Yogurt Commercial 3: Where the Hell-a is Chela?

Short and sweet FAQ to locate Chela for those tasty Perks. The Prerequisites give one or two possible solutions. What can’t be solved with the Book of Eibon?


1 – Clearing

To the right of the boulder.
Prerequisites: None

2 – Mountain
To the right on a cliff edge.
Prerequisites: Fireproof

3 – Woods
Between the Mansion and the hut.
Prerequisites: Cross the guarded bridge.

4 – Oubliette
To the right. Before the fire and arrow bridge.
Prerequisites: Key and Vomit on Command or Strength status.

5 – Moon Town
In front of the Gravy Commercial Studio.
Prerequisites: Make it to the Moon.

6 – Venus
In front of the temple.
Prerequisites: Make it to Venus.

7 – Lower Hell
To the right of the the cafe looking area. Behind the wall.
Prerequisites: Make it to Lower Hell and The Bag of Holding.

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