Yorkshire Gubbins Walkthrough (100% Achievements Guide)

Yorkshire Gubbins is a comedic point and click adventure game. In this guide we will walk you through the game earning every achievement along the way. Spoilers ahead.

 Game saves automatically when you quit from the game.
 Normally to earn all achievements you will need to replay “Humble Pie” episode twice, but using a back up of your save near the end of the game you can reduce the replaying to a minimum.
 All doors need to be closed for an achievement. We will mention them but be mindful to always close them.

Estimated 100% time: 1,5h~


Verb School

There’s no achievements in this episode, feel free to skip it if you’re only after achievements

  • Pick any options.
  • Go to the right.
  • Pick any options.
  • Talk to verbal victor.
  • Open and then close the crate
  • Look at the creature
  • Pick up the monkey.
  • Give the monkey to vernal victor
  • Pick any options
  • Use custard pie dispenser
  • Pick up custard pie
  • Use custard pie with verbal victor.
  • Go through the door of doom.
  • Go left and open baby judging supplies box.
  • Go further left and push the rock near the dog.
  • Pick up the dog.
  • Give red toy to baby A
  • Give blue toy to baby B
  • Give yellow toy to baby C
  • Use Udgrom Jr. on Baby A,B and C.
  • Use dog on baby A,B and C.
  • Talk to verbal victor and ask for a Rosette.
  • Use the rossete on any of the babies then pick any options.

Humble Pie Walkthrough

  • Start a new game.

A Pie-fect Day
Began playing Humble Pie

  • Use talk command on innanimate objects 10 times.

Ey Up ‘Em Up
Given a proper Yorkshire greeting to 10 things

  • Open the fridge.
  • Open the middle cupboard and pick up some baking foil, then close the cupboard
  • Use potatoes and secret herbs on the pie dish and afterwards the special meat.
  • Go to the living room and pick:

➤ Any option.
➤ I consider this Fat Pupper show problematic.

Did your bit for animal rights. Fat lot of good it did you.

➤”Well enjoy the dog thing. I’m off”

  • Use light switch.
  • Close the door to the kitchen.
  • Pick up letter to Steggy.
  • Use the light switch again to turn off the light.

The Mum We Deserve
Turned the lights back off.

  • Go through the Manor Road door and close it behind you.
  • Go to the right and open the blue door to Bertrella house and pick:

➤ Okay Bertrella, hand over the meat.
➤ Honestly? Some exposition here would be helpful.

You Were Wearing Your Blue Jumper?
Pretended to forget how you ruined Bertrella’s wedding

➤ I mean, it rings a bell I suppose
➤ I covered you in mud. Sorry
➤ I drenched you in salt water!
➤ I got you totally drunk!
➤ I left before the ceremony started!
➤ That’s… everything?

Go Forth And Do All The Things
Learnt how to make amends to Bertrella

  • Close the door you came from.
  • Go to Bertrella’s Kitchen and close the door behind you.
  • Talk to Normal Paul.

➤ Okay. I’m sorry.

  • Exhaust all dialogue; you will get a Normality measuring tool.
  • Use the tool on Normal Paul (1/10)
  • Go back to the living room and close the door behind you.
  • Use the tool on Bertella (2/10)
  • Leave the house and close the door behind you.
  • Leave and go all the way to the left to reach the park.
  • Use Normality Index on Slugkin Bertrella (3/10) and talk to her.

➤ Sorry about trying to kill you that one time.
➤ So what’s this protest then?
➤ So what help do you need with this protest?
➤ But.. what about the cause?
➤ See you later!

  • Go all the way left and pick up the suspicious bag.
  • Open the bag in your inventory.
  • Return to the right.
  • Go into staggy’s house, close the door behind you and use normality tool on Mum (4/10)
  • Leave and close the door behind you.
  • Go right and enter the ginnel (Gray doorway) and head to the right.
  • Push the shrubbery.

Luxuriant Foliage
You found a totally normal thing.

  • Talk to the robot about everything
  • Use the normallity measuring tool on the robot
  • Try to go through the door to the right of the robot..

➤ This is a stupid door anyway.

  • Talk to the robot again and ask for the password.

➤ You’re actually 37 Udgroms of Normal!
➤ Spork Jigger? SPORK JOGGER?!
➤ I’d better go

  • Continue right to Trophy Street and go all the way right and look at the bike.
  • Enter the robowash and close the door behind you.
  • Use the normality tool on the stranger. (5/10)
  • Use your wedding dress on the machine with the credit near the stranger.
  • Now talk to him.

➤ What are you washing?
➤ Say, there’s a lot of room in your washer…
➤ Is that your bike outside?
➤ I’m off to plot your ruin.

  • Go outside, close the door behind you and use the firecrackers on the bike.
  • Get inside again and close the door behind you,
  • Use your dress on the washer with credit.
  • Close the door, and then open it.
  • Then close it again.
  • Leave and close the door behind you.
  • Go to the left and enter Walterprint shop & close the door behind you.
  • Use Normality measuring tool on Walter Stubbs (6/10)
  • Look at the Little Bilge’s book in your inventory.
  • Use Little’s bilge’s book on Walter Stubbs.

You tried to do a terrible thing.

