Being a DIK: All Renders Guide (How to Get)

There are a number of different ways to get renders from beating the prep in Brawler every roam event to finding the vault code and entering it in the app. You can also find them spread throughout roam events in the style of magazines. You also want to make sure you ace your tests for a render. Unlocking vaults in the app are going to account for a lot of renders. You can find codes in the achievement section.

I will go over all renders in this section by each individual episode – as well as doing my best to keep it in chronological order of obtainment. There are also pictures provided for finding magazines. I already found all the renders by the time I started collecting screenshots, so the magazines are gone. However, you just get to play another mini-game of spot the difference!


Episode 1

Josy #1 – Magazine
The first roam event of the game and the first render of the game! This one is found right over there on the table.

Riona #1 – Magazine
When you go to the bathroom to take a shower before your date with Josy, you will find it in the back next to the plant.

Josy #2 – Magazine
After the shower you need to get dressed. You can spot this one in your room, on top of your desk, next to the box.

Mixed #1 – Mini-game
Beat the prep in Brawler app during the roam event at your house.

Riona #2 – Test
Get an A on your first English class test.

Josy #3 – Magazine
The second roam event of the game. It’s under that lamp on top of Troy’s desk.

Riona #3 – Magazine
Make your way to the dorm’s bathroom and check the bathroom stall to find this one under the toilet.

Mixed #2 – Mini-game
Beat the prep in the Brawler app during the roam event in your dorm room.

Josy #4 – Test
Get an A on your first Math test.

Riona #4 – Magazine
The third roam event in this episode. The first room you come across at the HOT’s sorority house should have a welcome gift in the bowl on the table.

Josy #5 – Magazine
On the screen that has three doors in a row, you want to open the middle one to reveal this closet. Check out the bottom of the the mannequin.

Riona #5 – Magazine
In the bathoom of the HOT’s house, you’ll find this one under the stalls next to the only toilet on screen. This is the last render for this roam event.

Riona # 6 – Magazine
The third roam event of the episode. This is pretty tough one with how easy the rest are. Look in the space between the two dressers, near the bottom.

Josy #6
Top shelf of Maya’s desk. It’s a pretty nice desk actually.

Josy #7 – Mini-game
Beat the prep in the Brawler app during the roam event in Maya’s dorm.

Riona #7 – Test
Get an A on your first Gender Studies class.

Mixed #3 – Magazine
The final roam event of episode 1! While in Maya’s dorm, you can finally check out her closet and find the magazine on the bottom next to the laundry basket.

Mixed #3 – Mini-game
Beat the prep in the Brawler app during the final roam event in Maya’s dorm.

Episode 2

Cathy #1 – Magazine
First roam event and it’s a loud one. On the first floor of the ΔIK mansion by John Boy and Elena is a fridge with a magazine next to it.

Cathy #2 – Magazine
Your next magazine is up on the second floor inside the “janitor’s closet”. Direct your eyes toward the chair in the back and look among the papers on the floor.

Jill #1 – Magazine
Jill’s bedroom is the location for the second roam event. The drawer on the right of Jill’s bed from this perspective has the magazine which will be right in your face when you open it.

Jill #2 – Magazine
It’s over in that fireplace next to Derek, underneath the firewood.

Jill #3 – Magazine
Here we have another tricky magazine to spot. The second shelf on the left has a red magazine… or I guess it looks more like a book. Yeah, it’s probably a book.

Jill #4 – Magazine
On the other side of Jill’s bed, you want to open the left drawer for another obvious magazine that looks oddly like a book.

Cathy #3 – Test
Get an A on your second English test.Cathy #4 – Mini-game
The third roam event has no “clickable” renders to be found, but beating the prep in Brawler will give you one.Mixed #7 – Mini-game
Do all three shots without fail during the party at the ΔIK’s.

Jill #5 – Mini-game
Beat the prep in the Brawler app during the fourth roam event at Isabella’s house.

Jill #6 – Magazine
Find Bella’s study and check the bottom shelf in the middle of her bookcase. You’re looking for a red book next to a green one.

Cathy #6 – Test
Get an A on your second Math test.

Cathy #7 – Mini-game
Get an A on your second Gender Studies class.

Episode 3

Isabella #1 – Mini-game
Beat Chad when he ambushes you

Jade #1 – Mini-game
Beat the prep the Brawler app during the first roam event in Maya’s dorm.

Isabella #2 – Mini-game
Drink all the beers. I am going to assume that if you fail one you only get one render. I got both the first time.

Jade #2 – Mini-game
Drink all beers without fail.

Isabella #3 – Magazine
Another one can be found in Maya’s bookshelf again next to the cup of pens this time. It’s a book.

Jade #3 – Test
Get an A on your third Math test.

Isabella #4 – Magazine
The Pink Rose is the location for the second roam event of episode 3. You can spot a corner of it on the right side of that table with the champagne on it.

Jade #4 – Magazine
Found next to more couches and spotted by the table like the other last one. It’s next to the champagne on the right.

Isabella #5 – Test
Get an A on your third English test.

Jade #5 – Magazine
Sneaking into the Prep’s mansion leads us to the third roam event of the episode. You can find this one next to the serving tray of cups.

Isabella #6
A super tricky one to find on your own, so major props to you if you did. In that bookcase, if you look down to the third shelf you’ll see a set of three groups of books (Red stripes & black stripes). There is just enough space between the first two sets to hide the render in.

Episode 4

Sage #1 – Mini-game
Beat the prep in the Brawler app during the first roam event depending on who you choose to stay with.

Camila #1 – Test
Get an A on your fourth English test.

