A Castle Full of Cats: 100% Achievements and Secret Items Guide

A guide that will allow you to obtain all the achievements and secret items of the game.


How to get to the cemetery

To access the cemetery, you need a specific key. She lies on the table in the laboratory.

How to get to the trapdoor

To access the trapdoor, simply click on the carpet in front of the closet in the bedroom.

How to get to the secret trapdoor

To have access to the secret trapdoor, you just have to click on the lid hiding the pipes located on the right wall, in the trapdoor.

Keeper of the Seven Keys

Since we already have the key to the cemetery, we will take the opportunity to obtain all the other keys.

The #1 key is in the dungeon, on the upper right wall above the door of the dungeon cell IV.

The #2 is in the dungeon cell I, on the right side of the room.

The #3 is on the right side of the cemetery.

The #4 is on a plank on the ground in the mirror passage.

The key to the chains of Cathulhu is on the right side of the library.

The key to the cat food chest is given by the cat in the underground corridor.

The coffin of the dungeon cell III

Since we have the keys 1 to 4, we can open the coffin in the cell. Click on each padlock, open the coffin and pick up the poster inside.

Hmm… Delicious & Teleport

To get the “Hmm… Delicious” achievement, you must bring a snack to the cat in the underground corridor. He gives you a key after talking to him. You must then go to the pantry, and open the chest there with the key, by simply clicking on it. Take the snack that is inside, then go back to see the cat.

The cat will then take you to the sewers, where you will find Cathulhu. If you have the key to his chains which is in the library, you can free him and he will give you an item that will allow you to teleport anywhere in the castle. And you will get the “Teleport” achievement.

Crystal ball

The crystal ball is in front of the castle entrance.

Castle map

The map is in the main hall, in front of the right staircase.

Secret place

To find the saferoom, you need a key shaped like a star. Go to the pantry, and click on the sun which is on the right wall. A hiding place will open, click on it and the key will appear.

Then, go to the library. In the middle of the room, you can place the key on a cupboard. The passage will open here.

Crystal Ball Upgrade

To get the upgraded crystal ball, you must first pick up the eyes that are on the bedside table next to the bed in the bedroom.

Then, go to the saferoom from the library, and double click on the chest to the right of the room, to place the eyes in it and then open it. The improved crystal ball is inside.

Hidden Castle Map

The hidden castle map is in the bedroom, to the left of the yellow door, above the large cat picture.

Mirror Mirror

The magic mirror opening a secret passage is found in the mirror passage. Click on the curtain, on the right wall, the mirror is just behind.

Love for Kittens

There are six kittens to find throughout the castle. The first is in the dungeon, behind a wheel between the doors of dungeon cells III and IV.

The second is in the library, under the table on the right.

The third is in the cemetery, at the top of the tree.

The fourth is in the underground corridor, behind an armor.

The fifth is in the mirror passage, behind a brick in the bottom right of the room.

The sixth is in the secret trapdoor, behind a mushroom in the bottom right of the room.

The Entire Gang

There are 7 cats you need to talk to through the castle. They are easy to find, as they are large and colorful. Including Cathulhu.

Click on each of them, find the six lost kittens and then go to Fofiño’s door. All the cats are waiting for you in front. And you will get the achievement.

Free Fofiño

To free Fofiño from his curse, you have to quickly find four cats that appear randomly around him, and repeat the thing five times. The cats to find are never in the same places, but are quite easy to see.

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