Ys II: All Boss Guide

This guide will give you a brief description of how to defeat each boss. I’m not going to list where they are – you’ll find out when you reach them!

This guide is based of Nightmare (the highest) difficulty, so I assure you that you’ll be able to pull it off on a lower difficulty without issue.

Note: Some bosses have slightly different moves (mostly firing more projectiles). Don’t fret if you find it a hard boss – most of them are, in fact, rather hard to deal with.


Warning: Spoilers ahead!
I feel as if this should be pretty obvious given how it’s a boss guide but yeah. You don’t get to complain about spoilers being present in a guide about how to deal with bosses.

Boss #1 – Velagunder
Requirements: Fire magic.

Recommended level: 12
Recommended items: Healing Herb x3.
Recommended equipment: Honestly, anything you can get your hands on by this point. It’s not a hard boss to begin with (my opinion. Yours might vary).

Velagunder is the first boss of the game and… frankly? He’s not very hard. At least, that’s my opinion. Yours might vary.

He’s a giant red demon with two arms that protects the main body. He moves back and forth, while firing straight down. Just dodge to the side and keep attacking. You can’t hurt the boss without using the Fire spell, so don’t bother trying to.

General tips:

-You can destroy both arms, which might make the battle a little easier for you as it’ll stop absorbing the hits meant for the actual boss.

-If you lose to this battle, don’t lose hope. I, personally, don’t find the boss terribly hard but if you do, I understand it.

Boss #2 – Tyalmath
Unlike what the boss’ name implies, no math is actually involved in this battle.

Requirements: Fire Magic

Recommended level: 20
Recommended equipment: Whatever the best you can get your hands on, generally.
Recommended item: EITHER Healing Herb x3 or the Steak (I, personally, find it easier with 3 healing herbs).
Recommended accessory: Hawk Idol (adds a light homing attack to the spell).

The instance this battle starts, MOVE. The game will pan to the boss but you’re actually capable of moving this time. Head straight up once you have the chance, or the boss will land on you and you WILL die.

After that, it’s just a matter of running around and attacking from a distance. The boss has no super difficult attacks to dodge – just make sure to always keep moving and keep an eye on your HP and you’ll win sooner or later.

General tips:
-If you’re not moving, you’re attacking.
-if you’re not attacking, you’re moving.

Boss #3 – Gelaldy
Ah yes, good old Gelaldy. The first boss that posed any form of threat to me. I hate this guy! (Not nearly as much as one I’ll explain later).

Requirements: Fire magic.

Recommended level: I forgot. I think I I was level around 30.
Recommended equipment: Is it the best you can purchase? Use it.
Recommended items: Healing Herb x3 or the Steak.
Recommended accessory: None or the Idol (for the homing effect – up to you).

The first thing you’ll probably notice is your inability to hurt this boss in any meaningful way. By which, I mean that yes. It is, in fact, immortal. That’s… going to be an issue.

Nah, it’s fine. Gelaldy is a giant head that moves around on the field. At times, it’ll open its mouth and spawn a giant worm which will follow you around. This is your chance!

While the boss’ mouth is open, shoot as many fireballs you can into it. It’ll close its mouth again after a few moments, so start running the instance you see it close its mouth while avoiding the giant worm. After a short while, the worm will re-enter the boss’ mouth. At this point, attack it again. Note that the worm might tank some of the hits – that’s perfectly normal, but not really ideal. If you get low HP, heal up and keep moving.

General tips:
-Move around a lot. Preserve your MP for the instance the boss opens the mouth.

Boss #4 – Druegar
This boss was the first one that gave me ACTUAL issues… because of two reasons. First, I had the stupid Idol equipped (I find it way easier without it) and two, because of its eggs.

Recommended level: 35-38ish
Recommended equipment: The best you can purchase, as usual. I promise, this is the last time I’ll list this!
Recommended item: Healing Herb x3 or the Steak. As usual, I prefer the herbs.
Recommended accessory: None, the first idol OR the ring that halves MP cost (name slips my mind – feel free to tell me and I’ll gladly give you credit for reminding me!)

This guy is… frankly? He’s a pain. Or it. I don’t know. Anyway.

Its only weak point is its giant face… which is blocked by two small antannae looking things that might absorb your hits. Reminds you of the first boss, doesn’t it? Well, this guy is WORSE.
This guy can plant a bunch of eggs which, if you don’t destroy, starts shooting a bunch of projectiles after a few seconds which – before you ask – deals a fair bit of damage.

