Apex Legends: How to Fix Infinite Loading Screen

A consistent way to fix the issue causing certain Apex accounts to be unable to run.


Fixing using NetLimiter
The following method has worked for me and several friends:

1 – Download and install NetLimiter from netlimiter.com

2 – Launch Apex Legends through Steam

3 – Wait for it to load to the screen where you click, but do not click yet.

4 – Tab out and click into NetLimiter, scroll down to the Apex Legends process and left-click it. On the right side of the application under rules, click on the “in” section of “limit” and enter 40. Leave the unit for this value as KB/s. Repeat the same steps for the “out” section right next to it.

5 – Tab back into Apex, left click, and wait for it to load.

6 – Once it has loaded, get through all the notifications by pressing space, escape, or left clicking very quickly. These will be mostly season rewards.

7 – If the game gives you an error before you click through all the rewards, click continue again without changing any settings until you don’t have any rewards remaining.

8 – Close the game if it doesn’t crash on its own

9 – Disable/close the network limiter

Now when you relaunch the game it should work. It may display your name as “Player” for the first few times, but as long as you can see your currency in the top right and your game doesn’t crash you should be all set.

By Jay

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