Amnesia Rebirth: How to Enable Debugging Window and Console

A short guide on how to enable debugging.

It comes in very handy for all sorts of applications, and your imagination is the limit!


Find the config file
Location of the config file is located here:
C:\Users\<YourUser>\Documents\My Games\Amnesia Rebirth\Main

Name of the file:

Open in a text editor

Enable Debugging
In the .cfg file, locate the tag <Main>

Inside <Main> find DebugMode=”false” and change it to DebugMode=”true”

Save the file

You should now be ready to go!

Use the Debug Toolbar
Launch the game

Press F1 to open the window on the right.

There are various options that you can enable/disable inside of the window.

Examples include:
God Mode
Spectator cam (free cam)
Debug logging for game events
Quick save enable
Using scripts

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