All You Should Know About Rep System in NBA 2K19

Ranking up your player in NBA 2K19 will take you a lot of time, you can obtain rewards in match and get cap breaker to upgrade your players’ overall ratings. You are looking at days of grinding – playing games, doing training, spending VC. However, the road to Pro is not easy, the Rep System in NBA 2K19 is complicated and you need to learn the system if you want to upgrade your ranker in MyPark.


What’s NBA 2K19 Rep System?

Rep system is a system which is works is solely dependant on your win percentage and amount of games played so far, for example a record of 200-30 would probably be a pro 2 but a record of 300-150 would be an amateur 3 so it depends on how good your win percentage is and also how many games you have played so if you have a good win percentage like a 70% or higher and you keep it at that and keep playing more games eventually you will get a higher rank.
However, the opponents you match are also considered. Which means that you will get more park rep if you defeat tougher opponents. Those guys with over 100+ games still at relatively low rep probably either run from competition or only can win against scrubs.

You can learn more about NBA 2K19 Rep System in the video below


How to Rep Up Fast and Easy?

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