Yi And the Thousand Moons 100% Achievements and Walkthrough

There are no challenging “mechanics” to the game, it’s more of a musical point and click. That being said, there was no guide as the time of writing this, so I figured I’d make a walkthrough for anyone that may be interested. I hope you like it!

Naturally, there are spoilers past this point… there’s your warning!



   Moons and Junes and Ferris Wheels

The gods have asked Yi to shoot down the moons so the moonlight can be harvested in an attempt to combat a darkness spreading across the world. The villagers warn Yi that the moons protect them but she can’t see another way to appease the gods whilst also fixing the darkness.

  • From spawn walk to the base of the volcano and pick up your bow and arrow. Use L Mouse or L [CTRL] and run (walk) around shooting down the moons. Take your time, enjoy the music, there’s no time limit.
  • You only need to shoot down one moon as you’re given credit for the remainder at the end of the vocals, leading you onto the next song

After several moons are shot down,Yi starts to have second thoughts. She then concludes that she can’t stop what she’s started, the ball’s been set in motion. Since the planet might well be doomed either way, she continues on her mission, shooting arrows until no more moons remain in the sky.


2.Orange Grey Skies

   Now Old Friends are Acting Strange

The Villagers had warned Yi the moons were protecting them but she went ahead and shot them down anyway. Stardust is now suffocating the planet in a spectral haze, she must go and speak to them to explain herself.

  • Walk across the musical boardwalk  and speak to each group of villagers separately, starting with villager Qing and then further down the path to villagers Wen and Zhi (you must get close enough to trigger the vocals in order to to progress the song).

The villagers aren’t happy and blame Yi for the meteor shower, they ask her to fix it. She tells them she’ll go back to he gods and ask them to reinstate the moons and save the planet from the damage she instigated.

  • Once the vocals have ended and the villagers have huddled together under the trees, make your way to the far end of the village and walk through the gate.

Your words have given the villagers hope and they do a bit of a dance/practice their martial arts to the remainder of the song, enjoy!

  • Run forward towards the large stone gate, the next song is triggered when you’re half way through.


3.Poster Child

   I’ve Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now

In the highlands it is still dark, the startdust has not yet broken through. Yi must speak with the gods and convince them to protect the people by restoring the moons.

  • Go up to the gongs at the base of the temple and shoot at them with your bow and arrow. Strike the gongs to hear each verse from Gods Shui, Mu and Huo respectively.

This is Yi’s first time travelling all the way to the highlands, something the gods note as a sign that Yi must be special to command the respect of the villagers as she does, they grant her an audience. After listening to what she has to say, the gods refuse her request and send her away, implying the planet is far from extinction.

  • Run back towards the gateway into the village.

As Yi approaches the gate, God Mu appears and suggests that if Yi were to make a stone vessel, she and the villagers could set out to find a new home.



     Something’s Lost but Something’s Gained

The gods have refused to restore the moons even though the highlands will inevitably also be smothered by stardust. Yi has been armed with a new plan however, she just has to convince the villagers!

  • Run through the gate, back into the village.

Yi gathers the villagers together and explains what happened at the temple. She further explains that they have a chance to escape if they can construct a vessel made of stone.


5.Chant of the Craftspeople

   Dreams and Schemes and Circus Crowds

The villagers are happpy with Yi’s plan, but there’s not much time, between the darkness and the stardust the air is getting harder and harder to breathe. Yi sings to the villagers putting their minds at ease, letting them know all will be well, she will put things right, she will help them escape.

Yi hopes that the world is not really at an end but conceeds they don’t have time to stick around to find out. The villagers agree to help Yi build the vessel, but first she must collect the required stone.

  • Run back across the water and collect six stones from the base of the volcano (walk up to them)


6.A New Home

   Ice Cream Castles in the Air

The villagers are happy, they built a vessel from the stone Yi collected and are ready to set sail.

  • At this point you play as each of the villagers, get them aboard the ship safely, one by one.


7.Orange Grey Skies (Reprise)

   Leave Them Laughing When You Go

Once Yi is aboard, the ship casts off. Enjoy the final song as they sail away together to find a new home, taking in all the sights as they go.


Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed Yi and the Thousand Moons!


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