Aragami 2: Tips And Tricks for Newbies

Written for people who never played the first game and those who aren’t stealth lovers. Included some tips and tricks that will help you get through the game easily. You can teach your friends these tips if you want to invite them for a fantastic co-op session.


00 – Before You Start Playing

[PUBLISHED 25-09-2021]

Follow the hot-fixs from the devs to get rid of some breaking bugs in the game, you need an additional 3,8 GBs, the game size after downloading the update is 15,9 GBs

How to access the Beta

To access the beta branch please follow these instructions:
● Right click on ARAGAMI 2 on your Steam library
● Go to “Properties”
● Select “Betas” on the left menu
● Select the “public beta branch” from the dropdown menu.

You now have access to the beta branch and can launch the game

For more info, click this to read more from them:

-> This added a lot of functions needed to play the game properly, so you should definitely do this first before trying Aragami 2 out for the first time.

Here are some screenshots taken after installing the update

When entering a mission with a new objective or enemy type, you will get a more detailed tutorial like this floating around for 10 seconds.

When you pause the game in Single Player mode, it actually pauses now. The devs added the statistics for each mission and the ability tree button.

  • The statistics are helpful for collectibles and the Kill Them All style. It was really annoying to try playing like that before and not getting the ribbon for All Hostiles Killed just because I missed 1 enemy somewhere because I didn’t know the total enemies.
  • It will be better if they added the total golds available for each mission. The locations of the golds you can pick up in each level are randomized but the total golds available don’t change.
  • The Ability Tree button allows you to access and view the skills you have and can unlock at any moment now. I simply don’t understand why they didn’t include this in the base game.More info of this section can be found later in this guide.

For people who are not happy with the default control settings, the beta included the control mapping function.
To access it, pause the game, switch to tab Options / Open Settings / Gameplay / Control Mapping. The game supports switching back and forth between keyboard and your plugged in controller so depends on your preferences, adjust them however you like.

  • After finishing the prologue, when you arrive at Kakurega village, now you have infinite HP and Stamina. Use this place as a safe haven to practice movements control and your aim, your landing.
  • When opening the Power Wheel, the game now goes in slow motion mode, this setting can be toggled on or off.
  • The enemies now have longer peripheral visions which makes the game more balanced. Before it was way too easy to abuse your power to sneak past or stealth-kill them

01 – Getting Familiar With The Controls

Down below are the default controls of the game, I also added my own commentary for each of them to help you learn fast what to do.

  • WASD: move characters, Mouse: move camera
  • Left Click: attack button, when getting behind your enemy: Execution
  • Right Click: block enemy attack when entering combat.
  • Left Control: open the Power Wheel, you can find all the powers and available support items you have unlocked or purchased here.
  • R: use the current selected power or support item.
  • Space: jump button, double jump to get higher to reach high places or to set up Jumping Knock Out or Jumping Kill on your enemy.
  • F: Shadow Leap, quickly teleport your character to the ledge of reachable objects. You will know which one is reachable because the cursor will change its display from Gray to Cyan.
  • Left Shift: quickly dash your character forward, will work even if you don’t press WASD. It’s useful as a gap closing tool to finish off enemies or to extend your reach with Shadow Leap, Double Jump and other powers.
  • E: knock out button, works in mid air, when grabbing ledge, hiding behind walls.
  • V: shadow vision, similar to Eagle Eye in Assassins Creed series. With some powers upgraded, it will be helpful to plan your next moves ahead, lure your enemies away or to search for hidden collectibles.
  • C: crouch (toggled on/off) x drop from ledge / wall button
Some combos you can use, remember you can use the mouse to change the angle mid-air
  • 01 – Double Jump (Space x2) + Dash (Left Shift) + (E or Left Click): Air Knockout / Air Assassination
  • 02 – Double Jump + Dash + Shadow Leap (Space x2 + Left Shift + F): reach higher and farther places
  • 03 – Dash + Double Jump + (E or Left Click): Air Knockout / Air Assassination
  • 04 – Drop + Jump + Dash + Shadow Leap (C + Space + Left Shift + F): drop from ledge then jump and dash to reach a new location
  • 05 – Drop + Jump + Dash + Shadow Leap + Left Click: drop, move to a new location to assassinate your target using your sword to throw them down when grabbing on the ledge
  • 06 – Perfect Landing: just before reaching the ground when jumping off from high places (not from ridiculously high distances of course), press Space to do a cool front flip, then you can add Dash + Jump or another Jump + Dash with your movement keys.

