A Juggler’s Tale: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a full guide on how to get all achievements in A Juggler’s Tale. if you want to get the full walkthrough. you can check out this video walkthrough.


General information

Time to finish the game: ~2-3h
100% achievement time: ~2-3h, or ~1h by following the video
Required playthroughs: 1 + some scene replay if anything missed as it is possible to replay any checkpoint area via chapter select.

Act 1

On to adventure
Finish Act I.The first achievement you could earn is at the beginning of the game, when the game trying to teach you how to throw objects. Hit the middle of the target table for a “bullseye” to get this achievement, at the following location:

An apple a day…
Make sure the bear is well fed.Throw apples to the bear 8 times for the achievement:

On to adventure
Finish Act I.Storyline achievement for finishing Act 1.

Act 2

On Dry Feet
Play through Act II without falling into the water.This achievement actually unlocks nearly at the end of the chapter, just before when the chasing sequence starts. You can’t fall into the water during the chapter. If you fail, you can replay from the checkpoint “On to adventure” and still get it, you don’t need to start a brand new game.

Enjoy your newfound freedom.Right after the chapter starts you will pass an area with a bench. By keep pushing CTRL the protagonist will sit on it for the achievement:

Animal Friend
Free the wolf.

Leave the wolf to his fate.At the hunting cabin you will find a wolf. There is a cart blocking your way. If you push the cart into the gap, without attaching it to the strings of the wolf, then you will get Scaredy-Cat achievement, if you attach it to the strings then push it into the gap, then you will get Animal Friend achievement:

Close Call
Attract the attention of the bandits three times without getting caught.After you will see, that the Ringmaster hire mercenaries to catch you, you need to sneak through their camp. You need to take the attention of that mercenary, who holding a lamp. If he will raise the lamp then you got his attention. Repeat 3 times to get the achievement. You need just to step to the light and back to cover fast, else he will run for you and the mercenary will never return to its path (probably because of some bug) so you need to continue via chapter select, not just for the achievement, but also to progress in the game.

Upside Down
Finish Act II.Storyline achievement, for finishing Act 2.

Act 3

Play fetch with the dog until he is happy.Throw the item to the dog multiple times until this achievement unlocks:

Really get on a villager’s nerves.You will find a bell at the village. Use it 3 times for the achievement:

Changing your fate
Finish Act IIIStoryline achievement for finishing Act 3.

Act 4

Riot on the stage of the fourth act.At the start of Act 4 you need to go far right first, to pick up a throwable stone, then return to the beginning of the act to use the stone on some object:

Worth a try
Annoy Tonda and the bandits.You will see the mercenaries at the background and you will see also a ballista. Use the ballista for the achievement.

A few more barrels than necessary….While trying to pass through the sea with a boat you will see a whirlpool. If something pulled in by the whirlpool then it will go off for a few seconds. You need to use it 3 times at least, first to pass through, then to go back and the third time when the enemy ship destroyed by it. This meands, that you need to kill off the whirlpool by pushing barrles into the whirlpool at least once more (or twice). Better to go for it before dealing with the ship:

This is how it works
Free Tonda from a thread.Storyline achievement.

Finish Act IV.Storyline achievement for finishing Act 4.

Act 5

Together we are not alone
Finish Act V.
Storyline achievement for finishing Act 5.

Thanks to Csontzuzo for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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