Amnesia Rebirth: 100% Achievements Guide (All Endings)

Guide to get 100% achievements for Amnesia: Rebirth on Steam

For the collectible achievements please refer to a different guide as there are too many to list (I might create one soon).



Listed here are all the story-related achievements. They are unmissable and will be given when you complete the required section

They are not necessarily listed in chronological order


Awoke with fragmentary memories after the crash of the Cassandra


Followed Salim’s Trail


Carried on with life, despite Salim’s fate


Followed the pilgrim’s trail to take refuge in the fort


Explored the inner fortress, and spoke to the doctor


Took time to talk with an unborn child


Fired a cannon at the fortress gate


Found a way through the ruined cistern


Travelled through the desert


Took a walk in the park


Escaped the Shadow


Activate the alchemists’ device


Drained the fear and the life from a crew member


Activated a portal between worlds


Operated a scanning device, and learned of a child’s illness


Reached the doctor


Gave birth to a daughter, only to lose her


Failed to reach a child, separated by deep waters


Completed the story


Achievements that are missable. Special cases marked with an asterisk (*)

Some are self-explanatory, others will have a short description of how to achieve them.


Kept quiet and still, and so escaped a predator’s gaze
When a ghoul is lurking around and looking for you, have it come near you or look into your direction and hold the crouch button to prone and lie still.

Torturer *

Tortured an innocent to aid an unborn

* Missable when Altruist (see below) has been completed. Reload a save to get the other achievement.

Near the end of the Laboratory level before exiting via the tram, you will need to assemble the equipment to extract vitae from a living person suspended in a chamber. Complete the mini puzzle to torture the victim and extract the vitae and go sit on the chair to inject it.

Altruist *

Spared an innocent, perhaps dooming an unborn child

* Missable when Torturer (see above) has been completed. Reload a save to get the other achievement.

Near the end of the Laboratory level when you have powered the tram, simply exit via the tram without torturing the person in the chamber to extract the vitae.


Found treasure beneath the water


Resisted fear, and resisted anger


Completed the game faster than any Frictional developer


Smashed lots of irreplaceable objects

I received this by just throwing around a lot of pots and vases. Should pop around halfway through if you diligently smash everything you find.

Escape Artist

Escaped a cage in the Arsenal without setting off a grenade

Nope, Merci!

Left when things were getting interesting in Amnesia: Rebirth


Sent extra objects through the portal in the Alchemist’s Chambers

With the puzzle where you have to send the triangular stone to the adjacent room to power the portal on the other side via a teleporting device, send some of the cubes as well (you can use the machine multiple times).


Found an unfinished letter from an archaeologist to his sister


Collected notes to fill a journal

Not exactly sure how many journal entries this takes, but it should be only a few because looking at the timestamp of my achievement it popped within 2 hours of playtime.


Gazed at a reflection in the water

Outside the fortress, move around the left of the building. There is a little section containing a fountain. Interact to gaze into the fountain.


Dreamed of Paris

In the fortress, in the very first corridor you enter after getting the objective to find the radio. If you go straigh ahead you should eventually find a room that is rather well lit. Look at the portrait to get Tasi to talk about Paris.


Found all the memories recorded by others


Found all Hank’s notes on the crew of the Cassandra


Popped the lid on some carefully store meat

In the Cistern level you should find a panel somewhere that, when opened, gives you this achievement. More info coming soon


Burned a forest’s worth of matches to illuminate dark places
Once again, not exactly sure how many sconces/candles/lanterns you have to light, but if you are very diligent with finding matchsticks and lighting 90% of the light sources that you encounter then you should get this just over halfway through the game. More info coming soon

Reborn Collected all the other achievements.


There are 3 possible endings, and each will give you an achievement.

Make sure to save and exit before doing anything with Amari so that you can reload a very recent save to do each of these in sequence. Otherwise, just load any of your previous saves and do the actions for each ending.


Left a daughter in the care of a god, and was reborn

Put Amari back in the crib. After doing that you should not be able to get her back. Then leave through the hallway and Mother will betray you.


Escaped to Paris with a daughter that must now be cared for

Do not put Amari back in the crib. Instead, take the leyden jar and exit to the hallway. Sneak past Mother to the door that you entered the room with. When you get to the starting area with the portal device, place the leyden jar in its socket and press the power button to activate the portal.


Sacrificed everything to cast down a god and end suffering

Do not put Amari back in the crib. Instead, take the leyden jar and exit to the hallway. Sneak past Mother and use the leyden jar to enter each of the 3 rooms connected via the power tubes to Mother. Each room houses a machine that you will need to destroy by filling the injector with a capsule and turning the lever.
Once the third one is destroyed, the game will end shortly.

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