Astalon Tears of the Earth: All Enemies Guide (Where to Find)

A guide to all the enemies in the game and where they’re found.



Obviously there are spoilers in this bestiary. Look at the bosses at your own risk.

Monster Mode (Spoilers!)

If you complete every single bestiary entry, you will unlock Monster Mode where you get to play as a gargoyle who can infinitely jump and spams ranged fireballs for his attacks.

Basic Enemies

These are enemies found regularly throughout the game and respawn every time you enter the room they are in.

Several enemies are designated as ghost or spectral type enemies and thus only take damage from Algus’s magic if he’s found the Banish Spell.

You’ll know you’ve killed the right number of enemies because a little sword icon will flash above their head — it took me about 12 hours to work out this is what that was for!

1 to 10






Note: You need to use Kyuli’s “Shining Ray” skill to kill these. They are invincible otherwise.



These are enemies who generally do not respawn upon death, with a couple of exceptions.


These are enemies that only feature once per run, with the exception of the Black Knight who you fight a couple of times but who you only kill once.

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