Ann 100% Walkthrough & Achievements

This is a guide on how to complete all of the puzzles and achievements in Ann with hints as well.
Hints are given because I think some people want more of a direction rather than the answer to the achievements.

Note: All the puzzles are with hints. Spoiler Warning!!!


Progression Achievements

Progression Achievements can be done normally on any route*, achievements that really don’t need much of a guide or explanation on how to activate them.

Myra Hess

This achievement is unlocked by completing the second chapter,
surviving “Myra Hess” the boss of the piano department.


This achievement is unlocked by completing the third chapter,
surviving “Failure”, the boss of the sculpting department.

Charles Worth

This achievement is unlocked by completing the fourth chapter,
surviving “Charles Worth” the boss of the fashion department.


This achievement is unlocked by running away from Hana at the end.
Technically, this counts as an achievement that has to be specifically done
in the last three endings
but I don’t care.

Solving the Puzzles

Piano Sequence Puzzle
To solve this puzzle, you need to interact with the pianos in a specific order that corresponds to the notes.

hint: you can interact with the pianos before(and after) interacting with the gatekeeper piano, you can try as many times you want (or you can just spam it lol)

Hover over the black box to see
just go in the order of 1 through 4

Chess (Pushing) Puzzle
To solve this puzzle, you need to push the pieces in a way where you won’t get stuck.
This is a fairly easy puzzle if you are paying attention, but (if you are like me and) you like bashing your head against the wall, you can just trial and error or save scum it. (if you have soft locked yourself, don’t worry, just re-enter the room.)

hint: it’s possible to softlock yourself from even leaving or re-entering the room, so I suggest saving here.

push the pieces in this order here

The Keys to success Combination Puzzle
This Puzzle requires you to find a combination order, the numbers are scattered around the Main Sculpting Department, it might be a tricky to remember but it’s fairly easy.
*hint: the head next to the (un)locked door does not count*

the code is 1604

Potted Plant Puzzle
To solve this puzzle, you need to interact and light up all the potted plants in an order, the trick is that interacting with one plant also affects the surrounding plants.

it’s also possible to solve the puzzle by complete accident because of how easy it is.

hint: don’t reverse your actions

this puzzle can trip you up, the easiest way you can solve this is by going in this order.
it is to be noted that you can solve this puzzle by interacting with the four potted plants ONCE at ANY COMBINATION(by going 2,3,1,4 or 4,3,1,2 or at any permutation/unqiue set)

The Infinite* Doors Puzzle
This puzzle requires you to enter specific doors to progress, you will know that you are progressing when more doors appear.

hint: look at mannequins with drawings in front of their body

memory based puzzle, you could also just keep retrying the puzzle as there is no penalty when failing.

Achievements (that you have to work for)

What is that?
The achievement is located in the computer room you first wake up in.
Somethings not right about the environment.

hint: now is the TIME to be exploring

Interact with the clock at the back of the class and walk away. It’ll grow arms and start moving, trying to attack you.

Privacy Please

The achievement is located in the hallway connecting from
Myra’s piano department to Failure’s sculpting department.

hint: there’s something fishy about the brown sculpture

Interact with the brown clay statue, walk next to the last black clay statue and it should break it, walk back to first black clay statue and you should see a door (that magically appeared). Interact with the door and walk past the first black statue, (you should see the brown clay statue open the door), walk back and interact with the door and walk away.


The achievement is located in the hallway connecting from
Failure’s sculpting department to Charle’s Fashion department

hint: you heard it and saw it move, go back for it

The mannequin from the beginning of the room will move, interact with it. (you should hear Mr. Security comment about how it moved. Continue forward and it should move again, interact with it again and walk past the last stationary mannequin. you should hear The mannequin move again, walk back for it until you reach the potted plants, you should be THOROUGHLY SPOOKED

Curiosity Killed The Cat

The achievement is located in the hallway of paintings, connected from the Painting Department to the Principal’s Office.

hint: behind you?

Interact with the back of Myra’s painting, a textbook will appear, you can interact with the back of Charles’ painting and interact with the back of Ann’s painting (or interact with Ann’s twice). SPOOKY STUFF happens and you need to run to the next door to avoid it.

(How to get specific) Endings

Game Over

This ending can be done at any time, realistically you’ll get this achievement without trying.
hint: Just let it happen.

I don’t know what to tell you.


This ending is available when the master key is given
hint: go back

Literally go back where you came from

The New Resident of The School

This ending is available when the master key is given again

hint: Near the security guard.

Proceed forward to the “exit”, leaving poor Mr. Security.

The Paintings Sacrifice

This ending is given when Mr. Security catches you before you are able to escape.
hint: turn around after when Hana and the Mr. Security fights, don’t enter the “exit”.

give up when he chases you, an option will prompt whether to retry or give up, just select give up.

Thank You

The true ending.

hint: turn around after when Hana and the Mr. Security fights, don’t enter the “exit”.

Just keep going, continue running away from Mr. Security and the true ending path is set.

Thanks to crack fiend for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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