02 – Ability Tree x Broken Powers Part 1

The ability tree contains 24 abilities with 6 tiers, down below you can see the descriptions for each one of them. Each ability can also be upgraded for bonus effect. Some of them are straight up broken. Remember, you have to select the Power first before using them

Tier 1: The Lonely Whisperer

Ability 01 – Whisper: your standard tool to lure and isolate your enemies for easy knockout / kill. You can also activate Shadow Vision (V) and use Whisper to lure targets through walls. Target Locked by using Middle Mouse Button to lure only your specific target.

Tier 2: Warrior Of Darkness

Ability 02 – Defensive Stance: suitable for someone who wants to play the game by fighting the enemy head on. Be warned, doing so will get you overwhelmed by enemies force real fast, the combat is clunky and not fun at all.

Ability 03 – Dark Flame: just by reading the descriptions, you can tell this is indeed a must have, knocking out a group of enemies when they are standing close to the Essence Crystals (big blue lights) is just way too convenient.

Ability 04 – Divination: Divination is suitable for those who just started playing steatlh games as it allows you to see the paths that the enemy will take. As for me, it will just make everything harder to see so it’s a big NOPE.

Ability 05 – Blood Smoke: usable when you are close to the enemy or you can use it after dropping from the ledge right away (only if the fall isn’t too high, otherwise your aragami will be stunned and will be easy prey for the enemy)
– When your character is inside the red smoke, he will become invisible and gained extra movements speed.
– Leaving and entering the red smoke will keep you invisible for as long as the smoke lasts (about 10 to 15 seconds)
– If you play League of Legends before, it’s similar to Akali’s smoke bomb.

Ability 06 – Chameleon: I don’t see the point in becoming invisible when leaning against the wall or grabbing the ledge. I can simply press Drop + Jump + Dash away + Shadow Leap to reach a better location if I want to hide myself. That combo might seem hard at first but it’s way easier to apply than you think
– Anyway, this ability is useful if you want to infiltrate a heavily guarded area, and you don’t want to knock out or kill anyone to test your limits, so basically hardcore players loving ghost style.

Tier 3: Mesmerizing Sense

Ability 07 – Mesmerize: Mesmerize is the kind of ability you use to get past annoying enemies group blocking the path or to set up for a Double Knockout or Double Assassination when combined with Momentum
– Mesmerize affects all enemies in its range, but the timer runs down fast, so don’t be greedy and try to use it on a group of 4 or 5 enemies just to kill or knock out only 2 of them. You will be stuck in the animations and the remaining enemies will come back to their senses and F you over.

Ability 08 – Mirage: I’m not wasting my hard-earned level up points for something like this, similar to Chameleon, helpful if you are a newbie to the stealth genre.

Ability 09 – Enhanced Senses: you can use this to tag the enemies for a brief moment, but why bother with it if you have Shadow Vision, the only reason I maxed this out is to run around each mission looking for collectibles.

Ability 10 – Wraith: useful to an extent. It takes 2 level up points to buy the ability. If you maxed this out you can run freely past a group of enemies
– suitable for missions when you have to capture/rescue someone and bring them back to the portal. I simply knock everyone blocking the path out, it doesn’t affect the ribbon you get for sparing the enemies so I don’t purchase it.

03 – Ability Tree x Broken Powers Part 2 (continued)

Tier 4: Momentum Of Shadow Jumper

Ability 11 – Momentum: Mesmerize x Momentum is the combination you will use a lot later on.

