Absolute Alchemical Potion: Endings & Achievements Guide

This guide will list all the choices in the game and corresponding love points and stat elements. This should help reach all the endings and unlock achievements, along with cgs, chibis, items and notes.


A Few Notes

Instead of character routes (which are kind of compressed into endings), I’ve decided to instead list all the choices and what they bring:

  • love points ❤️
  • willpower (Gestalt), humanity (Sitri), confidence (Glem)
  • diplomacy, benevolence, sincerity (Celsia)

And yes, there are many choices. There’s even an achievement towards the end called: A tough journey Too many choices 😁
Despite that, it’s pretty easy and intuitive to navigate

I will try to list all achievements, but that will be a work in progress for now because I have to remember when I got the specific ones. But, good news is that all are easily unlocked by the time you complete all the endings…

All endings and epilogues are underlined.

There are probably some spoilers in the name of the ending and achievements…

Choice of guys ❤️

These choices determine love points ❤️, meaning they lead to a scene and, usually, a cg with a guy you choose

  • Take another look at the formulas — Gestalt ❤️
  • Look for the answer in the books — Glem ❤️ (A Bookworm achievement)
  • Sort through the ingredients — Sitri ❤️
  • Tend the wound — Glem ❤️
  • Follow the scream — Gestalt ❤️
  • Talk to the Demon — Sitri ❤️
  • Read a healing spell — Gestalt ❤️
  • Apply an ointment — Sitri ❤️
  • Drink a healing infusion — Glem ❤️
  • Go to the kitchen — Glem ❤️
  • Stay in the room — Sitri ❤️
  • Find the amulets in the trunk-storage — Gestalt ❤️
  • Grab a snack — Gestalt ❤️ (A gift from Gestalt achievement)
  • Meditate — Glem ❤️ (A gift from Glem achievement)
  • Treat myself — Sitri ❤️ (A gift from Sitri achievement)

Choices for building up guys’ characters

These choices appear usually after Love points and the scenes are the closest to individual ‘routes’. But every guy gets three sets of choices in the ‘common route’ as well. I will list them chronologically for each one.
Gestalt — willpower
Sitri — humanity
Glem — confidence


  • Better think of the bugs
  • There’s no shame in being scared — willpower
  • You could’ve reacted more calmly
  • You’re right
  • At least no one got injured but me
  • You’re talking without thinking again — willpower
  • You can’t be that much of a coward
  • Nobody is making you jump
  • Take it easy — willpower
  • No doubt about that
  • Have I ever been? — willpower
  • I feel sorry for these creatures
  • If you’re helping me, don’t do it halfway! — willpower
  • Help this poor scientist!
  • You’re stronger than me in a little body, so…
  • Are you constantly keeping it at bay? — willpower
  • Tell me what it is
  • Can it be that you’re sick with something?

  • Don’t be shy. Tell me where you found it.
  • Did you think of the creature contained inside this soul? — humanity
  • Get a grip!
  • You’re doing well
  • I won’t be able to do it without you — humanity
  • Calm down
  • You’re far too strong for this amulet to hold you
  • Enough. It’s just a talisman
  • I’m worried about you — humanity
  • Nobody else has wings like these — humanity
  • They are beautiful
  • Show-off
  • You shouldn’t waste your power
  • Think of the inhabitants of these houses — humanity
  • It’s a bad idea
  • Don’t be nervous
  • So, the affection is nothing to you
  • Don’t you think they’re cute? — humanity
  • Let the kiss happen

An embarrassing action
You’re probably used to seeing this, aren’t you?

  • Don’t let the kiss happen

Unapproachable as a rock
No kissing on the fly


  • Don’t let your emotions meddle in
  • A rock is more “living” than a human — confidence
  • What do you mean?
  • Be more confident in your decisions — confidence
  • I’m really tired
  • Stop that
  • You’re with me though — confidence
  • You’re very kind
  • Don’t panic
  • Do you care for me?
  • Decide already!
  • Be more firm in your intentions — confidence
  • Did a servant as good as you really deserve punishment — confidence
  • What are you saying?
  • Have I ever punished you?
  • So tell me: how are you feeling? — confidence
  • Did you do what I asked you?
  • Is everything okay after yesterday?

