Atlantica Global: Client Settings for Max Efficiency

Hope you find the good in this 12 years old game, now let’s set up your client before playing the game!

1. Language Selection – AT clients comes in 4 different languages, English as its default language, and can be changed on the Launcher > Language bar. Available languages are the following:

a. English
b. Spanish
c. Portuguese
d. Simplified Chinese

2. Client Settings – Client settings can be changed in the Launcher, we highly suggest to do this before launching the game since the game doesn’t have auto-detect and resize on resolution.

3. FPS Settings – There are only 2 choices for the FPS, that is 30 and 60. We would suggest to play using the 60 FPS option for better smooth gameplay. The client’s default setting is 30, to change this, kindly go in-game and access the Settings > Graphics > FPS.

That’s it! You’re good to go, have fun on your journey to find Atlantis!

By VALOFE Atlantica Teamy

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