe 1
Head to Iwao Bridge
Under the Bridge you should see the gold safe.

Rewarded Blesswood armor

Gold Safe 2
Head to Sotenbori W

The Safe is next to some vending machines and near the taxi.
Rewarded With Mirage Coat

Gold Safe 3
Head to W Shofukucho
Rewarded with Rainbow Hat

Gold Safe 4
Head to Yotusji Kaikan
Use’s the stairs and head to the second floor
Rewarded with Sacred Leather Socks

Last Gold Safe
Head down from Shofukucho

Head towards the alley and you should see the safe.
Rewarded with Reverie Shoes

All Gold Safe located in Kamurocho.
Head Over to New Serena.
There’s one safe on the second inside the bar.
Rewarded with Bullet of Memory

Make your way to the rooftop of new Serena.
Rewarded with Dragon’s Binding

Gold Safe 2
Head Over to Lullaby Mahjong
Go up the stairs and enter club sexy.

Make your way to the staff room.
Rewarded with Tranquil Tenugui

Continue to head to the second floor and enter the door
Rewarded with Dragon Fish Tenugui

Gold Safe 3
Head to Tenkaichi Alley
Go to the back alley

Rewarded with Tiger Belt

Gold Safe 4
Head to Theater Ave This one’s trick has you’ll need to take a elevator.
Once on the top and take a left. You should see the gold safe.
Rewarded with Substitute stone

Gold Safe 5.
Head to Shichifuku Street.
You Should see some vending machines. The safe is on the far left from the safes.
Rewarded with Profane Wristband

Gold Safe 6
Shichifuku Street
In the Parking lot you should see the gold safe.
Rewarded with Curse Substitute

Gold Safe 7
Champion District
Located in the vacant lot
Rewarded with Kongo Mail, Komaki Gloves

Gold Safe 8
Head to the Batting Cage but from the back.

Use the stairs and head to the roof. you should see the gold safe.
Rewarded with Fortune Dice

Last Gold Safe
Head to the Hotel District

Head towards the back alley.
Rewarded with War God Talisman.

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