Bayonetta: Halos Farming Guide

This is a simplified guide on how to get halos quickly and effectively (it’s possible to get something like 1 million halos or more).


Necessary equipment

You will need:
-Durga (weapon)
-Gaze ​​of Despair (accessory)

But for better effectiveness it is recommended:
-Durga (both feet and hands)
-Gaze ​​of Despair (accessory)
-Selene`s Light (accessory)

Equipment Functions

Durga – must be used in lightning mode (just rotate the left analog stick/movement button while attacking, 360 degrees).

Durga in thunder mode allows you to do more combos (combination of speed and less damage, in this case it is advantageous).

Durga on the feet and hands helps reduce the boss’s thunder damage.

Gaze of Despair – This accessory provokes enemies and gives a bonus to the combo system. Although it doesn’t affect the boss, as far as the taunt is concerned, the combo bonus still works!

Selene’s Light – This accessory activates Witch time every time you take damage (using a magic slot, but which is quickly recovered with your boss attacks). This makes your life easier!

How to obtain the equipment

This weapon’s Golden LP is divided into 3 parts in Chapter V.

-Verse 3: found just after the first fight with Grace and Glory.
-Verse 5: found after crossing the falling bridge after the fight with Fearless and Fairness. It sits opposite the Heavenly Manipulator at the end of the bridge.
-Verse 8: found after ascending Yggdrasil Staff and running halfway up the enormous snake statue, just before the introduction of the Inspired on a circular fountain area behind a stone formation.

After unlocking the primary Durga, the Durga Alt. can be bought from The Gates of Hell for 129,800 Halos.

Gaze of Despair:
Purchase at the Gates of Hell for 100,000 Halos

Selene`s Light:
Purchase at the Gates of Hell for 100,000 Halos

How it Works

To farm halos just go to Chapter VII (Boss Temperance). The difficulty should be at least “Normal” (in “easy” and “very easy” the boss life is very low which results in few combos, therefore less Halos).

The real farm takes place in the final part of the fight, where it is possible to accumulate an incredible amount of combo points – in the end, if you did everything correctly, you will be awarded something like 1 million halos! And just repeat the process! Good farm, have fun!

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