AKIBA’S TRIP Hellbound & Debriefed: Mini-Walkthrough (Gameplay Tips & FAQs)

I will be covering gameplay basics, random tips, unlockables and secrets in this game. Since I created a guide for 2 (Undead & Undressed), I thought about creating a guide for this 1 remaster as well.

Warning: This guide may contain spoilers

Also, this game is a remaster of 1. So if you think the mechanics were dated in Undead and Undressed, you are going to feel that this game is much more sluggish and difficult to control. Also, this is a direct 1:1 remaster, so there is no new content. And all brands that was featured in the original PSP game has had their names changed (possibly due to expiring licenses).


Default PC Menu Controls

Decided to create this section because I realised the default controls for keyboard is… well… very different. Especially to navigate the main menu.


  • WASD for Up, Left, Down, Right
  • . for Confirm (as in full stop)
  • / for Back

Difficulty Settings

Difficulty Settings are similar to Undead and Undressed

  • Easy – You do more damage and you can deal all low, middle and high damage with any hit. Clothes will take more hits before shredding.
  • Casual – You do more damage. But this time, Low hits low, middle hits middle and so on. Clothes will take more hits before shredding.
  • Gamer – You do normal damage. NPCs attack more frequently. Drop rates for upgraded weapons are increased
  • Otaku – You do less damage and NPCs seems to attack much more frequently. Clothes also shred much faster after the clothes flash red visually (about 2-3 hits). in this mode. Drop rates for upgraded weapons are significantly increased. Unlocks only when you clear Casual or above.
  • ??? – Super hard mode. I haven’t played it but I heard it’s difficult. Unlocks only when you clear Otaku.

Battle System

Works similarly to Undead and Undressed, Continually dealing damage to the clothes will lower the clothes HP. When the clothes HP reaches 0, the clothes will flash red visually, it means they are vulnerable to stripping. Enemies are also vulnerable to stripping if the clothes HP is low but not 0 yet.

Do take note that the low hits will only deal to their bottoms. Same applies to middle hits and high hits respectively unless you are playing on Easy, which any hit will deal damage to all 3 parts.

Attempting a Strip on low HP clothes, will trigger a button mash.

Attempting a Strip on 0 HP clothes will directly strip them or tear them if you do not have the respective Skill book required to steal their clothes.

Counter-Attacking is possible. But you can only counter-attack if you countered the right stance. For example, if the enemy hits low, you can only counter-hit a low. If the enemy hits middle, you can only counter-hit middle. If the enemy’s clothes HP is low, counter-strip automatically occurs if the counter-attack is successful.

Stripping and Stealing Clothes

This game has a different mechanic when it comes to stealing their clothes after stripping the enemies. In Undead and Undressed, all you have to do is keep stripping them and you will eventually learn how to steal them. However, in Hellbound & Debriefed, you will need to buy skill items from stores located around Akihabara or learn it from the Master as part of the Story.

I refer stripping as holding the attack button respectively to strip. If you lack the skill book to steal their clothes, this will tear the clothes instead of stealing them. If you constantly hit a clothes with no HP left, it will eventually shred (which is similar to tear).

LAMMTORRA at NE Main Street for example, sells ‘Gotcha! – 24-Hour Cop-‘ Skill for 100,000 Yen which allows you to steal the clothes of officers.
The Skill ‘High School Charm’, for example, is learnt through the Master.

There are also a lot of costumes that only appear once in the whole playthrough (such as the Shrine Maiden costume). These characters only appear during Sub Missions. So if you want to collect them all, take care not to shred the costumes by accident or you would have to re-load your save. If you did overwrite your save, you can always get them again in New Game Plus mode.


When you first start the game, you realise you only have 1 type of normal attack for low, middle and high. New moves such as moving and heavy attacks can be unlocked by purchasing moveset books from stores around Akihabara. You will have to purchase each moveset book separately for each weapon class (Bare-Handed, One-handed, Two-Handed).

