ALUMNI: 100% Achievement Guide

This is an achievement guide so i will skip all the puzzles that are not linked to an achievement or are not mandatory for the progress.



Start the game.

🏆 TIME TRAVELLER You sucessfully travelled through time!
Room 1

Go through every bookshelf until:

🏆 BOOKWORM You enjoy finding a good read

Look through a window for a little time.

🏆 WINDOW GAZER You enjoy nothing more than to gaze out of a window

Solve the map puzzle like this:

  • Take the key and open the door next to the fuse box.
  • Put the books on the shelf: Red – Blue – Light blue – White
  • Take the key and open the closed drawer.
  • Take the fuse and put on the fuse box.
  • Go to the exit and put: 4967
Room 2

Solve the puzzle on the wall like:

  • Through the door, look over the couch.
    🏆 COSY NOOK You love nothing more than to cosy up with a good book
  • Go behind the stairs.
    🏆 INVESTIGATOR You leave no stone unturned

Put the next code on the puzzle on the chair:

  • Put in the door upstair the code: 43442
Room 3
  • Take the key on the broom, open the last cabin with it and take the tile.
  • Write ‘MIRROR’ on the first lock.
  • Put in the next one: Triangle – Pentagon – Pentagon – Square – Triangle – Pentagon – Pentagon – Square.
    🏆 PERSISTENCE You will never give up
  • Go to the exit door and put: 4132
Room 4
  • Grab a key inside of a locker.
  • Go through the door and grab one pipe.
  • Put the code on the panel: 081412.
  • Connect the pipes.
  • Look at the clock and put: 05:35
  • Go to the exit door and put: 87302
Room 5
  • Go to the first door and put: 1-2-1-1-2
  • Put the next code:
Room 6
  • Look at the exit door and put: 4-6-3-1-2-5
Room 7
  • Look for a key inside a drawer, open the locked door with it and read the note.
    🏆 LETS PLAY You love to play games
  • Look at the exit door and put: 63961
Room 8
  • Look at the levers and put in the next way: up-down-up-up-down-down
  • Go to the math puzzle and put: + – /. Grab the tile.
  • Go to the panel and put 9143.
  • Grab the key and exit the room.
Room 9
  • Grab the tile over a fence in the middle of the room.
  • Go to the exit door and put: 219
Room 10
  • Look at the exit door and put: 95273
  • Go to the color panel and put: 4-1-3-2
Room 11
  • Go to the cassete radio and take the tile.
  • Go to the math puzzle: – + /
  • Grab the flask behind one box.
  • Put the compunds in the next order: C5 – HC3N – H2C20 – I-H2C3 – HCC-NC – C4H
🏆 BACK TO THE FUTURE You’re a time travelling expert!

Extended gameplay

If you want to see how to unlock every puzzle, there’s a video guide for it. All the credits go to the creator ‘Chocoholie’

Thanks to NealS for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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