Ability 12 – Ranged Parry: only usable when in combat, that means you already have to deal with at least 3 enemies at once, so try it out at your own risks.

Ability 13 – Shadow Kill: one of the best powers in the game, the upgraded version is extremely useful if you simply want to kill 1 enemy in a heavily guarded area. Obviously, it has long cooldown.

Ability 14 – Vampirism: another ability that only works when you are in combat. This could be useful when playing co-op but that’s about it

Ability 15 – Jumper: If you love dashing around, jumping like a maniac and then blink to the other side with Shadow Leap at every chance you can get then you will love this power.
– Don’t be shy, join the Jumper crew, after all the game is more fun when you use your mobility to its maximum potential.

Tier 5: The Dream Devourer

Ability 16 – Shadow Pull: the range is kinda short though and also the upgraded version is not that great to use your level up points

Ability 17 – Hematophagy: if you managed to reach tier 5, you should already have mastered the basics of the game, and that means you rarely have to heal yourself by killing someone.

Ability 18 – Dream Devourer: just like Hematophagy but you heal by knocking out someone.

Ability 19 – Silhouette: I’m only at level 23 when writing this guide, and I don’t see the needs to distract my enemies with Silhouette.
– It’s useful to lure a group of enemies away, with the upgraded version, you can quickly use Momentum passive to benefit from this power.

Tier 6: Master Of Shadows

Ability 20 – Ghostly Dash: when you get to tier 6, you have already played the entire game using Dash and Shadow Leap, you know how useful they are.
– With the upgraded version, you add 1 second of complete invisibility each time you use Dash or Shadow Leap, this means you can chain them up as long as you have enough stamina.
– You can see where this is going when adding the upgraded Jumper ability passive.

Ability 21 – Pure Soul: useful for co-op when you have to carry your friends, otherwise useless in Single Player mode.

Ability 22 – Warp Strike: Yeah, I’m definitely buying this ability when I level up and then I will 200% upgrade it.

Ability 23 – Tool Infusion: just like Pure Soul, only useful when playing co-op.

Ability 24 – Shadow Veil: “If I have nothing else to buy, I will buy this” is the way to go with this ability.

04 – How To Complete Missions Fast

– I have already taught you everything I know for now, you should be able to make it with ease.
The game only has 10 locations, it’s best to spend some time to become familiar with the areas.- As you progress, more paths will be unlocked from the same location. There are some hidden pathways that will help you reach your objectives faster.

– Try your best to ignore the obsession to search every corner when you just start playing. I know how it feels because I can’t resist the temptation. Wait until you get Enhance Senses if you are looking to collect every single collectible.

– Train your movements and cursor aim at the village to master the art of mobility. The basic Double Jump + Dash + Shadow Leap and it’s variations are needed if you want to complete the missions fast

05 – The Way It’s Meant To Be Played

There are no correct ways to play the game. Just play it however you want, after all it’s just a game. You play games to have fun, that’s what matters the most.

With that said, here are my 2 styles when playing Aragami 2:

Style 1: The Ghostly Spirit
– Focus solely on completing the objectives, getting in and out as fast as possible, you chose to spare everyone except for the targets the game wants you to kill.
– You’re free to run around the place looking for collectibles while chilling with some Lofi music.
– When you complete the mission, you will get the ribbons for No detection and No hostiles killed.

Style 2: The Ruthless Killer
– Kill every single one of the enemies with style. Combined master mobility with precise use of powers to create your own highlight of complex multi kills chain.
– If you need an inspiration, search for stealthgamerbr and you will know who inspires us stealth lovers.
– Better yet, blast Doom music when killing the enemies, it’s just insanely addictive.
– When you complete the mission, you will get the ribbons for All hostiles killed.

P/s: Anyway, if you guys enjoy this guide, please show me some love by checking out my YouTube channel:

Thanks to byebye1618 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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