Amazing Cultivation Simulator: Tips & Tricks

Here are some useful tips and tricks for Amazing Cultivation Simulator game. if you have any more tips, you can leave your comment at the end of this post. we will update Amazing Cultivation Simulator Tips later.


1. Visit Nanping Village when the quest starts for the ‘agency’.

2. Build agencies everywhere. They gather millions and thousands of inspiration which you need to learn skills. The sooner you do it. The more powerful you get. It also gives you the option to recruit 10-100 people from cities. Which is a lot faster than waiting for someone to good to visit your sect.

3. Qi Sense is just as important as compatibility, when choosing a cultivator.

4. Some locations only give stuff if your cultivator has high luck. Make sure one of your guys has high luck.

5. Build your money making buildings early to sell to the merchant. IE. cotton/fabric or spirit bows.

6. No, you cannot sell offcuts. Not even if you have 1000 wood offcuts. They sell for 0.

7. Place your stockpiles close to your workshops.

8. Explore the map as early as possible.

9. Take it slow. Don’t do any events that raise sect reputation like killing a bunch of beasts, throwing the mortal realm into turmoil, stealing artifacts from other people, or fighting an evil or just cultivator.

Ignore all of them. And they will ignore you.

10. Golden Core and Core Shaping can help fix disasters by visiting the area that’s affected.

11. You have to inspect the auction ticket before you can actually go to the auction.

12. Raise your reputation with other sects as fast as possible so you can buy their secret manuals.

13. Build layout is somewhat important. If you want your base to look nice. Plan it out. Look at the artwork section of this game. (the tabs right above) to get an idea of nice looking bases.

You can also just look up floor plans of temples and palaces to get an idea of what it should look like.

14. And lastly, the manual pavillion lets you learn any skill that you put in it. Including skills from other laws. So you can have a fire cultivator learn water skills as long as you put it in the manual.

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