One thing I noticed about this boss is, after the eggs are laid, you can actually make the boss stomp on the eggs by luring the boss ontop of them, destroying the eggs. This is not a sustainable idea, however, as the boss will just spawn new ones right after. So, that leaves an all out assault.

The instance the boss spawns, head to the nearby wall (I went to the left) and start spamming the Fire spell. MOST, not all, of your attacks will go through and hit the boss but the rest will HOPEFULLY destroy the either (or both) of the two other parts. As long as you don’t move too far down, the boss will actually just stand around and let you attack it until it dies. Precision is key – don’t be too high up, or the boss will move down and kill you in seconds. Don’t move too far down or the boss will move down and… kill you in seconds.

I found standing about 2-3 steps above the wall seemed to make the boss simply stand around threateningly and give you a bunch of free hits. Note that the boss MIGHT move and if so, move and try to avoid being crushed by the boss.

General tips:
-You can destroy the eggs by attacking (bumping into) them, but honestly, it’s probably not worth it. Might be worth it for you!
-If you find the intro cutscene annoying, you can actually trigger it, leave, save, then head back inside. The boss will start spawned and you’ll be able to fight it without issue like that.

Boss #5 – Zava
Without a doubt, THE hardest boss in the game, especially on Nightmare.

Zava not ONLY starts immune to all damage, if you don’t have the following equipment, you WILL die.

Required items: Fire spell (what? Did you think I’d forget?)
Recommended level: 45
Recommended equipment: Battle Armor, Battle Shield, Battle Armor. Yes. You need all 3. No, you can’t settle for 2 of them. Having the 4th shield + Battle Armor makes you take ~80 damage per attack. Having both the shield and armor makes you take ~13 damage at level 45. Yes. The difference is that major.
Recommended item: Take a guess. Spoiler alert: it’s either herbs or the steak.
Recommended accessory: the second idol.

Zava starts immobile at the top of the room with two bats that starts flying around and attacking you. You can, as usual, only cast spells on them. This is why I suggest the second idol. Not ONLY does it have the homing effect the first one does, if you charge this one, it ALSO causes a cluster of spells to get released, all of which home in on the closest enemy, making it much more bearable.
The bats are somewhat annoying, as they’re quite fast and can shoot a ton of projectiles which might be tedious to avoid but overall, this form isn’t terrible.

After you beat the initial two, three more spawns. You’ll notice Zava have taken some damage – this is from having to spawn new bats! That’s excellent news.
Use the same strategy that you used vs 2 (which I assume is charge the spell and run around like a maniac) until they’re dead.

Once you beat those three, FOUR more spawns. Again, Zava takes some damage from this so that’s nice. These are the last four you have to kill, I promise!
If you’re low on HP (less than 60 or so) by the time the fourth and final one is flashing, heal up. Finish the last one with as much HP as possible.

Zava, at this point, will be PISSED at you killing her precious bats and will start firing fire balls in every direction but behind her… which you can’t reach anyway. At this point, the game becomes a bullet hell – you have to look for small packages of safety that allows you to attack her while ALSO dealing with EVEN MORE BATS. Note that killing the bats no longer lower Zava’s HP – you have to kill Zava.

I, personally, ended up just rushing up to her, shooting her until I was out of MP, ran off, healed with my 3 herbs (yes, I used those again), then attacked again until she died. It took me 3 runs of doing this but your mileage may vary – some of my attacks was directed into the bats.

General tips:
-Don’t bother fighting her below level 44. Being 45-47 is highly recommended.

Boss #6 – Dalles
Finally, the penultimate boss.

Required items: Cleria Sword, Cleria Armor, Battle Shield, NO magic (seriously, don’t. You’ll die).
Recommended level: 52
Recommended items: Herbs or steak.
Recommended equipment: Cleria Sword, Cleria Armor, Battle Shield

What’s this? No magic?

Yeah. That’s right. We’re going all out on this guy. By which I mean, you’ll fight using your sword.

If you try casting the Fire spell on this guy, he’ll negate the spell midair. Even if you’re next to him, he’ll take 0 damage from it. The reason being, Dalles is a being of pure magic. The only thing that can hurt him is the Cleria Sword. If you don’t have it, you can’t beat him. Even at level 55 (max), you’ll deal 0 damage.

Fun fact: If you cast Time Stop spell on him, he will return the favor and stop time for YOU, before releasing an array of lasers on you. Those hurts. A lot.

