Bad Memories: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide (Steam Version)

Bad Memories is a story-rich (adult) Visual Novel game in which you either play as a hetero man or a lesbian woman who needs to get to grips with his or her past. It has come to Steam on May 9. here is the walkthrough with 100% achievement guide for the new coming Steam Version.



Start a New Game.

  • Choose ‘Play as Woman (lesbian)’ and click on ‘Back’ after unlocking the achievement.

Female MC Play as a woman
  • Play as Man

Male MC Play as a man
  • Yes / No
  • Type any first and last names.

Welcome Home You’ve made it back home!
  • Bathroom
  • Any option.
  • Knock at the door
  • Your Room
  • get closer x2
  • get really close
  • Any option.
  • Take a nap
  • Entrance Hall → Rachel’s Bedroom
  • Knock at the door
  • Watch TV in the living room
  • Entrance Hall → Rachel’s Bedroom
  • Knock at the door
  • Leave Home → School
  • Any option.

Horndog Gotta catch em all, huh?
  • Rachel’s Bedroom
  • Storm in

Manners Always remember to knock… or not?
  • She will come over tonight anyway… gimme porn!
  • Entrance Hall → Downtown
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Touch between her legs.
  • Tell her about the alcohol
  • Take her home
  • Bathroom
  • Leave Home → Downtown
  • Check the cafe.
  • Wait.
  • Give her the bottle.
  • No
  • Check if she says the truth.
  • …so hot, I can’t believe she’s doing this!
  • Call her!
  • Leave Home
  • Downtown
  • Atomic Aeronautics
  • Ask if she needs help.
  • School
  • Home
  • Kiss her
  • Grab her arm.

Love Route? No turning back now!
  • Alright, I guess it’s okay for one night.
  • I actually like that!
  • Grab her ass.
  • Hide Ellie under the blanket.
  • Leave Home
  • I need coffee!!!
  • Her bed.
  • Any option.
  • Just go in.
  • Be honest and show your feelings.
  • (Make a noise)
  • Call her Mom.
  • Any option.
  • Stop skipping → Rachel’s Bedroom → click on drawer.

Birth Certificate You found it!
  • Hall → Ellie’s Room → turn around → click on desk → click on bulletin board → click anywhere.

Board Game Maybe it’s her kink?
  • Entrance Hall → Leave Home
  • Downtown

Missing Link Found Katie on day9
  • Atomic Aeronautics
  • Help her up.

PG21 Be nice to actresses 😉
  • Make-up and glasses.

Good Eyes You’ve noticed Stephs effort

 No more achievements from this point on. Feel free to pick any dialogue options for the remaining choices or quit the game if you’re just going after achievements.

By Pris and lylat

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