Humble Pie walkthrough Continued

  • Pick up the robot poster from the wall.
  • Leave and close the door behind you.
  • Return to the door by the robot and pick:

➤ I’ve come to… talk… to Randy
➤ I’m here to talk to Randy!
➤ You have to end your protest!
➤ Okay, give me the leaflet!

  • Use Normality index on everyone in this room. (10/10)

The Udderbuttock-Gromley Memorial Award
You scanned 10 people with the Udgrom-o-meter

  • Give tiny dress to tiny bertrella slugkin

OMG Are You Psychic?
How… how did you do that?

  • Use the poster on Linda Slugperson to make it sticky.
  • Now talk to everyone here and ask them what they want on the leaflet.
  • Go up the stairs and talk about everything with the person in box outfit.

What’s in the box?
You found out what’s in the box.

  • Keep asking for the box to get it.
  • In your inventory use baking foil on the cardboard box, and use the poster on it as well.
  • Go outside and use the robot costume, then talk to Terry the robot.

➤ Pick either of the options.

  • Now talk to the robot again and he will come with you.
  • Go to trophy street on the right.
  • Enter WendyPrint shop and close the door behind you.
  • Talk to Wendy.

➤ I need a leaflet printing, preferably for free?
➤ I’d really better be going. Gulp.

  • Leave, close the door behind you and go to Walterptint shop.
  • Close the door behind you and talk to Walter Stubbs.

➤ I would like to order a trophy please…
➤ Ah… Best Trophy Shop?
➤ Actually this is for WendyPrint.

  • Go back to Wendyprint close the door behind you and talk to wendy.

➤ WalterPrint is Closed.
➤ Down with this sort of thing!

Careful Now
You correctly picked the only serious title

  • Pick any options.
  • Leave and close the door behind you.
  • Go back to the random door, and give the leaflets to Randy.
  • Leave and go all the way left to the park and talk to Slugkin Bertrella.

➤ Bertrella! it’s sorted! You’re free to go!

The Pub Awaits
You solved Other Bertrella’s problem

  • Go to bertrella’s house (with the blue door), close the door behind you and give her the dress.

Good As New
You solved Bertrella’s problem.

Now quit the game and back up your save!

Steam\userdata\YOUR USER\716650\remote

  • Go to the kitchen close the door behind you and give Terry to Normal Paul.

Best Friends Forever
You brought two very normal characters together

  • Return to Bertrella closing the door behind you and talk to her.
  • Now return to the kitchen, close the door behind you and finally take the meat.
  • Close the door to the kitchen.

Put wood in t’ole
You closed every door in Humble Pie behind you. Good for you.

  • Use the special meat on the pie dish and pick it up.
  • Use the pie on the oven.

Humble Pie!
You completed Humble Pie

  • Now if you made a backup of your save copy it over.

Go to all places and open every single door you can:
Kitchen door, and main door in Steggy’s house also open the fridge in your kitchen, the three cupboards and the oven to be safe, main door and kitchen door in Bertrella’s house, Wendyprint door in the trophy street, robowash door and the washing machine door that we used previously.

After that complete the game like you did before.
The achievement should pop when you get teleported to your kitchen.

Born in a barn
You left every single door in Humble Pie open

Holy Molluscamony Walkthrough

  • Start a new game.

A Beautiful Day
Began playing Holy Molluscamony

  • Talk to maybe bertrella and exhaust all dialogue options.

Bernard The Duck
Discovered that Bernard isn’t actually a duck.

  • Go left and pick up some mud.
  • Go right and go inside the wedding venue.
  • Talk to crazy uncle herbert and talk with him about everything.

Slugs Hate Salt
You let Crazy Harbert tell you everything

  • Go right and enter hotel rooms and ceremony hall.
  • Pick up the robot.
  • Go right and walk up the stairs to hotel rooms.
  • Speak with Bernard on the right and talk with him about everything.

Jeff Goldblum
You uncovered the truth about a novel

  • Leave and go to the restaurant just right of the ceremony hall.
  • Go right and talk to Mrs. Grubwump.
  • Talk to her about the perfume and keep asking for it until the achievement pops and leave the conversation.

Christmas Pudding
You discovered what you smell like

  • Go left and pick up the Yorkshire Robotics Hurricane from the table.
  • Now enter the kitchen on the left.
  • Go all the way left to the bin, and pick up a fish from inside.
  • Return to Mrs Grubswump and borrow her perfume.
  • Go back to the kitchen, and pour the perfume in the sink.
  • Go to the crying kid you took the robot from, and use the empty perfume bottle on him to collect his tears.

Your Tears Nourish Me
He totally had it coming

  • Head back to the reception, and show the barkeep bernard’s invitation.
  • Order every drink from top to bottom, just make sure to order “Sowerby Pumper” last.

Elland’s Finest Liver Bypass
You demonstrated an appreciation for the local brews

  • Use the Robotics Hurricane in your inventory on the robot.
  • Then mix asbestos dust with mud.
  • Go left and head outside.
  • Use sticky brown confeffi substitude, Eau d’Salty tears and two pints of Sowerby Pumper on Bertrella.

The Enmuddening
You covered both Bertrellas in deadly mud.

The Endrenchening
You covered both Bertrellas in salt water

The Enboozening
You stuffed both Bertrellas with Sowerby Pumper

Holy Molluscamony!
You completed Holy Molluscamony

By marklar and Bunny

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