Sage #4 – Mini-game
These can be unlocked during any roam event among the three (Derek, Sage, Isabella). Drink your beers, my son. You miss one, you lose one.

Camila #4 – Mini-game
Drink all beers without failure. Don’t waste a good beer, rule #1. Either that or the family thing, but after this many… who cares?

if you choose to stay with Derek

Sage #2 – Magazine
In Derek’s dorm and on his shelf, under the carrots… Derek seems like a junk-food-kind of guy to me, so why he has carrots in his room is a horrifying thought.

Camila #2 – Magazine
So not Derek’s bed, but you will find one in Bert’s near the pillow by the wall.

Sage #3 – Magazine
We are just taking all of Bert’s stuff. We got ourselves a real tricky one. I got this one from unlocking the vault so this my be all wrong and had to look it up. There is a note on Bert’s desk that gives a combination to opening his dresser drawers. 1-3-2-4-3, with one being the top and 4 being the bottom. A magazine should appear in the bottom drawer.

Camila #3 – Magazine
Now we rummage through Bert’s shelf. Poor guy. Up at the top of the shelf where Bert tried to hide the thing from Derek I’m betting.

Sage #5 – Magazine
Top drawer of Derek’s dresser.

Camila #5 – Magazine
The magazine isn’t in this exact frame of the game, but if you take a look by the plant and grey trash receptacles you can see something pink. It’s a backpack with the magazine sticking out of the back.

Sage #6 – Magazine
There is a magazine rack in the hallway. Check behind the ‘Amorette’ magazine for the one you want.

Camila #6 – Magazine
Derek being the true brother that he is takes you to the Pink Rose after you finish up at the dorm room. If you don’t become just mesmerized by the bouncers seductive stare, you can find this one on the counter on the far left of the bar.

Sage #7 – Magazine
Once you spot these two at the Pink Rose head on over. It’s under that huge, purple chair next to them.

if you choose to stay with Sage

Sage #2 – Magazine
On Sage’s desk, you want to check the stack of books on the left.

Camila #2 – Magazine
The room with the mannequin that you found a render in before will have another one. Between Sage and Quinn’s room in case you want a quick refresher. Look on the last shelf in the back.Sage #3 – Magazine
While you are next to Sage’s room, you can find this chair with the magazine in plain sight.Camila #3 – Magazine
My apologies to Heather for the total perv shot. This one is underneath the couch on the opposite side she’s sleeping on.

Camila #5
Downstairs by the pool/sauna, next to the wicker basket.

Camila #6 – Event
Heather will leave and head for her bedroom once you finish talking to her after waking her up. You want to follow her to her bedroom upstairs to find her “studying” which will unlock this render.

Sage #7 – Event
Camila and Mona will be in the bathroom where you stole the contraband in the first episode. Help them with one of the items on their Scavenger Hunt and this will unlock a render.

if you choose to stay with Isabella

Sage #2 – Magazine
In Bella’s study by the window at the bottom of the… wood paneling? That is installed on a single side of the window? This one is near the newspaper.

Camila #2 – Magazine
In the bottom-right shelf of Bella’s bookcase in the study is a render in the middle of those books.

Sage #3 – Magazine
There’s a magazine in Bella’s bathroom by the toilet. Interesting.

Camila #3 – Magazine
While being in Bella’s living room, you can find one by the couches in front of the television. It’ll be next to the couch that’s facing you.

Sage #5 – Magazine
On the second floor of Bella’s house, she has a home gym with her yellow gym bag. It’s peeking ever so slightly off to the right of her bag.

Camila #5 – Magazine
There is a wall covered in shelves on the second floor. Take a good look around that white elephant.

Sage #6 – Magazine
In the same room but a floor higher, you’ll see a blue book on the desk.

Camila #6 – Magazine
The first floor of Bella’s house is a dining room with plants on both sides of the two doors that lead into it. Find the side that matches the screenshot and it’ll be laying on an edge of the table.

Sage #7 – Event
In the kitchen you will find a watering can. You can ask Bella how to correctly water the plants in her house for a render. If Bella thanks you for doing a good job with her plants then you know you’ve done it. There are a total of 15 plants as two of them should NOT be watered.

    Living Room = 5
    Kitchen = 1
    Dining Room = 6
    Room Outside of Dining Room = 1
    Bathroom = 1
    Second Floor Hallway = 3

Sage #8 – Test
Get an A on your fourth Math test.

Mixed #8 – Test
Get an A on your fourth Gender Studies class.

Camila #7 – Mini-game
Win against Jill during your tennis match.

Mixed #9 – Magazine
The final roam event of season 1 happens at a ΔIK’s party which I think is really fitting. Find the janitor’s closet again and look around the paint cans.

Mixed #9 – Magazine
In the library that looks like it would only smell good AFTER you lit the whole thing on fire hides another render. It’s next to the overturned sofa and a about foot left of the red plastic cup.

Mixed #10 – Magazine
Down at the very end of the hallway with the line for the bathroom is the room you’re looking for. At the back of the movie theater room is a cooler and a couch. Look underneath that couch for the goodies.

Sage #8 – Mini-game
After the ΔIK’s party, you and Derek will be knocking out some more beers. As before, miss one… blah blah blah

Camila #8 – Mini-game
Show Derek “who’s your daddy” by not failing a single beer.

Reminder again! You will have missing renders if you only followed what was in this section. To get the rest you are going to need to find the vault codes for each episode and put them into the vault app. You can try and detective the crap out of them or just find the codes under the achievements section of this guide.

Thanks to Wrazy for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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