  • Bare-Handed Additional Movesets (Moving and Heavy Attacks): Can be found at LAMMTORRA on SE Main Street
  • One-Handed Additional Movesets (Moving and Heavy Attacks): Can be found at Software Shop on NW Main Street
  • Two-Handed Additional Movesets (Moving and Heavy Attacks): Can be found at Software Shop on SW Main Street
  • Third Hit Combo Moveset (Attack Lvl 3): Can be found at TOWANIMUSEN on Akiba Station Front
  • AOE Attack Moveset: All Fist, One-Handed, Two-Handed can be purchased at third-rabbit on Junk Street

Additional Movesets/Skills:

  • High-Speed Tackle – Auto learn at Level 12
  • Kamehame Ho – Auto learn at Level 14
  • My Figure – Auto learn at Level 18
  • Close Quarters – Auto learn at Level 23
  • Bat – Auto learn at Level 28
  • Vampire – Auto learn at Level 35
  • Low Angle Camera (While taking pictures with the camera, you are able to crouch) – Learn after clearing Master Angler’s Bait Sub Mission.
  • Foreign Language Dictionary (To Understand English) – Purchase from YADAMA DENKI on Akiba Station Front. This will also help you understand Stall Vendors
  • Cross Dress Ability – Clear the Sub Mission ‘Another World’ (You will need to clear it again if you choose to use a female protagonist for your second run)

Signature Weapons (Weapons with special animations or abilities):

  • Sister’s Fighting Spirit -> Beat your little sister in her room.
  • Master’s Fighting Spirit -> Beat the Master in the Sub Mission ‘Cherry Strikes Back’ (appears during the Shadow Soul route only) and remember to pick it up from the ground.
  • Mido’s Fighting Spirit -> Beat Mido in Shadow Soul route
  • Darkside of a Maiden -> Beat SGV
  • DBP Boombox -> Beat Kitada Sena in ‘Stop DBP’s Plans’
  • DBP Microphone -> Beat Kitada Mana ‘Stop DBP’s Plans’
  • Night Stinger -> Beat Yu Abeno in Coexistence Route and finish him off if prompted. Remember to pick it up before leaving the area.
  • Eclipse -> Beat Rei Anekoji in Coexistence Route and remember to pick it up during Sejima’s fight directly after.
  • Sejima’s Rod -> Beat Sejima Ryuji in Coexistence or Shadow Soul endings

No special animation but high base damage:

  • Forbidden Book of Akiba -> When friendship with NIRO, Shadow Soul, Akiba Citizens is maxed before the mission ‘Mother Soul Arrives’, then collect from Yatabe during the Coexistence Route. If you did most of the Sub Missions, this will not be an issue.
  • Excawibur -> Beat the Battle Arena X Rank Fight

Hidden Relationship Status/Palm-reading

This game features a hidden relationship stats in your character. You can roughly find out what each group feel about you by interacting with the palm reader (who can be found at Akihabara Station Front).

You will know it is Positive when: ‘These lines show great affection. The people of Akiba must love you.’, ‘Oh, this is a trust line! Someone named “NIRO” trusts you implicitly’, ‘A friendship line! With… Who are the Shadow Souls?’

If you strip too many innocent bystanders/civilians, you will notice that some civilians run away from you when they see you.

If you strip too many Shadow Souls, some Shadow Souls will instantly aggro when you get close.

People that rubs their hands and come and talk to you

I don’t know what to call this sub-header, but there basically exist a few NPCs that will walk towards you and talk to you the moment they see you. They are:

  • Palm-readers: Neutral. They will help analyse what your relationship status with the various groups in the game.
  • Youngsters: Bad. They appear at Back Street and If they manage to talk to you, you are given 3 options. If you choose to not give them money, you instantly get into a fight. However, if your relationship status with Akihabara Citizens are high, they would still come talk to you but they no longer will attack you.
  • Maids: Neutral. They will invite you to the Maid Cafe. That is about it.
  • Charity Workers: Neutral. They will ask you to donate money. If you donate 1 million yen to the Charity Workers in a single playthrough, Suzuna will recover and will spawn at the park in that playthrough for you to fight and obtain her clothes.
  • Artlien: Please don’t talk to her lol. Unless you want to purposely go into debt, which in this case, is the easiest way. More on debt at a later section.


Stripping each individual clothes award XP and defeating a Shadow Soul will also award XP
If you defeat an enemy by shredding their clothes (continually hitting them without stripping them), you actually gain less EXP points.

Shredding clothes will not award any EXP and there is no defeat bonus for defeating civilians.

There is a chance of a Lost Maid/Lost Otaku spawning whenever you load into a map. They will run the moment they see you. They drop incredibly high EXP (similar to how Metal Slimes in Dragon Quest work) when you strip them. The defeat experience bonus (strip all headgear, top and bottom) is even higher and can easily go above thousands.

Upgrading and Items

Tungsten and Synthetic Fiber can be used to raise attack power and durability, respectively by 1 and is permanent.

Temporary buff items exists too, such as Tauramine X or Can of Ramen, but they only last until you leave the area.

