Amnesia Rebirth: How to Fix KERNEL32.dll issues Windows 7 (Game not Launching)

The game shows an error screen instead of launching.”Entry point not found: the procedure entry point CreateFile2 could not be located in the dynamic library KERNEL32.dll”. here is a simple guide to how to fix this issues for you.


1. Download (mirror)
2. Copy into Amnesia Rebirth root folder, you can find it via:
– go to Steam Library
– right-click and then “Properties” on “Amnesia Rebirth”
– click tab “Local Files”
– click “Browse Local Files” (this is root folder)
3. Replace zlibwapi.dll inside root folder with the downloaded one

What if I don’t want to download sketchy files from random guys with anime avatars?

1. Install SOMA
2. Go to SOMA root folder (same steps to find it)
3. Find zlibwapi.dll
4. Do replacement as above

Game only tested to be launched and started. The rest is up to you.
UPD: savegames work, checkpoints work, performance and asset streaming is fine on my end. All other bugs and issues will be the same as on Win10. Have fun.

SHA1 for the file: ed2398396708cf5158740ff7c144d6bede4d2eff

Credit to Kein Zantezuken

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