Choices for building up Celsia’s character

These choices only determine what epilogue you’re going to get

  • Open the door — diplomacy
  • Pretend there’s nobody in here — benevolence
  • Scare the uninvited guest — sincerity
  • Ask Gestalt to apologize — diplomacy
  • Say nothing — sincerity
  • Give apologies to the Golem for Gestalt — benevolence
  • I won’t be able to gather them without you — sincerity
  • You’ll help a great event to occur — benevolence
  • I’ll be in dept to all of you — diplomacy
  • I hope you’ll be sensible — diplomacy
  • Take care of the house — sincerity
  • Take care — benevolence
  • I have nothing to give you as a reward — benevolence
  • I’m tired – don’t bother me — sincerity
  • Maybe next time — diplomacy
  • We should research this matter more thoroughly — diplomacy
  • It’ll be tough for all of without my power — benevolence
  • I won’t be able to finish the potion…executed — sincerity
  • Keep quiet — benevolence
  • It’s none of my business — diplomacy
  • You two are irritating — sincerity
  • Nobody else will do — sincerity
  • I’ll reward you for it later — diplomacy
  • Are you afraid to fail? — benevolence
  • I’m glad I’ll share this journey with you — sincerity
  • Let’s make a deal that we’ll work together — diplomacy
  • Rely on me — benevolence
  • Try to fix the situation alone — benevolence
  • Say that we’re lost — sincerity
  • Ask to analyze the situation together — diplomacy

I genuinely wanted for everyone to learn magic — max sincerity
A Sincere Soul
You admitted your own desires and followed them

I helped many people to heal their hearts — max benevolence
An Altruist
You dedicated yourself to work for the other people’s good

I got to set my own rules, but only partially — max diplomacy
A Diplomat
You helped to establish a new order or to cause some disorder

Special Choices and Endings

There are two sets of choices that directly lead to the endings. If you’ve build up guys’ willpower/humanity/confidence to the fullest or at least 50% you will get this choice:

  • Resist the voice of your Soul

leads to the guys’ endings:
(all endings underlined)


My Phoenix shining in the sky — full ❤️ and max willpower
A hot bird
You must be spending your time quite nicely, am I right?

My careless apprentice — full ❤️ and 50% willpower (maybe it works with less love points?)
Learning is light
You got a charge of love and a bunch of problems


My Demon restoring life — full ❤️ and max humanity
Creator of magical creatures
You’re not alone and have something to do

My new creature yearning to find pleasure — full ❤️ and 50% humanity
A great treasure
Can you find it? Or have you found it already?


My own Prince of the Endless Desert — full ❤️ and max confidence
A representative of royalty
You took a big leap up the social ladder

My Ruler looking for his way — full ❤️ and 50% confidence
Who goes around, comes around
Or you can just find him later


  • Succumb to the voice of your Soul

Rebirth ach. on Gestalt’s route
He’s certainly a bird of a high flight

All for science! ach. on Sitri’s route
Sitri became the Dust in the bottle

Stronger than stone ach. on Glem’s route
He’s rocking too hard for this world!


The Absolute Alchemical Potion
Achieve your life’s purpose
You sacrificed everything for the sake of science


I became a Higher One
A Higher Alchemist
And what were you expecting?


This next choice appears when you don’t build up any (or very little?) willpower/humanity/confidence while still having love points. You can max out other guys’ stats even, but it’s important that the one you have full heart with not have any stats…(I’m not sure if it works when you spread the love)
Note – special thanks to Foxxelle for the tip

  • Take the Crystal

The Secret of Celsia’s Potion
Alchemist came around
You made the potion but changed your mind radically

  • Leave the Crystal

These misadventures will never end
An unfortunate turn of events
You may have to run

A few more notes

I will be updating this with achievements (and corresponding pics) when I sort through which one goes where exactly. If you find any mistakes, do let me know

Cheers! 😊

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