Always carry some UV Cut Sunscreen as they provide 30 seconds of ‘immortality’. It will not prevent your clothes from being shredded or stripped but it allows you to survive without clothes for 30 seconds. You must use it before all your clothes is gone. If the opponent attempts to strip your 0 HP clothing, quickly pause the game and use the UV Cut Sunscreen. When you finish the battle, a portion of your clothes will return back to you. If you don’t think you can finish your opponent off, running out of the map is an option.

FIghting Sara

Get 200 Maid Points at the Maid Cafe (1,000 yen = 1 Maid Point, 10,000 yen = 10 Maid Points) in a single playthrough.

This will get you the license to fight Sara and obtain the ability to steal her clothes.

Defeating her will get you the Nickname ‘Charismatic Maid’. She will only use her signature weapon on Gamer difficulty and onwards.

Fighting Suzuna

If you donate 1 million yen to the Charity Workers in a single playthrough, Suzuna will recover and will spawn at the park in that playthrough for you to fight and obtain her clothes.

The Sister’s Room Dialogue Options and what they do

Let’s Talk:

  • Random Questions you can ask her
  • (Praise me) You can give her money and she can directly increase your EXP by cheering you up.
  • (Shame me) You can give her money and she can improve the durability of the costume that you gave her to wear up to +99
  • (Change) You can give her money to wear any costume of your choosing
  • (Look something up for me) Give hints to where items in the category of your choosing can be found

I’ll give you an allowance: Increase affection with sister temporarily and possibly give you a discount when changing her clothes

Getting into debt

It’s unlikely you will get into debt unless you plan ahead. There is one Sub Mission, ‘Forgive Us Our Debts’ exclusively at the Shadow Soul Route that requires you to be in debt. The reward for this Sub Mission is the skill to be able to strip moneylenders, so completionists will definitely want this.
To go into debt, you must not be able to pay the amount that you are required to pay. This can happen such as during ‘Rui’s Date’ where you cannot afford to pay the crane machines that she spent or when you ‘unwillingly’ spend at an Artlien.

But because ‘Forgive Us Our Debts’ Sub Mission is nearly at the endgame, Artlien no longer spawns at this point and there is no way to spend money that you do not have other than to get arrested and pay the fine. However, getting arrested is permanently recorded in Record. If you want to avoid this, the only way is to get into debt is to do so before ‘Mother Soul Arrives’

(SPOILER ALERT) Determining which Ending you will go for:

Choosing to defeat Suzu will lead you to the NIRO Route. Spare Suzu will lead you to the Shadow Soul Route or the Coexistence Route. (Below paragraph will determine which of the two you will go for)
Choosing “Stick with me, and I’ll…” will lead you to the Coexistence Route. Choosing “Let’s go to your mom. It’s the only way” will lead you to the Shadow Soul Route. (Below paragraph will determine which of the two within Shadow Soul Route you will go for)
Choosing “NIRO sucks. I wanna be a Shadow Soul” will lead you to the Shadow Soul – DBP Route. Choosing “To find a way to live together” will lead you to the Shadow Soul – Rui Route (This option only appears if you choose to be friendly towards Rui throughout the whole game).

Sister Ending:
Give her 1 million yen in a single playthrough. That’s it. However, it should be noted that the Imouto ending will overwrite the other endings (Shadow Soul, Coexistence and NIRO). It is best to do the Imouto route on an ending that you have already seen.

Hidden Endings (within the Coexistence ending):
In the Coexistence route, there are two characters that you can opt to save them without killing them. This will slightly change what the characters say at the Epilogue.
1. Yu Abeno – During the prologue (the part with Sejima and Mido), if you let him go, the game would give you the option to let him go after defeating him during the final battle. Otherwise, this will result in him dying after you defeat him.
2. Mother Soul (Rei Anekoji) – You must complete the Paparazzi Sub Mission DIRECTLY before the final mission. This side quest only has a very short window and is only available during the The Siege of Akihabara and before going to UD+ for the final fights. This side quest will need you to obtain a Photo of Rui. If you do so, an additional dialogue option (“Rui’s father is close by right now”) will appear just as Rei is going to commit suicide. Saying that her father is nearby watching would give her the courage to continue living. Any other option will result in her death. If done successfully, the Nickname ‘Hope Bringer’ can be obtained.
In the Paparazzi Sub Mission, DO NOT answer ‘You’re no father at all’ and DO NOT let Rui know that you are doing for a client or else, the mission will fail instantly and Rei will die after the final battle

What carries over in New Game Plus Mode?

Unlike the 2nd game (Undead & Undressed), money DOES NOT carry over. Money, Levels, Maid Points all do not carry over. The only two things that carries over from your old save in this game are your items, skills and the model swaps you unlocked.

Thanks to happynaru for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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