Yakyosho: Basic Guide to Discover and Explore

It is a basic guide to better understand some objects and what to do.


Basic Guide to Discover and Explore

This guide is made to help the player if he gets lost, the main idea is to discover and explore, use it only in case you can’t advance.

Keys are one of the most important objects in the game, to be able to move around the map, you must have the key of the same color as the door (from the inside you don’t need a key) also the gray doors do not need keys.


The main mission, light the 12 yokai lamps, this is not easy at all, you must help yourself with the keys and other objects, as they are hidden.

(In the following sections you can see many spoilers, if you have missed a lot in the game it is good to see it, but if you have just arrived I do not recommend it)

Trap Seals

Traps are a good item to look out for, they can help you buy time by trapping the main enemy “Onibaba”, you can build them and place them at designated key locations.

Flowers and test tubes

Collect flowers to create keys of other colors, but be careful, you will lose the selected key to create the desired key.

Cooking and tofu

The little yokai “Azuki” closes the doors on us, we can distract him with food…

Radios, Box Office and Akaname

Having open doors helps, it attracts the “Akaname” with music, in its wake it will leave open doors!


You can help the kitsunes or leave them to their fate, just remember that they put the keys among other things on the map to help you…

Thanks to Kanashi Studio for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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