Dalles have three main moves:

-Short Warp: After hitting him 1-2 times, he’ll warp to a random part of the room.
-Laser Prison: Dalles will fire two rows of lasers, both above and below you while slowly moving it. You can reach him while he’s firing, but you will take a lot of damage in doing so.
-Meteors: Dalles is surrounded by four meteors at all times. Those can, and will, damage you if you touch them. Once Dalles teleports away, the meteors will seemingly home in on you, so do your best to avoid them or take a lot of unneeded damage.

General tips:
-If your HP is below half while Dalles still has at least 1 full HP bar, you’re pretty much doomed (Nightmare). On lower difficulties, it’s not as terrible.

The Final Boss: Darm
Required items: Cleria equipment, Goddess Ring (to weaken the boss), Shield magic (this will effectively give you 4 HP bars – explained below).

Recommended level: 55

Recommended equipment: Cleria Sword, Cleria Shield (you’ll get this in the room with the Goddesses – just speak to everyone in there), Cleria Armor, Goddess Ring, Shield Magic

Recommended item: As if you don’t know. That’s right – – The Elixir! You can only get ONE in the entire game and it costs a whooping 60,000 to purchase so save it for this boss battle.

It’ll fully heal you when you die as long as it’s equipped, effectively giving you 4 HP bars to fight this guy, just as long as you have Shield equipped.

Darm is a floating entity that might move off the side of the battle field while constantly firing on you. Once Darm is close enough, run up and attack as many times as you have a chance to before Darm floats off again.

Once Darm drops to about half HP, Darm will change AI (and somehow gain wings). Darm is (from what I saw) faster and more aggressive, easily capable of depleting your MP (due to Shield) and your HP to 0 in mere seconds. Should Shield run out, just accept your fate and die.

As long as you have the Elixir equipped, it’ll magically revive you with both full HP and MP. This is why I said you have effectively four HP bars to deal with this guy. Shield depletes your MP bar, as long as it’s equipped. Once it runs out, he’ll deal HP damage. If you drop to 0 but have Elixir, the full heal effectively gives you two more HP bars.

I, personally, won at level 55 with the Elixir consumed and I was down to ~60 HP.

General tips:
-Don’t die.

Bonus #1: How to defeat the Gate Keepers
To enter the final dungeon, you have to get past two Gate Keepers (Zealots). These guys are seemingly immortal, both against attacks and spells. The only way past them is to transform into a Roo… but there’s still an achievement to kill 10 generations (in reality: just 10) of them. But you can’t deal damage to them…

Once you obtain the Cleria sword, teleport back to town and grab the Cleria armor (it’s in the locked chest that probably taunted you all this time) by speaking to the old man, who will realize you were given the Cleria Sword by his son in order to fight against Darm.

Head to the old man’s house and heal, then equip the Time Magic.

Head north to the enemies and activate Time Stop right as you see them. This way, you’ll constantly be able to attack one of them (keep recasting Time Stop whenever needed) and you’ll (after 2-3 casts) kill the first one. Do the same for the second one.

Rinse and repeat until you defeated 10 (more if you want the full beastiary).

Note: those guys have insanely high stats, to the point that even at level 55 with all Cleria equipment, you can die in just a few hits while they might take upwards 20 hits to kill 1.

Bonus #2: End Game Leveling (post Zava)
So, you beat Zava. Good for you. You want to level to 55 now, don’t you?

Truth to be told, there’s barely any good places to level. The best way I found was to head to the Goddess’ Palace, equip the Time Stop spell, get fully healed, exit, head south (down), then east (right) to the bridge. Activate your Time Stop the instance you see the first enemy. Keep it cast (permanently) and kill all enemies.

Enter the room where you fought Zava, save, exit, cast Time Stop right at once again, rinse and repeat. Even at level 54, the enemies here give ~150 EXP for a full run, so it’s nowhere near as bad as you might think, but it WILL take a while.

Once you’re low on HP or MP (or both), simply head to the Goddess’ room and get a free heal. Rinse and repeat until you’re done!

Bonus #3: Ensure that Maria is unamused (in the final dungeon)
This is an achievement many think is missable. It is, in fact, missable… but not for the reasons you think.

You’ll first meet her in the Bell Tower. Most people think you have to cast Time Stop at this point to get the achievement. This is wrong.

You can get the achievement in the final dungeon after speaking to her. Simply cast Time Stop and the achievement will pop.

Source: It’s how I got it.

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