ATOM RPG Trudograd: How to obtain “Escalation of Conflict” Achievement

How to get “Escalation of Conflict” as it’s difficult to find achievement.


ATOM RPG Trudograd “Escalation of Conflict” Achievement Guide

This quest will take place as part of the main questline for the Police, so keep working for the police until you get the quest to Find the Revolutionary Hideout.


  • You must go to the revolutionary hideout by yourself, without telling the police where it is.
  • Attack the revolutionaries. I’m not sure if dialogue matters but I chose “this is an arrest” and used high dexterity to initiate combat.
  • Do not kill the revolutionaries, you must run away from them when starting combat and exit the area.
  • Go back to the Police Chief and tell him about what happened.
  • Go back to the Revolutionary Hideout.

You’ll know you got it if you hear shooting once returning to the area. The achievement popped for me once I started combat. I made a guide for this achievement since so many of us struggled to find it as it’s pretty obscure.

Video Guide:

Thanks to Luka for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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