Being a DIK: All Wallpapers Guide (How to Unlock)

You have eight wallpapers you can unlock for your phone and here is how you get them. These are all unlocked during episode 3 so this whole section has SPOILERS for the episode. Proceed with caution.

Isabella’s Wallpaper – Easiest on a CHICK playthrough since the goal here is getting on Bella’s good side by the time you get to episode 3.

Jade’s Wallpaper – When you experience her scene by making the ΔIK choice to “take it further” during her class.

Jill & Isabella’s Wallpaper – Once Jill scares Chad away after your fight she takes you back to her room at the Prep mansion. During the scene with Jill in bed (no dildo helmet or else no scene), choose “Move your hand a bit”.

Jill’s Wallpaper – Same as the last, but instead of moving your hand choose “Remove hand”.

Maya’s Wallpaper – Go through her scene in the episode and this one is all yours. You’ll most likely have this already before even attempting to unlock all wallpapers.

Quinn, Riona, & Camila’s Wallpaper – Order Quinn’s two-course fusion meal from her restaurant. Easiest on a ΔIK playthrough and you need some cash to order some of the other meal options before this one becomes available.

Sage’s Wallpaper – You have to make sure you’re teaching Sage how to play guitar to get her scene in episode 3 which gets you the wallpaper.

Jill’s Last Wallpaper – In the chat app during the final roam event (Maya’s dorm after Jill plays piano for you at the mansion), be sure to choose “We’ll make up for it on our date. ;)” when responding to Jill.

Thanks to Wrazy for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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